sheltered in breaking loose erotice story

Sheltered In, Breaking Loose – An Erotic Story

She strode down the long hallway enjoying the pleasurable experience of the fine silk fabric against her nipples. Her négligé barely covered the curve of her behind and the darkness at her front. She felt freedom as a gentle bouncing followed the rhythm of her walk.

sheltered in breaking loose erotice story

Usually this solitude was her most prized possession, but this period of self isolation wasn’t her choice. She was frankly lonely and she missed him. She was twitchy and a little frazzled. It was hard to keep her mood light in these uncertain times. She’d been alone at home and no one had been around for so long that she was uptight and anxious from lack of social stimulus. 

Lost in her thoughts, she dawdled towards the end of the hall, wondering what would occupy her time tonight. She had almost reached the end, when someone jumped out from one of the rooms and grabbed her. She screamed and he covered her mouth to stop the bloodcurdling reverberation. Her focus slingshotted back to reality, thoughts flicking around and her skin prickling with fear.

She relaxed in his grip as she realised who had attacked her. Her wet tongue slipped out of her mouth and tenderly licked the inside of his palm. As it ran over his fingers, he separated them and drew his head closer.

His tongue met hers and they fought for insertion into the other’s resisting mouth. She leaned into him desperately, pouring all the lost moments into her kiss as he lapped them up. He forced her harder into the wall and moved his hand to her delicate neck. It encircled it easily and squeezed, causing her to exhale suddenly.

He took control of her tongue and drew it as far out of her mouth as the length of flesh let him. His other hand ran down her side sliding easily over the smooth material. As it reached the hem, it slipped under it to feel the supple skin of her bare hip.

It settled on her waist and he moved his focus to her neck again. He put slight but demanding pressure on it and was enthralled by the power it gave him. She was his to take. And he wanted her more now than ever.

He released his hold on her neck to seize her small waist and raise her off the plush dusky pink carpet. He rested her on his hips until she gripped his body with her legs. He lowered her onto his turgid appendage and forced her into the wall to keep her in place. 

They began their dance of erotic titillation. He pressed her against the white painted walls, pushing, searching deeper than he had before. This would have to satiate them for a long while and he wasn’t going to hold anything back. She clung to his back to keep a hold on her passion, pushing his shoulders down to crush her chest towards him.

He thrust further and further. She took all he gave, grinding into his hips, and showed her pleasure by digging her nails into his back. She drew her hands down the smooth skin and uprooted the flesh. Thick red lines of fluid appeared as his head was thrown back in delightful agony. The searing pain shot through him and he plunged on harder. 

Her pain was deep, pure and thorough, like she was being split open from the inside. It was all she had missed. His thickness was immense and he only grew larger. She thought she was going to lose consciousness from the exquisite building force. He took her to the edge and pushed her over as he leapt off to follow. 

He lifted her slightly, releasing himself and gently let her slide down the wall. He crushed a fierce kiss into her mouth and faded back into the dark room. She turned so she wouldn’t have to see him disappear, then she continued down the long hallway with a lightness in her step.