LELO’s 2nd Annual Naughty Holidays Contest!

As the weather outside gets colder, the inside of your bedroom should, naturally, start getting hotter. Winter might be the best season for snuggling under a warm blanket but that’s not exactly what LELO has in mind with their 2nd Annual Naughty Holidays competition. We received so many amazing submissions last year and we’re excited that you’ve expressed so much interest in another sexy challenge.

Naughty Holidays Contest

It’s like they say, one picture is worth a thousand dirty stories (not really, we just made it up). To heat things up this December, LELO opened a very interesting contest. Honestly, we believe that the word interesting doesn’t do it justice, so bear with us while we let you in on all the juicy details.

Naughty Holidays Contest

From December 2nd until December 16th, you’ll have the chance to unleash your inner erotica god or goddess. Take some time and step inside the very sexy shoes of your favorite authors and have your way with our imagination. To help you out, LELO collaborated with one of their favorite illustrators, the Canadian Cool Girl, Melodie Perrault. She created five steamy graphics to help warm up our holiday season.

Naughty Holidays Contest

Here are the rules to the contest:

  1. Choose one of the illustrations throughout this article to use as inspiration. Study it closely.
  2. Write a short erotic story (yes, poems are allowed!) with a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500. Submissions above the word maximum will be excluded from the competition by default.
  3. Make sure to incorporate the tagline shown in the illustration into the story.
  4. Submit your sexy word-painting to volonte.contest@lelo.com with the subject: Naughty Holidays Contest.
  5. Please, allow us to include your email in our mailing list – we will announce the winner in an article on December 23rd announcing the winner. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing just one fantasy (how naughty of you!), feel free to cover more than just one topic – the more the merrier!

Naughty Holidays Contest

What’s in it for you?

The expert jury of LELO’s best copywriters will read all the entries (imagine getting paid for reading erotic fiction!), and then rank them according to how flustered, hot, and bothered they get while reading them. The top three authors will receive LELO pleasure bundles filled with various goodies, and the winning submission will also be featured in LELO’s Volonte blog and newsletter.

Naughty Holidays Contest


  • 3rd place: NAUGHTY, NOT NICE BUNDLE (HULA Beads + Whip + Blindfold + Cuffs)
  • 2nd place: SILENT MIGHT BUNDLE (GIGI 2 + LILY 2 + Moisturizer)
  • 1st place: PLAY RIDE BUNDLE (LOKI Wave + INA Wave + Moisturizer)

We’re anxiously awaiting your submissions!