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Passionate Pretending with Sexual Roleplay

Lust is diverse and personal, and sometimes it’s hard to share our innermost wants with our partners. There are a variety of methods to let go of inhibitions and now, more and more couples are turning to sexual role play to take on different personas and explore their unexpressed fantasies.

Exploring Role Play Sex

Role play for sex isn’t a new idea, but it sure is a good one. And as such, there is an endless list of sensual scenarios that you can insert yourself into. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and if you’re open to trying a bit of dress-up to reinforce the fantasy, then all the better.

So, after speaking to your partner (communication is key, obvs), you can get started with sexual roleplay using some of these scenarios to get you started.

Good Cop, Really Good Cop: Criminal Interrogation

The fuzz takes you downtown to ask you some questions. You’re waiting in the blank interrogation room with a cup of really bod coffee when who walks in but the sexiest detective on the force. But you’ll never talk, no matter what this copper has up their sleeve…

This roleplay scenario has it all: power dynamics, some coercion & manipulation  — and handcuffs!

A Fun Ride: Hitchhiker

Take your roleplay out on the road with this naughty standby that combines car sex excitement and the risky turn-on of picking up a stranger.

Arrange it with your partner that you’ll meet somewhere between and A to B journey. Don’t be too specific however, as this will increase the anticipation. The stranded hitchhiker might not have any money to pay for gas, but surely there must be another way of repaying you for your kindness?

Teacher and Pupil

This is a classic that is especially good for toying with dom/sub roles that can go both ways.

Maybe the fresh-out-of-college high school teacher just can’t control one particularly disobedient student.

Or perhaps the sophisticated, erudite college professor has some sexy sophomore hanging on their every word. Both male and female students can develop crushes on their teachers — but how will you keep those flames of desire from engulfing you both in a scalding scandal?

Power Play: Boss & Assistant

Most role plays toy with the idea of power balance between partners, and this is a classic scenario for that.

One of you is the boss, and the other is the over-eager assistant or new hire who wants to put in the extra time and work to get ahead. Perhaps you, the boss, are disappointed to see your employee falling behind in their paperwork. It’s about time the two of you got down to a bit of long overdue after hours admin.

Clean Fun: French Maid

When the man or the woman of the house needs to keep the place in tip top shape, they had better call a maid service to help keep things clean. When you invite this stranger — much sexier than you expected — into your home, they need to stretch, bend and reach for those hard-to-reach spaces, and their uniform leaves little to the imagination…

Expecting a Package: Home Delivery

Pizza Delivery, Amazon Delivery, cable repair; any of these can lead to an unexpected erotic romp that your significant other will never have to know about. The thought of sex with a perfect stranger is a huge turn-on for most people — so when you answer the door for that extra pepperoni pizza wearing your finest lingerie, don’t forget to tip!

Diagnosis: Sex! Doctors & Nurses

It’s a little cliche and far from original, but hey, it’s a time-honored favorite because there will never be a time that sexy nurses and dashing doctors aren’t hot. Their high-stress, close-quarters work lives mean they’re closer together than most people tend to be, and perhaps when you give your partner a checkup, you’ll find that they are very aroused.

And only you have the antidote.


About Colin Hanna

Colin Hanna
Colin Hanna is a Volonté contributor and freelance writer who lives in Shanghai, China with his wife.


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