Madison Jordan – “Dear Younger Queer Self” Contest Finalist Story

You do not have to choose a side; this is not a game of badminton, even though hiding who you are feels like a sport right now.


You have been stressed out lately and feeling like an outsider. Here’s a surprise, there are more people like you than you could ever imagine.

With that being said you do not need to be afraid of using your voice. Please continue putting yourself out there, share your stories with the world. There is great power in your words, do not silence yourself anymore.

There is great power in self-love and confidence, so continue on your journey of self-growth and you will be an unstoppable queen. It is completely okay that you are developing crushes on girls in school. It is completely okay that you feel confused. You don’t need to figure everything out right now.

Nobody comes out of the womb knowing exactly who they are, the journey of self-discovery is a process. You are not alone. You can be anyone, anywhere in the world. You are one person but there are endless possibilities to who you can become.

Right now you don’t love the body you are in, you feel uncomfortable in your skin. What I figured out over time is to learn how to love myself for everything that I am; short, chubby, clumsy. These are not my defining characteristics, but they are a part of myself that I accept wholeheartedly.

It is okay to want to be better, but there is no rush to lose the weight you want to lose. I have swapped my diets for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I no longer spend energy dwelling on the things I don’t like about myself.

Now I look in the mirror and love what I see, a person who is trying to better themselves every day. A person who is intelligent, creative, funny, passionate. A person people can trust to be a loyal and loving friend. A person who has overcome so many mental battles.

This person is you. What defines you are your actions, not a number on a scale. What defines you is your beauty both inside and out. Most importantly YOU DEFINE YOU, so stop worrying about what people think, because when you do you open up a portal into a new and better life, a life where you are you.

With great power, your unapologetic future self.