Selene’s Beach Seduction – Erotic Story

Selene lay back on the beach, in pure reverie; her breasts firmed and swelled with desire, while her groin throbbed Just as her absorption felt complete, a speck on the horizon shattered it, propelling her to tactile humanity by spreading before her. A sixth sense told her that she had kept her rendezvous with destiny. The speck grew into a blond youth, fine-featured, tastefully tanned, pulsing with health. He must have been about eighteen, with a beautiful slender figure and delicate, dark blonde hair, pointed features – a definite touch of androgyny. To some extent Selene felt as if she were looking at a mirror image of her younger self. As he walked towards her, she felt that he was trailing an essence of dream behind him in an invisible mist.

The heartbeats pounded; the heat of passion skyrocketed within her. The voice of calm reason and maturity bade her to hold back from this heady temptation and run further along the beach. She mustn’t; it would be wrong. There were too many years between them, but then there was the power of the other current. His glowing attuned to the elements drew Selene in, and she absorbed it. The surge made her feel she was his age and starting afresh for her life to take a new course, but it also swept her back to the sensations of that real age, and starting afresh when her life was bounded by tears, when nothing had happened, when all that was attractive was so remote, when someone beautiful had led, but she was too reticent to follow. Then the waterfall of surprise swept away those sad reminiscences. Here, now, was that full body restored before her―well formed, well exercised, and supple. He and the water together silently called her to take the plunge.


“Hi! What’s your name?” she asked.

“Marco”, he replied. Hmm – a Latino name. He did not look obviously Latino, but then there are many blonde Latins.

“Do you come here often?”

“Most days.” He seemed to speak perfect English, with only the slightest tinge of a Spanish accent.

“Shall we sample the water together?”

“Why not?”

Selene he was glad she had her two-piece costume on under her clothes. She would take the disrobing initiative, reveal and parade that glorious body, radiating a synthesis of preserved youth and experience. Her hands responded to his eyes, and his to hers; looks prompted. She thrilled to undress, sun-drenched, facing his beauty revealed. His eyes were incandescent with delight, reflecting the glory of her beautiful physique. She gave him a beaming nod; he took the cue. There was a flurry of deft revelation as shorts were undone and fell, as T-shirts rose, as trunks, body enhancing, were revealed, answering her costume. Biceps throbbed. In the scattering spectrum around them―rich in blues, greens, yellows, light browns―white trunks and black two-piece marked the extremes, two-piece at one with the foam and the clouds, trunks at one with the brine-smoothed chalk of the cliffs.

With its deepening, the sea phased into deep-green and purple. The two joined hands and waded in through strands of seaweed that caressed their legs. He forged ahead, over a drop in the seabed. When they were both shoulder-deep, they clasped each other’s shoulders. As the sea lapped against their mouths, they held their breath and submerged. As their feet lost touch with the bottom, they embraced, treading water together, giving each other kisses of life. Bodies moving sideways, they skirted the eddies and wove between rocks. He submerged, and then led her to a rocky tunnel flanked by mossy boulders, black and dark green, so narrowly apart that the two of them could only pass through in single file. Now, weariness with their exertions, combined with a charge of the currents of life, drew them to the shore. More spots appeared on the horizon and then receded.

They looked into each other’s eyes. “I’m a little puzzled”, said Selene. “How come you’re alone? How come you haven’t been snaffled up? You are drop-dead gorgeous!”

Marco looked at her somewhat wistfully. “My beauty frightens a lot of girls off. They treat me as being out of reach, as someone who could possibly harm them. I present a challenge, and must meet a woman of power who will face that challenge in full.”

Those words negotiated the combination lock. They lay facing each other, stretched out on their towels, bodies tingling against the constrictions of their costumes. Once again, they embraced deeply, arching their shoulders, thrusting their hips together and clinching their waists. Assured that the horizon was clear, they pulled each other up by the shoulders and stood face to face. Shoulders were locked and then released.

In the dénouement was the inspiration. Nature now spoke through them. Selene did not care whether or not he could speak English; the response in his eyes and body went an infinity beyond words. All Selene’s old reflections from past darkness, all unknowns ever desired, flooded in on her, pushing her to prompt, to lead him to the that model of maturity and experience about which he must have fantasized. She squeezed his waist again and then reached inside his trunks. They were rather obstinate, as her one-piece had been last night; the water had tightened the waistband knot. It almost seemed a shame to remove them, so near perfect did he look in them, satiny-smooth as they were, but now they had to go beyond pictures. Crash the visual barrier to absorb and embrace all sensations. After some resistance, the knot yielded. The trunks loosened. Once over his hips, they fell easily. Proud now in his nakedness, he felt answering qualms of hesitation as he stepped out of them, unclasped her top, and eased down her briefs. Who surrendered to whom? Who was the aggressor? Revelation of revelations―for the first time in her life, the ever-sagacious Selene did not know!

Selene seized him by the waist and pulled him down on top of her. She had a brief shudder as she felt the physical impact of that last word. Bodies pummelled, half-melting into each other. Flesh, bone, and muscle interlocked, counterbalancing, making a delicate interplay. Behind them, the tide came in, murmuring a discreet crescendo. Now birds of many calls rose and swooped, holding to the vertical. Her outward thrusting matched his inward in scalding force. She wondered if she had taken a virgin, though his control and his assurance suggested the contrary. In the telescoped love of one nameless meeting in pure sensation, they melted the earth, made new mountains and valleys, heated more to make new planets and star systems. As they approached their real climax, they returned to the narrow focused feeling that they were burning a mighty crater in the sand, an aperture for lava. They were the swell and all the undercurrents in one. With, and through, all his youth, he had suffused Selene with a deep, full womanhood, to love her own body.

Through a sensual wave―embracing mere minutes but feeling millennial―Selene had traversed the time warp of her teens. But having made that shift, she knew that she could not stay there, with just that one focus for her memory. The vitality she had unlocked could only move forwards. After that moment, neither could have given the other any more.

Marco smiled: “I have a close woman friend who said I should follow the spirit of adventure, to bond with a resilient Goddess. She added that it should be with a stranger. We have fulfilled ourselves and each other: I have given you of my vibrant youth; you have given me of your yearnings and your experience. I have made you young; you have made me grow up.”

Selene beamed and nodded. “We have achieved encapsulated perfection. We are unlikely ever to meet again, but will retain the lifetime bond of an everlasting memory.”

Written by: David Russell

b. 1940. Resident in the UK. Writer of poetry, literary criticism, speculative fiction and romance. Main poetry collection Prickling Counterpoints (1998); poems published in online International Times. Eco poetry collection, An Ever River, published by The Palewell Press, 2018. Main speculative works High Wired On (2002); Rock Bottom (2005). Translation of Spanish epic La Araucana, Amazon 2013. Romances: Dreamtime Sensuality I & II: Explorations; Further Explorations; Pearlman, Self’s Blossom – all available on Amazon. Self-published collection of erotic poetry and artwork, Sensual Rhapsody, 2015. Singer-songwriter/guitarist. Main CD albums Bacteria Shrapnel and Kaleidoscope Concentrate. Many tracks on You Tube, under ‘Dave Russell’. Editor of online magazine Poetry Express Newsletter, produced by Survivors Poetry and Music.

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