My New Life as a Used Wife

My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 9 – An Erotic Story

A Lesbian Encounter

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a bit sore from the previous night’s gangbang. I had accommodated 11 men. What had transpired in only my second night of use by one of the Partners had been totally unexpected – a forced gangbang. 

When I first realised what was happening, I was shocked. I could have walked away. I should have walked away. That wasn’t what I had agreed to. Surely they couldn’t just do whatever they wanted with me. If I let that happen what would stop others taking it even further. The word would surely get around about what Ted had done with me. That all flashed through my head as I realised what was about to happen. 

My New Life as a Used Wife

I didn’t walk away. I got off on it! I had sent a clear message that I had few, if any boundaries. I would be left to live with that decision.

I went into the bathroom when I got up and soothed my tender pussy and arse with a warm bath and some soothing cream. I knew I had Brian tonight. It was not as if I could just back-out and make it another night. That was not part of the contract. 

I had an appointment in my lunch break to purchase some new outfits for work. Rick had organised it and the Partners had given me a generous clothing allowance. I couldn’t wear the same thing every day after all. 

Rick had organised a meeting for me at an exclusive women’s clothing boutique. When I got to the store I was greeted by a beautiful, classy woman by the name of Diana. She had a magnificent body, was about my height, and had lovely long auburn hair. Her skin was like porcelain. She was quite breathtaking. She looked to be somewhere in her mid-30’s, around my age. ‘Hi Lisa’ she said, ‘I’ve been expecting you’. 

She was beautifully attired and made-up, in a very short dress. Her cleavage was prominent. ‘This is the type of look I want for you’ she said. She put the closed sign on the door and told me that Rick had booked her for a two-hour private fitting. She looked at me and said ‘you are very beautiful Lisa, you have a great body, we need to accentuate your assets’.

Diana asked me to get undressed so she could evaluate me before she started choosing outfits. ‘Here’ I asked? ‘Sure’ she said. I hesitated. I had only just met this woman and she wanted me to strip off in the store, right in front of her. The realisation then hit me that she had Rick’s authority. It wasn’t my place to say no. I took off my skirt and top, leaving me standing there in a black G-string, push-up bra and heels. I felt a little embarrassed, but I also knew I felt turned on by the situation.

Diana walked around me. The back of her hand brushed against my arse. Was it an accident? She then asked me to take off my bra. I suddenly felt very nervous. I was worried my nipples would be erect. I didn’t want her to think I was aroused. I was. I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there. Facing me she unclipped my bra and let it fall to the ground. ‘Nice’ she said, looking straight at my breasts. ‘Those beauties and your arse are the assets we need to focus on, along with those long, sexy legs’ she said smiling.

‘Let’s start with bras’ she said. I relaxed and tried on several different styles and colours. They all pushed my breasts upwards. Some were half-cups which I just loved. I thought they looked magnificent and naughty. I could see how my nipples would be visible if I was aroused, which these days was most of the time. I was now. I was all of a sudden feeling a lot more relaxed.

We then went for matching panties. ‘Rick has told me that you are not allowed to wear panties in the office, but he wants a variation on that theme sometimes’ she said. I blushed at her knowledge of my situation. I wondered how much Rick had told her. Was she just playing with me? Diana opened a draw and pulled out a range of sheer, very sexy knickers, not G-strings. She handed a pair to me and said, ‘this is the style he is after, have a good look’. I inspected them. They were crotchless. I loved them. I loved the thought of Rick sliding his cock through them and into me. 

‘Why don’t you try some on’ said Diana. ‘Where is the change room’ I asked. ‘That won’t be necessary’ she said, ‘the store is closed, and we won’t be interrupted’. OMG, she would see my pussy. I felt so embarrassed, but I was more than a little turned-on too. I loved exhibitionism, but there was something about this woman. I felt like I wanted to retain some dignity with her. On one hand I wanted her to touch me and see me, on the other I wanted her to respect me. She was doing my head in.

I wondered what her relationship with Rick was. You wouldn’t give someone such intimate details if you didn’t know them quite well. I looked at her. She was just Rick’s type. I imagined his cock sliding in and out of her perfect arse. We had very similar builds and assets. At that moment I had a clear image in my mind of Rick’s cock and Diana’s pussy. I wasn’t sure which one turned me on more.

I then realised my predicament. I had become used to having my slutplug in and I had forgotten to remove it before coming to the store. How to hide it? Diana handed me a pair of totally see-through black crotchless knickers and said, ‘try these on, let’s just get the look’. I stood facing her. I removed my G-string and stood there naked. Diana looked down at my pussy and said ‘nice’. I blushed, but I also felt very aroused. ‘Well, are you going to put them on or just stand there showing off your pussy’ she said. That turned me on. She was in control.

I slipped on the knickers. ‘Open your legs and look at the open crotch’ she said. I could feel the cool air over my exposed vagina. I could also feel Diana’s eyes focussed on it. She was standing very close to me. I felt deliciously wicked. I fantasised about being fucked with them on. I fantasised about the Partners having me bent over at my desk, inspecting my pussy through the opening. I fantasised about Diana touching me. WTF! My breathing was getting heavier. 

‘Now get down on your elbows and knees and let me take a look. That is the position these are perfect for. It highlights your vagina’ she said. ‘Is that necessary’ I asked, a bit taken aback by the blasé nature of her comment. I was still playing hard to get too. What was I thinking? Where was this heading? I think I knew. I stopped the resistance. I did as she told me to.

‘Open your legs slightly’ she said. Diana then came in behind me and ran her hands over my arse. ‘Beautiful’ she said. She then moved one hand between my legs and touched my open pussy. ‘You are nice and wet’ she said. My resistance was gone. I was so turned-on, albeit slightly embarrassed.

Thoughts of my lesbian experiences from years ago shot through my brain. As she touched my love button a ripple of electricity surged through me. ‘You look absolutely fuckable. The men will love it. Love the buttplug’ she said casually. No good acting all prim and proper now, not with a buttplug in my arse. I was a submissive slut on display.

She touched it through my see-through panties. I then felt two fingers enter me. It felt heavenly. ‘What are you doing’ I said in fake protest. ‘I’m making sure you are totally open through the open crotch, open and available for all those cocks you love having inside you’. What did she know? I said nothing. I was totally speechless. ‘Well, you do love having lots of different cocks in there don’t you Lisa’ she said, now pumping her fingers deep inside me. I didn’t know what to say, what to think, I just knew I didn’t want her to stop.

I then felt Diana’s hand come down on my backside. She started spanking me. ‘Tell me Lisa, tell me how much you love having that pussy fucked by strange men’. I froze and she spanked me even harder. The words just came out, ‘yes mistress, I love it’ I said, ‘I love being fucked by strange men, I love having their cocks inside me’. 

Mistress! Where did that come from. It was amazing how quickly I slipped into submissive mode these days. I loved the humiliation of being finger fucked by this beautiful woman I had just met. I loved her using me. ‘Now that wasn’t so hard was it’ she said. I was now putty in her hands.

She removed her fingers from me, licked them slowly and seductively and said, ‘you taste yummy darling’.  She then kissed my pussy tenderly. I felt her lips touching me oh so softly. It felt wonderful. I then felt the wetness of her tongue working up and down my open vagina. This was different to Dave, but just as pleasurable. It was a woman, I could smell her perfume and feel the softness of her touch. ‘Don’t stop’, I whimpered, ‘please don’t stop’ I said. She spanked my arse again. 

Diana alternated between licking my open pussy and burying her tongue inside me. She continued to spank me. ‘I want you to cum for me baby’ said Diana, ‘I want you to cum in my mouth, I want you to squirt for me. You need to relax and take your time though. Now take those panties off and turn over and lie on your back’.

I lay on my back and spread my legs so Diana could work her magic on me and see me in all my glory. I wanted her to see my wet, open pussy. It’s beautiful’ she said. I hadn’t squirted since Elena in New Orleans all those years ago. I relaxed, cleared my mind, and put myself in Diana’s hands.

‘Just relax and enjoy yourself babe’ she said. She felt so tender and soft, such a contrast to the gang fucking I had received the previous night. She gently removed my slutplug and said, ‘I need access to your arsehole too, you are going to love it. Wait there and don’t move’. 

I lay back with my legs and eyes wide open, waiting for this sexy woman to please me. Diana returned and lubricated her fingers and went to work on me. I then felt two fingers enter my pussy and Diana went to work on my clitoris with her tongue. 

She alternated her fingers between my pussy and arsehole. She had her palm upwards. It felt fucking incredible. The feeling of her fingers deep inside my open arse was quite exhilarating. She probed deeply, pushing upwards as she did. She kept that up for quite some time. I moaned in delight. All the time she gently flicked my clitoris with her tongue, enough to keep me at maximum arousal, but not enough to cum. This woman was an expert. She had obviously done this before. She was no novice in the art of eating pussy.  

She removed her fingers from my arse and inserted them deep in my vagina. Whilst pressing her fingers upwards inside me, with the base of her other hand on my pubic bone, she found my G-spot. A shiver went through me. I knew I wasn’t far from coming. 

She started shaking her hand up and down. I pinched my erect nipples. I was almost there. ‘Don’t stop, please don’t stop’, I begged her. ‘Make me cum, please make me cum’ I screamed, knowing I was almost there. Diana’s hand movements inside me were becoming more and more vigorous.

I erupted. ‘That’s it baby, squirt for me’ said Diana. I could feel it. I could feel myself squirting. ‘You’re squirting babe, it’s amazing, you did it, it tastes sensational’, said Diana. Tears feel from my eyes. It was such a tender moment. How fucking fantastic were women, I thought to myself.  

Diana then knelt between my open legs and moved up and looked into my eyes. I looked up at her. She leant down and kissed me. I opened my mouth to allow her tongue inside. I could taste myself on her, I could taste her. She smelt so wonderful. I played with her lovely long hair as she kissed me. We kissed for quire some time without taking a breath. 

Diana eventually broke the kiss and said, ‘I loved that mistress bit’. ‘I don’t know what came me over me’ I said. ‘I think you want to please me too don’t you’ said Diana. I nodded and said, ‘I would love to’. I knew exactly what I was saying. I desperately wanted to eat her pussy. I wanted to suck her breasts. Diana stood up and took off her dress. She had on very sexy lingerie underneath. ‘Come up here and kiss me again’ she said. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I stood up and Diana and I kissed each other passionately. She unclipped my bra and it fell to the floor. I returned the favour for her. We rubbed our breasts together. It felt so erotic. We continued kissing. I then took the lead and started kissing and sucking her perfect breasts. I couldn’t get enough of them. Diana pulled my head back up and resumed kissing me. 

‘Take my panties off’ she said. Diana had on the sexiest white lacy G-string. I got down on my haunches and pulled it down to her ankles. My face was looking straight at her pussy. It was the most magnificent thing I had ever seen, smooth as silk, with a few piercings through the vaginal lips. I couldn’t help myself. I kissed it. 

She put her hands on the back of my head and opened her legs slightly. Her pussy lips were still closed. I licked up and down, opening them with my tongue. The odour was intoxicating. She tasted perfect. I loved cock but I think I loved this just as much. I had never considered that I had any lesbian tendencies, but there was something special about a woman’s body I had always admired. Diana still had on stockings, suspenders and heels.

She took me by the hand and led me over to a large, flat couch in the middle of the store. It was obviously there so women could try on shoes on both sides. She laid back on the couch, opened her legs and said, ’eat my pussy babe, please me with your tongue’. Her pussy was the single most arousing thing I had ever seen in my life. It was so very wet. Her labia were perfect, and her vaginal entrance was just slightly open. It was so womanly. If there was a perfect pussy this was it.

I went for it in a not very subtle manner. If the truth be known, I just wanted to be inside it. It was so beautiful, warm and welcoming. The odour was absolutely intoxicating. I had come down from my orgasm and my sole aim now was to please Diana. 

I placed my face against her pussy and rubbed her juices all over me. I had my nose in it, my tongue in it, my nose and tongue at the same time. I took deep breaths, taking her all in. I moved my head from side to side across her now open vagina. I sucked on her piercings. I wanted everything that pussy had to offer. 

‘Wow’ said Diana, ‘I don’t think anybody has ever fallen in love with my pussy’ so much. ‘I love it’ I said, ‘I truly love it’. ‘Time to get me off lover’ said Diana. Lover! How I loved that.

I knew I had been spoiling myself, and it was time to look after Diana. I placed two fingers at her vagina and gently pushed forward. My mouth went to her clitoris. I sucked it gently. I licked it up and down and side to side. I felt it becoming more and more erect. Diana was moaning. After a short time pleasing her vagina she said, ‘Put some lubricant on my arsehole’. I squeezed. ‘More’ she said, ‘too much is never enough’. ‘Now lick it first and open me slightly with your tongue’. 

She had a very inviting arsehole. It was slightly open, just slightly. I could tell she was not an anal virgin. I licked it and pushed my tongue in and out, just getting the tip of it inside the opening. ‘Now your fingers’ she said, ‘first one, then two once you can see I am relaxed enough’. She was coaching me, she knew what she wanted. I was clearly not the first person to do this to her.

I put one finger inside her. ‘Palm up’ she said. I knelt back and watched as I pleased Diana with my finger. It was very erotic. She was opening up beautifully. I put my face and tongue back on her open pussy. I was in heaven, a finger in Diana’s arse and my tongue inside her pussy. 

I knew she was ready for more and I inserted a second finger. It slid in easily. ‘Now pump it firmly, but not too fast’ she said breathlessly. She was moaning and breathing very heavily. ‘The clit’ she said, ‘the clit’. It was so erect. I took it between my lips and ran my tongue over it. 

I remembered the way Diana had shaken her hand inside me to make me squirt. I wondered if I could find her G-spot through her vaginal wall. I did, just as Diana had done for me. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck’, she screamed, ‘that is fucking amazing’. ‘Don’t stop, make me cum for you honey’ she cried out. I kept applying pressure with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down over her clitoris. She screamed out loud ‘yes, yes, yes, yes’. She came, and she squirted. 

It was like a fucking fountain. I could swear she was pissing. It hit my mouth and I opened it to take it in. It didn’t taste like urine, it tasted different. I moved my head back a fraction so that I could see it spurting, whilst making sure I got as much in my mouth as possible. Diana kept screaming in ecstasy. I felt very proud of myself for being able to get her off like that, making her squirt like a fountain. I also felt very happy that I had satisfied her. 

It was an utterly amazing experience. I couldn’t believe how much she ejaculated. I wanted to learn how to do that whenever I wanted, not just when an expert like her did me. After she finished coming, I knelt in front of her watching the contractions of her pussy. I was mesmerised. It was an incredible sight. 

After Diana came down, I laid down beside her and we held each other tightly in a face to face embrace. We kissed gently, like true lovers. We stayed like that for some time, neither of us willing to break it off. It was Diana who finally said, ‘we still have those dresses to fit you out in lover, and you need to get back to work this afternoon’.

I ended up with a number of beautiful sexy dresses, one of which I wore back into the office. It was a silver number that exposed a lot of cleavage. It was so short. We also found a beautiful long black jacket that I could wear over my more revealing outfits when I was on the train. Under my dress I wore a white half cup bra and white crotchless knickers. I had a pair of silver fuck-me pumps to finish off the outfit. I thought I looked hot.

My mind raced forward to tonight. I was to be Brian’s paid whore, meeting him at a hotel for sex. Diana lent me some make-up and let me use her bathroom to prepare myself.

I knew as I left the store that I would see Diana again. It turned out that she was an occasional companion of Rick’s on business trips. He shared her with clients. She was a slut just like me, the most beautiful, classy slut I had ever laid eyes on. She just loved no-attachment sex. She was single. 

Diana and I would travel many times together with Rick in the future and we would have the wildest times. Apart from being fucked by Rick and the other men he shared us with, the men loved it when Diana and I put on a full lesbian show for them. I loved it. It truly satisfied my exhibitionist streak. It was even sexier doing it with a woman in front of a room full of men. I loved it so much that I would have been happy doing it professionally for money – two paid lesbian sluts.

I don’t think we ever went more than a week without getting together for sex. I never got jealous when I saw her being fucked by a group of men. I found it always turned me on incredibly watching her in action. I loved her slutty nature and her sexual skills. I loved eating her after she had been fucked, when she had a cunt full of cum. It was my special treat and became something all the men Rick shared us with loved watching. She was an expert in the art of pushing it out. The things she could do with that beautiful pussy.

Anyway, now it was back to the office, and Brian. I was feeling very sexually charged and I couldn’t wait for him to use me, to use the Company slut. I could feel my wetness dripping through my open crotch.  

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