one night in new orleans erotic story

One Night In New Orleans – An Audio Erotic Story


The room was filled with votive candles which flickered and filled the room with a warm glow. The king size bed dominated the room with its massive wooden headboard and piles of crisp white coverings and pillows. Karen was awe struck by the time and effort it must have taken to do this and she was touched that Bonnie had taken the time. Bonnie stood back and let Karen enter the room. Bonnie knew how much Karen liked candles of all kinds to she let Karen just absorb the feeling this room had. Karen walked to the end of the bed and stood there bathing in the glow. Bonnie walked past her and allowed her hand to caress Karen’s backside as she passed. The touch sent a shiver from her back through her body ending in just the right place. Bonnie walked to the window and threw open the curtains, so they could enjoy the storm outside. The rain fell in a torrent; the kind of fury only southern heat could produce.

Bonnie slowly walked back behind Karen who had just kicked off her shoes and was now Bonnie exactly height. Bonnie gathered Karen’s full flowing hair in a ponytail in her hands and pushed it off her right shoulder. Then taking the zipper of her dressed slowly guided it down exposing her back to the cool room air. This energized and sensitized her skin to the slightest touch. Bonnie reached out and slid the thin material off Karen’s shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor. Bonnie gently caressed Karen’s shoulders and back then unclipped her Bra and that too fell to the floor. Bonnie reached around Karen and placed her hands of both of Karen’s ample breasts and placed her lips on Karen’s neck, a sensation that Karen liked a great deal and her body responded. Bonnie massaged Karen’s breasts and gently caressed her hardening nipples as Karen rolled her head to allow Bonnies lips access to her neck. Bonnie stepped back and Karen turned they kissed again then bonnie turned and pulled her own hair away as Karen slid the zipper down to release the Dress.

Karen noticed that Bonnie had opted to forego a bra and Karen couldn’t help but slide her finger tips down Bonnies Spine from her neck to the small of her back. Bonnie turned and grasped Karen by both of her hands and stepping forward got Karen to sit on the edge of the bed. Bonnie then took a step back and let her Dress fall to the floor. It was clear now that Bonnie had opted out of underwear all together and Karen could not have been happier. Bonnie, wearing only her silk stockings and her decadent shoes raised her right leg to remove her shoes and Karen reached out to stop her. It was a fetish she shared with her husband and she now had a much deeper understanding of it. Bonnie lowered her foot to the floor and took a slow sensual step forward. Karen reached out and grabbed both of her hips pulling her closer and acting on impulse, Karen kissed Bonnies left nipple.

A soft kiss with only the slightest touch of her lips. Bonnies reaction was instant, and she let out a long slow breath followed by a low groan. Karen began to lick Bonnie’s hardening nipple in slow soft circles feeling it rise and harden on her tongue. Karen slid her hands around to caress Bonnies rear using just her fingertips she teased the skin and could feel it rise under her touch and cause a shiver to run through Bonnie’s Body. Bonnie caressed Karen’s hair to encourage her tongue to continue. Karen licked both Bonnie nipples with the same care as Bonnie moved forward straddling Karen’s legs as she stood in front of her. Karen lowered her right hand from Bonnies rear along her hip to her thigh. Bonnie felt the smooth soft lace of her stocking and moved down the smooth silk of her stocking. She ran her hand back up her leg across her hip and stomach and gently caressed her left nipple as she gently licked Bonnies Right. Bonnie took Karen’s hand and leaned down to kiss her.

Their lips met only once, and Bonnie stepped back. And slowly walked around to the left side of the bed as Karen stood. Slipped her panties off letting them drop to the floor and laid on the right side of the huge sea of white. Their bodies met in the middle and they faced each other. Each rolling on her side their lips met again in a deep wet kiss as refreshing as sprig water and still sweet from the last sip of their Drink. Karen softly caressed her hand down Bonnies right side from her shoulders to her hip stopping to trace soft circles around her still hard nipple. Bonnie took Karen’s hand and guided it down between her legs, Karen had never touched a woman before and while she knew this moment would come tonight she was concerned it would be more like an awkward prom night than a sensual experience. Her fears evaporated when Karen saw it came naturally. Keren gently slipped two fingers along Bonnies lips gathering the growing moisture and gently stroked her now swelling labia. Bonnie guided her to where she wanted her to be. Allowing Karen to explore but keeping her motions centered on spreading her moisture around.

Bonnie let Karen’s wrist go, confident she was ok and proceeded to return the favor. Bonnie slid her fingers along Karen’s labia then up to her clitoris. A wave to electric pleasure greeting Bonnie touch and Karen moaned loudly as she exhaled all the breath from her body. Her desire, which had been building was suddenly released as the entire lower half of her body lit up. Bonnie’s soft hands and gentle touch found every right spot on Karen’s body and each movement released a new sensation. Karen closed her eyes and kissed Bonnie who stopped only to move Karen’s hand away for the moment. This moment was about Karen’s pleasure. Karen closed her eyes and laid on her back and Bonnie rolled onto her knees and kissed Bonnie hard and aggressively with her tongue jabbing like a spear into her mouth and her fingers working small circles around her clit. Bonnie lost all awareness of where she was only who she was with and the amazing physical sensations pulsing through her body.

Karen’s breathing began to get rapid and with each exhale a moan. Karen never heard the door open and with her eyes closed never saw Mark enter the room. Bonnie knew, this was her fantasy and it was coming true. Bonnie, on her knees on the bed slowly brought Karen to her first orgasm which Bonnie could feel pulsing against her fingers. Bonnie plunged into a kiss as the orgasm built and Mark dropped to his knees and began to lick Bonnies Pussy from behind. Grasping her cheeks with his hands to steady her he plunged his tongue deep inside her then ran it up to her clit. She moaned with delight as she kissed Karen who did not notice Mark yet. Mark kissed her swollen wet pussy with a familiarity that ensured success and Bonnie Began to orgasm. Mark knew what he had to do and pulled back. He knew if she had a clitoral orgasm she would tighten, and he was made aware of Bonnies Fantasy. He had a part to play and wasn’t going to falter.

Bonnie’s fingers began to move faster in response to Karen. The pressure was building in her body, and while Karen knew she was a squirter on some rare occasions, and enjoyed the sensation, she was not ready for what happened next. Bonnie’s circles became faster and faster leading Karen’s body forward until the orgasm erupted from her clitoris and spread to her entire body. Every nerve pulsed, every muscle tightened and Karen Drew a deep breath and with her hand and arms shaking let out a deep throaty full breath aaaaaaah as all the sexual tension in her body released at once. She threw her hands to the side and arched her back as the orgasm raced through her body. Karen could not take any more stimulation as all the fluid in her body erupted from her pussy and onto Bonnies hand. Karen grabbed Bonnies wrist and pulled her away as she closed her legs to prevent sensory over load. Bonnie kissed Karen again and whispered in her ear.

“Wow. That was a surprise. Ready for another?”

Karen laid on her back. Eyes closed and all she could get out was.

“Oh God Yes”
“I Want you to relax and help make my fantasy happen here tonight. “
“Anything for you. Anything.”

Bonnie reached down and guided Karen’s hand between her legs. It was then she felt the soft familiar skin of a Penis on the back of her hand. Mark was sliding the head of his cock along Bonnies Soaking wet labia. Karen was shocked at first since she didn’t even know he was there and her first reaction was to pull away, but Bonnie was prepared and held her wrist.

“It’s ok. Just help guide him in”

Bonnie requested as she rotated her hips to give him a better angle. Bonnie kissed Karen again as she laid her head down on Karen’s shoulder. Bonnie abandoned all resistance and gave in to the moment. She opened Bonnies Lips and picking up moisture rubbed it on the head of Mark’s more than generous penis. Karen reached out with her finger tips and beckoned him forward. He pushed the head between her lips and slowly entered Bonnie. Karen could feel his hard cock glide through her fingers and into Bonnie Waiting body. He entered her fully, Karen was slightly concerned for his size in such a petite girl, but she seemed to handle him just fine. Her breathy ohhhhh as he slid fully in is a sound only another woman can appreciate.

His motions were controlled and rhythmic as he grasped her hips and slid himself in and out of her. Karen slid her fingers up and began to rub Bonnies clit softly at first, but Bonnie slid her hand over Karen’s and urged her to rub harder. Karen slid her fingers down get a more aggressive contact and began to rub much harder than she thought she should but as each snowflake is different., Each clitoris is different, and the hard rubbing was what Bonnie wanted. Marks rhythm too became more aggressive as Bonnie moans escaped with each forward motion. Karen could feel his cock =sliding into B0onnie then back out along the tips of her fingers. Karen kissed Bonnie who immediately opened her mouth and Karen slid her tongue into Bonnie. Karen could feel the tension build in Karen’s small tight body as Mark’s pace had increased to an almost punishing speed, but Bonnie could not hide her enjoyment. She screamed.

“Oh… My God… IM CUMMING!!!!!”

And released a primal scream. Kareen stopped rubbing and wrapped her arms around Bonnies Neck and held her as her body spasmed in an enormous orgasm. Mark had stopped his motion as she came then pushed himself inside her and held her tight by the hips as he made a low, stifled almost spitting sound and released his cum deep inside Bonnie who reacted with another aaaaaaah of relief both women understood. Mark slowly withdrew from her body and stepped back his Penis still fully erect and glistening with their combined body fluids. His well-toned body and mocha skin made softer and smoother in the flickering candle light.

It was then, in the fading moments when reason returned to her body, that she realized she was naked and pulled the large comforter over her. Mark walked out of the room to the bathroom and returned with a towel for Bonnie who gladly accepted it without looking up from her collapsed position on the bed. Mark leaned in and kissed Bonnie who gladly kissed his back. She then put her finger gently over his lips to keep him from speaking. She whispered.

‘I’ll call you in the morning Ok?”

Bonnie tried to say through labored breath.
Mark kissed her again and walked away without a word. Bonnie was glad, she was embarrassed now and a little uncomfortable. Bonnie could sense that. As the door closed Bonnie kissed Karen.

“Just us. “

Bonnie rose and walked to the bathroom with her towel. Karen laid back under the comforter in the slowly fading candle light. Each votive slowly flickering out around the room. Filling the air with the pleasant smell of burnt out candles. Bonnie walked from the bathroom. Her stocking and shoes gone. She was very cute and petite again and different. Nice, but different. Bonnie crawled under the comforter and laid right next to Karen. With her head-on Karen’s shoulder. Karen reached out and caressed Bonnies hair as she fell asleep.

Karen laid in holding Bonnie as she slept. Watching the candles burn out one by one. It was more adventurous than she had ever been. There were parts of this story she would tell John someday. Parts that were better left a secret. Not a lie, it would just be better he didn’t know. There were decisions to be made and interactions that would never be the same. Trauma Clinic with Doctor Bartholomew would certainly be one. As the last candle flickered out, and Bonnie was asleep on her arm she realized that Bonnie was right. For the rest of her life whenever she thought of Bonnie she would remember this night. Bonnie would never be just another resident who had moved on. Bonnie, and now Mark, God help her, were a permanent part of her life. And she liked that. Karen closed her eyes and went to sleep