guide to sexy lingerie

Your Guide to Sexy Lingerie

While the clothes you wear serve a functional role, it’s also true that wearing something you love has the power to make you feel powerful, happy, confident and beautiful. 

guide to sexy lingerie

Clothing is also a huge form of self-expression that can evoke feelings within and from people around us. This is why sexy underwear and lingerie can be so sensually enticing. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re merely interested in the types of sexy lingerie, looking for a piece of erotic attire for yourself, or hoping to spoil your partner. This kind of fashion is something that’s deeply personal and extremely versatile.

The History of Sexy Lingerie

Where did it all begin? Well, the corset was said to originate from France in the 1500’s, with women of the court wearing them under their clothing. 

And in the 1700’s the upper class women of the world sported corsets, but nothing like what we see today. These corsets were completely unflattering, yet gave the women smaller waists and pushed up their breasts.

In the 1800’s, however, these corsets started to mimic more racy designs, while the 1900’s saw the beginning of the sheer nightgown, slips, open-crotch drawers, and see-through underwear. 

Brands & Celebrities Who Influenced Lingerie Trends

During the mid-1800’s La Perla was born by trained corset-maker Ada Masotti. This lingerie company focused on bright silk and lace trim, and packaged their items in velvet boxes.

Jumping to the 1900’s, the infamous brand Agent Provocateur was born in 1994 in London by Vivienne Westwood’s son Joseph Corre, and Serena Rees. The aim was to make these lingerie items as sexual as possible while maintaining a high price tag. It wasn’t until 1977 that sexy lingerie was more accessible to the general population, thanks to Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret was founded by husband and wife, Roy and Gaye Raymond. Roy announced that it was the lack of sexy lingerie that persuaded him to start the brand. 

“When I tried to buy lingerie for my wife, I was faced with  racks of terry-cloth robes and ugly floral print nylon nightgowns, and I always had the feeling department store sales women thought I was an unwelcome intruder.”

Roy and Gaye shook things up by offering intimate and sexy lingerie for everyday use instead of special occasions. They began selling lace thongs and padded satin bras to the average middle-class consumer in malls, making it more accessible. 

Then, of course, there are several iconic celebrities who can take credit for the rise in popularity of certain underwear garments.

Madonna, for example, wore a Jean Paul Gaultier Cone Brassiere during the Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. And don’t forget Angelina Jolie wearing a dominatrix-inspired latex outfit in the 2005 film Mr and Mrs Smith.

11 Types of Sexy Lingerie

Today, there are so many deliciously sexy types of lingerie to indulge in, making it a pleasure to browse and even more of a pleasure to wear. 

Be inspired, find your next muse, or simply be impressed by how this kind of fashion has evolved with these 11 types of sexy lingerie…

1. Lingerie Sets

A matching bra and panty make up a lingerie set, and is the perfect way to get started on your sexy lingerie journey. This set can be worn on a special occasion or simply under your clothes to add that bit of spice and a confidence boost.

2. Babydolls & Chemises

Similar to a sexy nightgown, but shorter, a babydoll or chemise is a loose-fitted piece of lingerie that often comes with underwear or cups for support. You could pair a see-through babydoll or chemise with matching lingerie underneath.

3. Role Play Outfits

This is where your imagination can truly shine. Role playing outfits can range from your favourite fictional characters, like superwoman or Princess Leia, to other roles or characters such a dominatrix, sexy nurse, teacher/student etc.

4. Corsets

As mentioned, a corset is a tight-fitted item that shapes the bust and hips allowing one to manipulate their silhouette. It could be made up of lace, ribbon, bones, leather, satin, cotton, or mesh.

5. Bodysuits/Teddies

A bodysuit is essentially a bra and underwear in one. Like a leotard that clips at the crotch. This kind of lingerie can be worn in an intimate setting, or paired with pants or a skirt. A teddy, on the other hand, is similar to a bodysuit but is more so for the bedroom.

6. Robes/Slips

While there are regular somewhat unflattering robes, a sexy lingerie robe would be made of a luxurious or soft material, like silk, and can come with different frills and details. A kimono could also double up as a robe sometimes too. Some robes can be short, while others can be floor-length.

7. Suspender Belt/Garter

A small item, but one that can enhance one’s sexy factor tenfold. A suspender belt is worn around the waist and comes with clips so that stockings can be worn with them. These belts can be added to almost any kind of lingerie, but a matching underwear set could definitely add that extra bit of sensuality.

8. Bralette 

Like a bra, yet without any underwire or support. This may not be very comfortable for those who have larger breasts, but is still a sensual piece of lingerie nonetheless. This kind of bra doesn’t have any kind of clasp, so it’s put on like a top. It’s a piece of lingerie that is sometimes worn for style and comfort.

9. Body Stockings

Just like the stockings one would wear on their legs, a body stocking is just that, but worn from neck to toe. It’s usually made of elastic or lycra, allowing it to cling to the body. Each stocking is different, with some having a plunging neckline, thin straps, or full arms.

10. Bustiers

Almost like a mashup between a corset and a bra, a bustier places even more focus on the breasts while creating an hourglass figure and an appearance of a smaller waist. A bustier usually covers the torso, but some may end above the belly button.

11. Underwear

There are so many different types of underwear made from several types of materials. For the sexier kinds of underwear, there are:

  • Crotchless panties, allowing for “easy access” 
  • G-strings, underwear with a small strip of fabric at the back, exposing your butt
  • Thongs, similar to the G-string, yet is thicker on the band, allowing more coverage and comfort
  • French Cuts, when the leg is high cut, rising above the widest part of the hip

It’s evident that the world of fashion isn’t always what meets the eye. Lingerie is an intimate and personal kind of attire that’s perfect for a sexy boost, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. 

And who knows, perhaps the next person you see on the street has a little sexy secret under their clothing that only they know about! Enticing, isn’t it?

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