GIGI 2 Vs MONA 2 Product Comparison

GIGI 2 changed the way people look at G-spot pleasure and became the most iconic pleasure product in the world on its release. When MONA 2 was released, one of the internet’s most prominent sex toy reviewers claimed: “it was so good it made me cry the first time I used it”.


Whatever way you look at it, GIGI 2 and MONA 2 are amongst the best sex toys in the world, equally responsible for any number of pulled muscles, disturbed neighbors, and shouty orgasms. So what are the differences between these two gorgeous pleasure products, what should you look for and which one’s the best for you?

A Bit O’ History

Every LELO pleasure product has something unique, something that makes each one different. The GIGI 2 project began when we identified that our range consisted of a lot of very satisfying products that stimulated the G-spot only indirectly – through power more than accuracy. We wanted to refine that power, give it direction for women and couples who demand that unique kind of pleasure that only the G-spot offers. The original GIGI 2 concepts looked a little different: it didn’t have the signature flattened tip that it does today. That was the result of a combination of accident and adventure, amending the design slowly and perfecting it millimeter by millimeter. And then dropping the clay model on the floor, and realizing we’d found the solution.


The MONA 2 is an update to one of our most popular products ever, first released as a kind of mid-sized massager that performed well for as many people as possible. After our initial testing and research, MONA 2 proved to really strike a chord with our customers. They wondered if we could squeeze even more power out of it: we redesigned it completely on the inside it and the result was a 30% more powerful pleasure product that remains one of a favorite and gets consistently great reviews.


The Same But Different

While the GIGI 2 and the MONA 2 are designed for different purposes (we’ll get to that in a moment), they also have a lot in common. They’re both from our Femme & Homme Category, and they’re both roughly the same price. They’re both made from luxurious silicone, they’re both waterproof and they’re both rechargeable.

They are similar in power and intensity, and they feel more or less the same in your hand. But it’s not in your hand where it really counts, is it? Let’s look at the differences…

Different Horses For Different Courses

Total length: 6.5 inches, 165mm 8.7, 200mm
Width at widest point: 1.4 inches, 35mm 2 inches, 51mm
Vibrating settings: 8 6

So, MONA 2’s slightly bigger, but GIGI 2 has a couple more functions. The numbers, though, only tell part of the story. What really matters is the feeling, and that’s impossible to quantify.

Shapes & Sizes

It’s all about the shape, and knowing which shape is right for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to try both: we all have a kind of intuition when it comes to pleasure products. You can look at two products and just know that one is… sexier. That’s not exactly scientific, but we’re not talking about science, we’re talking about personal, indulgent, and completely subjective pleasure.

Gigi Tip for G-Spot

GIGI 2’s tip is all about the G-spot. It’s simply perfect – it curls up but not too much, and then flattens out to provide a broad surface that massages the G-spot. The wider surface area means that vibrations it provides are more accurate for more people. If you’ve ever been disappointed with a G-spot vibe in the past, GIGI 2 might just be perfect for you

Flip It & Reverse It

MONA 2, as the larger of the two products, is incredible for a less specific kind of pleasure, a kind of deep rumbling that’s incredibly satisfying. MONA 2’s power makes it incredibly versatile: it feels good wherever you use it. The tip is very slightly pointed and rounded, which makes it a fantastic clitoral massager as well as an internal one.

The same is true of GIGI 2 – you can just flip it over and it stops being the world’s most iconic G-spot massager and becomes a powerful tool for clitoral pleasure as well.

The Decider

Which one you choose is ultimately down to you: you know your body better than anyone else. But don’t be afraid to trust your instincts: if one seems sexier to you, if one excites you more, then that’s the one you should trust.

If you’re looking for a product specifically suited to your G-spot, GIGI 2 is your choice. If you’re looking for a bigger all-rounder, then MONA 2’s for you.

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Written by: Donna Turner

Donna is a Volonté contributor and freelancer who lives in San Francisco with her understanding husband and not-so-understanding teenage sons. Her work has been published in The Journal of Sexology and she is currently writing a book on love languages.


  1. Do you make a vibrator that will lock in one mode so as to avoid an unwanted change by mistake while in use?

  2. I use the Gigi since 4 weeks but it is not driving me crazy and its not pushing me over the edge. Vibration is soft,it is difficult to hold (tooo small to hold), you have to twist your hand, switching vibrations is a tricky task. Well this toy is not a pleasure at all.

  3. I got the Mona 2 a month ago as an anniversary present and I absolutely love it. The controls are perfectly placed, it reaches the g-spot easily, it is very powerful, it is versatile and is overall amazing.

  4. I got the Mona 2 for my wife, first time we used it was only about the second time in 15 years I have had her so uncontrollably breathing, in tears of pleasure and curled up against me. A total success and part of a regular in our evenings together (not all but many evenings). My chance to repay the last 15 years.

  5. I have to say, if the Gigi 2 has the same motor as the Liv 2, then it is not nearly enough for me as a clitoral stimulator, I need a lot of power and the Mona 2 is quite a bit stronger in vibration strength than Liv 2. And the Liv 2 (and Gigi) are both shorter than Mona 2 so Liv 2 barely touches my G-spot while Mona 2’s bulbous head and extra length allow for much better g-spotting for me. I don’t have the Gigi 2 but I have LIv2 and Mona2, and the Liv does not compare to the Mona at all. I am inclined to believe the same is true of the Gigi 2 compared to the Mona 2, the flat tip may help a bit but vibration strength is still much weaker than the Mona 2. Mona 2 is MORE in every way- more power, more G-spot pressure, more length. I don’t like how this post makes it seem like they are the same except for the shape when they are so different and Mona 2 is so much stronger, I think it is misleading to compare the Gigi 2 and the Mona 2 because of the major power difference. Clearly Lelo doesn’t mind which one you buy as long as you spend money with them. Of course this is their official blog so I didn’t really expect otherwise but still. Mona 2 is much more similar to Ina 2 according to other reviewers, the Ina 2 is basically the same as the Mona 2 (same length and shape of the internal arm and the same motor) but with a clitoral arm (and a 2nd motor there) added. It seems to me that it would be better to compare Liv 2 and Gigi 2 only to each other, and Mona 2 and Ina 2 only to each other as well since they are at different levels of intensity. I would love to see the same strong motor in the Liv and Gigi that is in the Mona 2, I like my Liv 2 but it can’t get me off because it’s not nearly strong enough and it’s smaller tip would be great for better pinpoint stimulation if it had the power of the Mona 2. Maybe the only exception to this could be the Elise 2, since I’ve heard it is even stronger than Mona 2 and has dual motors which I hope to try soon. Anyway, I do enjoy Lelo products and I hope they keep improving. I have a Siri 2 which is wonderfully strong as well and a Mia 2 which is nice but a little too weak for me, I would love to see a significant power upgrade to the Mia 2 (Mia 3?) as well to bring it closer to the Siri 2 in terms of vibration strength. Just my opinion. (Can you tell I am a power queen?)

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