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Meet GӒSM, LELO’s Cleanest, Greenest Vibe

This article was part of our 2013 April 1st campaign; the ‘launch’ of GӒSM is a joke. We hope you enjoyed it, but please note that it’s not available for ordering 😉

In our 10-year history, we’ve made a habit of changing everything. That proud tradition continues with our latest product offering that is poised to revolutionize everything you know about sex toys.

GӒSM is the world’s first truly eco-friendly vibe, made with100% recycled materials and powered by a revolutionary new rotation charging method pioneered by LELO. Meanwhile, GӒSM arrives in an 8-piece set that you assemble yourself, allowing you to take pride in piecing together your pleasure, and the money saved on production costs goes directly to you!

Our latest vibrator has a number of exciting features that include:

  •  Easy self-assembly in as little as 1 minute: put together your own pleasure, and save on production costs!
  •  On-call LELO representatives available to advise on proper assembly and use of your GӒSM – totally free, 24 hours a day!
  • For a greener peace of mind, GӒSM is made from 100% recycled materials like compressed wood pulp and recycled rubber – in a lush shade of forest green!
  • GӒSM is powered by a long-lasting battery fully rechargeable with manual hand-crank technology (Allen key included)
  • Arrives in new flat-packaging solution for even more savings and reduced environmental impact
  • Savings on assembly, shipping and storage go directly to customers, who can get GӒSM for USD 179.99

GӒSM is available from LELO.com and selected retailers starting within the coming week– visit us again soon and discover how helping the planet can be a pleasure! For any further inquiries or request an opportunity to interview the designers, please contact pr@lelo.com
GÄSM Packshot

GÄSM Instructions

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