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Boudoir Photography Tips: 5 Tips To Help You Take Better Nude Pictures

If you scroll long enough on TikTok, you’ll eventually stumble upon a friendly photographer offering free boudoir photography tips. Sending nudes has become controversial and understandably so. 

Nobody wants to receive an unsolicited dick pic (which is illegal in some countries!) or be forced into sending their nude pictures in a desperate try to keep a guy’s attention. 

However, when done in the right way, with all parties involved willing and interested, nudes can be an amazing way to spice up the routine in a relationship and help you cultivate a better relationship with yourself. 

So, if you’re interested, let’s uncover the benefits of taking nudes and how to do it the right way. 

Benefits of Taking Nudes for Your Partner (and Your Relationship)

There is much more to taking nudes than the “seduce your partner” aspect. In fact, taking nudes can be as beneficial for you as it is for your partner who will be receiving said pics:

  • Get comfortable with your body: taking nude pictures at different angles will help you get familiar with your body and its shape. At first, it might be uncomfortable, but with time you’ll notice that you get used to how your body looks and start feeling more comfortable in your own skin. 
  • Build confidence: as you get more comfortable in your own skin, your confidence levels are also going to increase. Being comfortable naked, looking sexy and seductive, and appreciated by your partner is empowering.
  • Rekindle the flame: if you’re looking for ways to rekindle the flame and find new ways to spice up your relationship, then sending tasteful nudes might be a way to go. You might want to talk with your partner about it first to know if they’re on board. 
  • Potential screen saver: nudes can be tasteful and elegant, showing just the right amount of skin, making it possible to take the perfect picture for your partner to use as their screen saver. It will surely make their heart beat faster anytime they pick up their phone to check the time. 

Note on Consent and Safety

First and foremost, before you take any pictures, make sure that you and your partner both consent to it 100%. You want to be sure that you won’t regret sending that type of personal picture to your partner, and they must be on board with receiving them (but let’s be honest, who would refuse a sexy nude of someone they love?).

You want to take the pictures without your face or any other identity revealing information. And make sure you store them in a hidden folder on your phone so that if someone grabs your phone to see a photo from the last week’s brunch, they don’t accidentally see it.

Once you send it to your partner and they save it, delete the picture from the chat. Also, always double-check that you’re sending the nude to your partner, not your boss. 

And if you’re extremely nervous about sending the nudes the regular way, you might try apps like Snapchat, where pictures you send to people disappear immediately after they open it. 

Boudoir Photography Tips To Help You Get Started 

Tip #1: Don’t Show Your Face

The best and probably most common tip is not to show your face when taking a nude picture. It’s great to help you protect your privacy, but it can also help you feel more comfortable.

Sometimes, women are insecure about their pleasure face and worry about how it looks. If you’re one of them, hiding your face gives you the freedom to not worry about your facial expression and focus on what matters – capturing your body in a picture to be appreciated by your partner.

Here are some ideas for faceless nudes:

  • Stand in front of the mirror, taking a picture of your reflection while holding your phone over your face to cover it. 
  • Selfie mode, where you hold your phone at an angle looking down that captures your figure alone. 
  • On all fours, the camera is in selfie mode, the bottom of the phone resting on the surface while you angle it to capture your ass in the air and your back, without the face. 
  • Lean the phone against a stack of books or on a shelve with a timer. Kneel with your back to the camera, only capturing your naked back and/or ass. 

Tip #2: Play With the Shadow Silhouette

Boudoir photographer Chloe Kinnison shares an amazing boudoir photography tip for all nervous beginners – take a picture of your body as a shadow silhouette. For that, you’ll need to place a source of lighting behind you and in front of the camera so that when you take a picture, it only picks up a dark silhouette of your body, concealing the details and your face.

It can be a fun way to play with your body hidden in the shadow and different positions that look sexy and seductive yet leave a ton of space for the imagination. 

Also, this type of nude picture is the perfect choice for a screen saver – it’s sexy enough to get your partner’s blood flow going yet decent enough not to raise eyebrows if someone else sees it. 

Tip #3: Show Them Separate Body Parts

Before you commit to the full-on nude, you can start with showing off different separate parts of your body as a series of teases. Start with the body parts you love or those that make you feel the most secure. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A picture of your boobs while you cover them with your hands. You can either stand in front of the mirror and take a picture of your reflection or take a selfie where your breasts are the focal point.  
  • A picture of your legs (naked or with sexy stockings or thighs) crossed while you lay in the bed.
  • A picture of the lower part of your face, showing you biting on your lower lip and exposing your neck. 
  • A picture of your hands holding a bottle of lotion or anything else that requires you to grip around it. 

While subtle, these kinds of pictures can be extremely arousing. Especially if your partner has a certain type of appreciation for these parts of your body. If you want to take things to another level, add a note with the picture that reminds your partner of an intimate moment you both shared or something naughty.

Let’s say you sent your partner a picture of where you bite your lips and expose your neck. Here are some note ideas you could potentially send with that picture: 

  • A reference to choking kink: “Can you guess what’s missing on my neck?”  
  • A reference to what your partner did during sex that you enjoyed: “I just realized the marks you left last time are gone. What are you going to do about it?”
  • An idea for the next time you play: “Here is where I want your lips the next time we see each other.”

Tip #4: Cover Parts You’re Insecure About 

Another way to take nude pictures that make you feel empowered is by using your environment and different poses to help you conceal body parts you’re uncomfortable showing on camera while at the same time accentuating parts you love.

Traveling boudoir photographer Min Xu shares that a great way to conceal your stomach if that’s the area you’re insecure about is by opting for a pose that focuses on accentuating your curves instead. She recommends laying down on your stomach and bending one leg to create a curve of your hip, drawing all the attention to your legs and hip. 

You can also easily experiment with different positions that make it natural to hold a blanket or a pillow over you. Sit or kneel on your bed with the blanket on your lap. Or, you might try laying down and propping your legs on the headboard. 

For the brave ones, you might consider a more physically intense position that covers the stomach while giving your partner plenty of imagination from Chloe Kinnison.

Kneel on the edge of the sofa or bed and lean down, letting your arms rest on the floor. Your ass and hips will hoover in the air, giving your partner a great view of your ass and back while covering your stomach completely. 

Tip #5: Build Up Tension

Building up the tension with a series of nudes that reveal more and more with each picture can be a great way to drive your partner crazy with lust. 

You can start with the pictures of your favorite body parts. Then, increase the heat with pictures showing a sneak peek of your lingerie under your clothes. And when your partner is begging to see more, give them the full show of your body. 

This sort of play is great as foreplay for a dinner you have in the evening. You can start the tease in the morning and continue it throughout the day until it’s time to finally see each other. We guarantee your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you.