lelo packaging discreet

Q: What Does LELO Packaging Look Like?

We agree, just because you’re excited about a new sex toy doesn’t mean your neighbors or anyone you live with needs to know about it. Now that you’re set on which new pleasure maker you have your eye on, here’s what you can expect with LELO packaging.

Is LELO packaging discreet?

Yes. The package arrives in a plain cardboard box without any logos on the packaging. The LELO box looks like any other box you’d receive in the mail.

Due to customs regulations and international inspections, however, the shipping label must contain the sender info, which LELO has done with the smallest font possible. 

By law, a waybill label is a non-negotiable contract in order for the right sex toy (or any product for that matter) to fall into the right lap, and the shipping label will simply contain LELO’s name and no additional information about the company. LELO discreet shipping is a priority.

Does LELO ship to a PO box?

Yes, only in the U.S. through USPS.

Are there any import fees?

Outside of the U.S. and EU, there may be additional import costs associated with the country of delivery. LELO has no control over them and they are the receiver’s responsibility, so check with your country.

Will my credit card information be stored?

No. LELO holds on to the credit card information only to verify the transaction, receive confirmation, and check stock availability. Then it’s removed to safeguard your security.