LELO’s 2nd Annual Naughty Holidays Contest!

As the weather outside gets colder, the inside of your bedroom should, naturally, start getting hotter. Winter might be the best season for snuggling under a warm blanket but that’s not exactly what LELO has in mind with their 2nd Annual Naughty Holidays competition. We received so many amazing submissions last year and we’re excited that you’ve expressed so much interest in another sexy challenge.

Naughty Holidays Contest

It’s like they say, one picture is worth a thousand dirty stories (not really, we just made it up). To heat things up this December, LELO opened a very interesting contest. Honestly, we believe that the word interesting doesn’t do it justice, so bear with us while we let you in on all the juicy details.

Naughty Holidays Contest

From December 2nd until December 16th, you’ll have the chance to unleash your inner erotica god or goddess. Take some time and step inside the very sexy shoes of your favorite authors and have your way with our imagination. To help you out, LELO collaborated with one of their favorite illustrators, the Canadian Cool Girl, Melodie Perrault (check out her Instagram here!). She created five steamy graphics to help warm up our holiday season.

Naughty Holidays Contest

Here are the rules to the contest:

  1. Choose one of the illustrations throughout this article to use as inspiration. Study it closely.
  2. Write a short erotic story (yes, poems are allowed!) with a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500. Submissions above the word maximum will be excluded from the competition by default.
  3. Make sure to incorporate the tagline shown in the illustration into the story.
  4. Submit your sexy word-painting to volonte.contest@lelo.com with the subject: Naughty Holidays Contest.
  5. Please, allow us to include your email in our mailing list – we will announce the winner in an article on December 23rd announcing the winner. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing just one fantasy (how naughty of you!), feel free to cover more than just one topic – the more the merrier!

Naughty Holidays Contest

What’s in it for you?

The expert jury of LELO’s best copywriters will read all the entries (imagine getting paid for reading erotic fiction!), and then rank them according to how flustered, hot, and bothered they get while reading them. The top three authors will receive LELO pleasure bundles filled with various goodies, and the winning submission will also be featured in LELO’s Volonte blog and newsletter.

Naughty Holidays Contest


  • 3rd place: NAUGHTY, NOT NICE BUNDLE (HULA Beads + Whip + Blindfold + Cuffs)
  • 2nd place: SILENT MIGHT BUNDLE (GIGI 2 + LILY 2 + Moisturizer)
  • 1st place: PLAY RIDE BUNDLE (LOKI Wave + INA Wave + Moisturizer)

We’re anxiously awaiting your submissions!

Written by: Katy Thorn

Katy Thorn
Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for writing about sex, sexuality, and all things rated R. She received her degree in Women’s Studies with a focus in Intersectionality at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!). She has a cat named Yoko, drinks too much black coffee, and hates writing bios.


  1. Petite Cheryl had been wickedly manipulative in her Chastity Ambush trapping of bigger, burlier, manly Hubby James: lots of wine, prolooonged teasing , making an unfair deal of weekend servitude in exchange for a XXXtra dirty , prostate massage-cum-BJ!!!??
    Her Hubby of 12 years succumbed to Wifely wiles[ their sons were away on a camping trip that weekend so the couple had the weekend to themselves] and was duly pumped, teased, milked to a mind-blowing orgasm!!!
    But then he was her slave for 36 hours as she agreed to free him by 8 pm on Sunday night to have a restful night’s rest for facing Monday morning blues…. She cuffed his hands behind his back with police handcuffs[ She was after all officer in their small-town PD] and to his blindsided shock put a CB-2000 on his circumcised penis and balls. Then it was hours of jaw wrenching, cunnilingus for the poor slave Hubby while she filmed him in humiliating poses threatening to upload on the Net jokingly!? His encaged cock erected or rather tried to pathetically inside cage: begging Mistress Cheryl did no good as she relished her new-found power over Hubby. Her pussy/ clitoris had clenched involuntarily during his entrapment in triumphalism.
    # MeToo had triggered a deep desire in the small built firebrand feminist to subjugate a man even if he was her beloved Hubby: she burned with rage every time an actress revealed a new transgression of movie Moghul Weinstein!? Subconsciously she wanted to take it out on a helpless male and unfortunate James was the deer in her headlights!
    After 36 hours of humiliating him she did let him off from slavery but said the chastity device would be there until she was happy with his cunnilingus skills. He already did a lot of housework so cooking, cleaning or doing the dishes was a shared household chore wherein the boys joined in but James started resenting the continuous ‘going down’ on Pussy nightly after a month. He started researching the web and found out about ‘ Prostate Orgasms’ purely from vibrators, lubed , remote-controlled and pressed up against the walnut shaped gland 2 “ into the rectal passage. He quietly chose Lelo’s Loki TM prostate massager and sent away for the product at his office address. The packaging being innocuous he was confident his secretary would’nt suspect anything on signing for the package. On the day it arrived he begged off servicing ‘ Ma’am’[ haughty Cheryl had now insisted he had to address her as such between themselves] with a ‘ Not tonight darling, I have a jaw-ache!?’
    He retired to the bathroom , lubed up the vibe, inserted it properly, felt it’s pleasurable pressure against his needy, greedy P-spot and started it.
    Outta’ the world waves started flowing from his anus to his phallus, cockhead…….transparent , viscous, entrapped pre-cum built up over months started gently, copiously and the big man wept with relief as he shuddered thru’ a prolonged neo-orgasm. His need having been fed , he curtly told Cheryl he was moving to the guest room and he did’nt need her to unlock him.
    He refused her any cunnilingus and spent hours in the gym and the pool. The whitish portion withheld in his body was pure protein testosterone and built up his muscles admirably and he secretly thanked Mistress Cheryl in his mind for liberating him from mindless ejaculations. A locked-up cock with stored up semen when vibrated vide Prostate gland massager Loki TM can bring a man much more orgasmic pleasure, relief, etc. than a lady or his fist jerking off can!!!!
    On Christmas eve Mistress humbly surrendered having missed her gentle giant in bed: she sexily laid herself on pillows , proffering upturned ass raised invitingly to Husband, Lord and Knight alongwith a teary, emotional ‘I’m Sorry’ card, a cane and a bottle of his favorite whisky !!! She lay below the mistletoe as their boys had again gone vacationing to her sisters’.
    It was thus that James found her and striped her derriere with 12 strokes for Twelve Nights of Christmas!!!
    The Couple reconciled joyfully, merrily but he refused to be unlocked !!! He now fists her over panties regularly while the Lelo clitoral vibe pushes her over the top orgasmically and he prehers the lubed Loki for his own orgasms to her Ladyship’s fingers, skillful tho’ they are!!! Merry Christmas, Folkz!!!!


  2. Is erotic fan fiction acceptable for this contest (with proper attribution for source material)?

  3. And a Happy F-ing New Year!!!

  4. Woohoo! Love this idea!

  5. keep doing that I watching you

  6. Participantes de todo el mundo?

  7. Sent my story in today! Not getting any sleep until the 23rd now, good thing I have my LELO toys to keep me distracted! Love this! Thank you LELO and Volonte!

  8. It says “until December 19th,” does that mean until midnight at the end of the 18th, or midnight at the end of the 19th?

  9. I sent in my story on time but I’ve not received any newsletter about winning stories.
    Any help here?

  10. The first comment by Ashesh9 touches on the lifestyle of my wife and I. Instead of 36 hours of slavery to my wife, I am her,slave 24/7. She has locked me in a CB 600 chastity device, and keeps it on me most of the time. When I am out of it I am on the honor system after I promise not to cum on my own. I do all of the housework, washing, ironing and most of the cooking. My wife plays golf twice a week with her friends and gives aerobics classes the other days. She has a fabulous body and beautiful face. And she uses that to tease me for months at a time.

    She has 3 Lelo vibrators, and I use them several times a week on my wife, plus oral sex. She says a wife should never be horny, only husbands. I get edged several times a week by her rubbing me thru my panties as we lay in bed, but no cumming until she gives me permission. And that only happens about once every 3-4 months. Her motto is, “a horny husband is a good husbamd”. When she feels I deserve to cum, she will use one of her Lelo vibrators on me, massaging my penis and balls thru my panties. I am only allowed one minute to cum in. Y panties. If I fail to cum in one minute, she will,try again the following week. If I still don’t cum, I lose my chance and have to wait another 3-4 months. That seldom happens when she uses her Lelo on me, adjusting the vibrations up and down. It feels so good that I explode well before the one minute.

  11. Is there a particular format that the entry should be sent in ?

  12. Didn’t receive my newsletter with contest results on the 23rd…

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