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Bliss On A Sunday Afternoon – An Erotic Story

The “tribe” had all gone out to friends’ in town, so – revelling in the peace and quiet of the afternoon, I went downstairs to wade through the Sunday papers but with a fair chance of falling asleep after Rosie’s fantastic roast – my wife, mother, best friend, followed later after doing god-knows how many “jobs” Rosie had found upstairs before entering the living room.

Smiling, Rosie quipped, “Did you get wet taking Mabel on her walk this morning?” I smiled back, looked up and replied, “Yup, bloody soaked.” For some reason not understood by me, any misfortune I experience seems to make Rosie fall about laughing adding, “you’d better go upstairs and get out of those clothes before you catch cold,” grinning and laughing on her way to the kitchen.

Bliss on a Sunday Afternoon Erotic Story

I’d seen that grin and, being a master of facial recognition, knew what it meant – well the trouser department reacted positively giving the old brainbox a strong hint. We’d often teased each other in this way if either of us felt horny. I suddenly remembered, yeah right, that I’d left my bedside lamp on so I went upstairs very quietly and snuck into our bedroom. “Why am I creeping about I thought – after eight years of marriage?” Rosie followed and smiled at me as she passed and continued on her way to the bathroom. I got undressed and lay on the bed to be joined by Rosie, looking fantastically sexy on her way to our “luv-nest.”

“You’ll definitely catch cold in that state” she quipped, smiled and sat on the bed beside me. I was feeling a little self-conscious, why? Rosie was fully dressed and I lay naked on the bed. She teased a little more and eventually Rosie knelt above me. Reaching behind, she unhooked her bra and took it off, along with her sweater, while bending over to kiss me.

Her lips tasted divine, her breasts unbelievably full – Rosie thinks they’re too big! Brushing my chest as Rosie went down, lower and yes, lower still. Rosie began to kiss and nuzzle my balls and, as I looked down at her, I ran my hands and fingers through her blond hair, massaging, gently reciprocating that beautiful feeling of oneness before lovemaking. Eye contact preceded the final caress between my thighs – simply heaven as lustful urges surged through me. Rosie still had her skirt on so I reached down and opened her legs wider and towards me letting her know verbally that I wanted to fuck her naked, immediately – her swift hip swivel helped me rip off her now-soaked panties.

She placed both hands on my cock and for the first time I felt her lips pass over the head and down towards the base, sucking, blowing and licking at the underside of my cock making it twitch involuntary as it enlarged by being pleasured. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt she was sexually and emotionally “on message” further confirmed by her rapid breathing and a light moaning sounds emanating from her throat.

Finding/opening our fun drawer – I found  our favourite toy. I’d had mixed feelings when I first bought the vibrator for her. It was fairly large, with several settings allowing us to lower or intensify our pleasure but initially, I was apprehensive – would she find it over-the-top either in her or me, might either of us feel threatened. I couldn’t have been more wrong – Rosie loves using it plus it always turns me on either to give her pleasure or, just as much fun, to watch her use it.

Rosie laid down on her back – neck fully exposed, head slightly tilted back, I crouched over her and turned on the vibrator resting it against her outer clit, moving it up, down over the insides of her legs and lower body. What are you going to do to me,” Rosie asked. “Give you a good thrashing, blindfolding you in the process to give you as much pleasure as possible honey” I replied – knowing full well it was one off our fantasy list we often talked about – back now in real-time, I gently entered a stiffened nipple into my mouth nibbling and biting alternatively “Plus darling, I’m really going to enjoy watching you pleasure yourself,” I answered.

Smiling, Rosie temporarily drifted off as she took control pressing the vibrator softly against her clit and moved the head of it up and down, parting her lips. I opened her legs wider, used another pillow enabling me easier access to flick my tongue across her “wings.” Lightly and quickly. Her eyes closed and then gave that magical Rosie smile which always sends me into orbit. Back and forth – I wanted my beautiful wife now more than ever – I wanted to taste her, smell her and give her all the love possible to give with the added bonus thought of forbidden fruit a remote possibility maybe, dream on?

I watch her for a while and ran my fingers carefully between the rose garden and her lovely bum cheeks while lubricating my fingers with extra lubrication. “Oh darling, that feels really nice, Rosie coo’s –“that’s good, very good.” Playing with Rosie’s ass is a real treat so I give her prior notice of my intentions by teasing it for a while first. Responding perfectly with a slight downward movement of her ass, Rosie gave me the confirmation I needed to gently thumb and slip my cock, very gently, into the “allotment.” I felt the vibrator whirring away just above my thumb, its entire length buzzing inside her, checked Rosie if she was okay and her answer was positive.

”Bet you’d like to be in there too,” Rosie asked softly. “Where? – it never crossed my mind,” I quipped trying to hide my real thoughts and lying through my teeth – desperately hoping the moment hadn’t passed, “You little pork pie merchant – you know damn-well where” she giggled [easily detecting my blatant untruth] – to then guide my aching bulge towards her back door while still looking after her pussy, alive with my fingers, the toy, and the now excitement of gentle cock stimulation – a combination that blew my mind and certainly activated Rosie’s most sensitive parts.

I moved away and placed yet another pillow underneath her bottom, raising her hips for not only easier access but a fantastic view of unimpeded rear entry. I quickly replenished all areas with flavoured oils and smeared it copiously over the head and shaft of my cock. As you can imagine, by this stage I was struggling to keep control – the moment so sensual, exciting, anyway, on my knees I move closer.

“Ready darling, I’m going to insert the tip of my cock,” “Okay, but go careful?” “That’s okay, honey.” I move forward on my knees and push my cock between the cheeks of her ass. I don’t push inside her yet as I’ve learnt that this is a slow, long experience requiring absolute trust and patience – pushing a little harder I feel the head of my cock against the little muscle of her anus. The vibrator is buzzing.

Rosie still holding it in place rather that than an in-out motion – my thumb moves a little quicker over her clit, the pressure a little firmer – Rosie was now controlling the ship, she looked up at me – her breathing, body position felt close to orgasm, her eyes closed, she smiled, head tilting to the right, and that unmistakable groan of ecstasy. “Okay to go in a bit deeper Rosie”? “Just a little”, Rosie replied. “Just the tip”, I reply. I reach under her and guide the head of my cock to her ass. I push very gently and feel her bum relax as she lets me in. I stop as Rosie is very close to another orgasm of a different dimension and I don’t want to spoil it for her.

I move very gently and Rosie looks at me with ever-widened eyes.  “I’m going to cum again now, honey,” Rosie whispers and her eyes roll back and the lids close. The first intense wave overwhelms her and I can feel her contract and pulse, squeezing the vibrator in her pussy and the head of my cock in her ass. Rosie rolls with the orgasm and I slow down my thumb movement. I look down to see her stomach muscles bunch up with each wave of pleasure as Rosie moves herself downwards, taking in more of my cock.

Eventually Rosie calms and her breathing slows and she moves my hand from her clit, it’s getting sensitive. I move back and withdraw from her. Rosie withdraws the vibrator.

Rosie sits up towards me and we kiss. “Shall I turn right over and stick my bum our as far as I can honey?” Rosie asks with a glint.

“Oh wow Rosie” – she turns over and I take the tube of lubricant and coat my cock with the clear gel. I take some more on my fingers as Rosie settles on all fours in front of me, tucking the pillows underneath her. I slide two fingers into her, lubricating her, making her ready for me. “Just a little, love, and tell me if you want to stop,” I say. “Yeah, not all the way at once,” Rosie replies.

I bend forward… I press the tip of my cock against the opening of her anus. she guiding me into her and, very gently, I apply light pressure. Slowly Rosie accepts me and the head slides inside. It is the most intense feeling, knowing that someone loves you so much. We move slowly together, not too far in, just enough.

I look down to see my cock moving into my wife’s ass. It doesn’t take long. I start to breathe heavier and Rosie reaches around to take my hand. I am now very hard, trying desperately not to lose control, quickly counting to fifty? – and – not go in too deep!.

“How am I doing, honey?” – “You’re doing just fine – I love you gently fucking my ass, honey.” Small movements, magnified because of the tightness with Rosie watching me cum by glancing in the full length mirror at the foot of the bed, she likes watching me also. It gives her a turn-on – I close my eyes and feel my cock pulsing, pumping semen into her ass just managing to avoid collapsing on top of her, making our joint orgasms the ultimate loving experience.

“I’m the happiest bunny alive, it’s so beautiful, intense even – a truly memorable Sunday, thank you darling.” “My pleasure sweetie, your turn to wash up!”