lelo virtual pride

Come Together Virtually and Celebrate Pride 2020 with LELO!

It’s kinda hard to #ComeTogether when we’re supposed to remain six feet apart. That’s why, this year, LELO is using Pride month to focus on the power of community! And, luckily for us, there are so many role models that have walked this path before us that we can learn from—regardless of our sexual orientation.

lelo virtual pride

The meaning of the word pride is so multifaceted that it can take us a year to fully unpack it, but the first thing that comes to mind as its definition is the feeling of accomplishment or achievement. But Pride, with the capital P, teaches us about a different, and definitely more important meaning. When June rolls around and Pride Month officially begins, there’s a community of people marching down the streets all across the globe in celebration of who they are, despite years and years of being denied the most basic human right of existing in peace. 

There are two big lessons to be learned here: the power of community and the power of Pride.

Coming to terms with who you are and letting it be known to others takes courage, especially when you’re surrounded by people who may not like or agree with it (don’t get us started). Despite the constant indicators of opposition, taking Pride in who you are takes guts, and that’s the true definition of Pride with a capital P.

The words “Come Together” are a part of LELO’s logo and an integral part of LELO’s brand values. But what does Come Together represent in the context of the 2020 pandemic and Pride? This is precisely what LELO is trying to demonstrate during this Pride Month. Come Together represents the power of community.

With all the social restrictions brought on by the pandemic which caused many of us to go weeks without physical human contact, how does LELO exactly imagine all of us Coming Together during Pride month? 

Learning from the incredibly tight-knit LGBTQ+ communities about the importance of Coming Together to share our lowest lows and highest highs, LELO decided to create a safe online space to celebrate Pride virtually this year. 

From creating a landing page to helping educate users about queer history, to dedicating their entire social media communication during June to the celebration of Pride and to the celebration of the people who fought and continue to fight for basic human rights, to investing in their LGBTQ+ partners, not only to spread the brand message but to make sure they know how integral they are to the brand.

During June, everyone will be able to take part in LELO’s Pride Month Instagram challenges:

1. #ThisIsWhyImProud and #LELOVirtualPride along with @lelo_official are the two hashtags that the brand will use to fill your story feed with moments and mementos from past Pride celebrations.

Do you have a favorite photo from a Pride parade? Do you have a friend who totally nailed their Pride outfit? Are you proud of yourself for being an all-around amazing human? Share it with LELO and LELO will share it with the world!

2. #ThisIsWhyImProud #LELOVirtualPride and #ComeTogether will also accompany The Make Your Own Pride Float challenge. 

Do you have a creative spark? It doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to spread some good vibes because that’s what LELO is all about! LELO will provide a Pride Float template on their Instagram Stories for their followers to fill with self-expression and then show it off proudly! Just because we can’t build it, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least imagine it!

Fun and games aside, LELO also wants you to help out the future generation. How? Cast your mind back to the times when you were confused about your identity or marginalized because of  your sexuality – you must have had some questions and very few resources to learn the answers from, or at least, you needed someone to just tell you those magic words of, “I totally feel you and you’re not alone in this.” 

Join the “Dear Younger Queer Self” contest on LELO’s brand blog Volonté and help them fill the cyberspace with messages of encouragement and answers to all those vital questions you might have had.

LELO will try to repost all the entries on their many channels, and you’ll get the chance to vote for some of the best ones on their Instagram. The top three entries will also receive a pleasure maker from LELO! More details here.

Let’s fill the internet with positive vibrations as a vivid reminder that love transcends all obstacles when people Come Together.