Hydro Massage – An Audio Erotic Story

The massage chair at the fitness center kneaded Mary’s stressed body. The rollers crept up to her shoulders and down to her lower back. She was on the cusp of an ethereal state. Then two women woke her.

“This is the Hydro Massage I told you about. You will love, love, love it.”

The room with the Hydro Massage and the massage chair were separated by a thin wall and there was an open ceiling, so the voices of the women echoed clearly.

“It’s that good, huh?” 

“You’ll be glad it’s only ten minutes. Imagine walking by the young guys at the front desk with wobbly knees and drenched pants. They would know something was up. There’s no weigh-lifting equipment back here.”

“They’re pretty young to know anything, but, still, save me from awkward moments. I have enough of them in my daily life.”

The two women laughed lightly.

By the tone of their voices, Mary knew these women were not innocent teens and they weren’t haughty twenty-somethings. Their voices were affluent and knowledgeable. They certainly did not waffle on whether to use the Hydro Massage for special pleasure either. They were intent on getting that pleasure.

“Lay on your back. I’ll just turn it on. Let me reach over you for a second. Hey! Hands off for a little while. That’ll be later.”

“I’ll try to wait.”

The two ladies snickered. In fact, Mary did too. This voyeurism was quite interesting.

“I like this thing at the highest power setting. No build-up. I want it direct and hard immediately. Let me just press this button here and …”

The sudden whoosh of the powerful jets sounded harsh, angry, to Mary. It reminded her of the hard spray in a drive-through car wash.

“The jets start at your ankles and run up to your neck,” the lady said.

“Feels good already.”

The woman released a soft murmur.

“The spray is wiggling my thighs and my … oh, whoa!”  Her voice changed like she had touched a flame.

“See what I mean?” Her friend laughed.

“God, that’s good. Now my butt is even more jiggly.”

“Let it roll up your body a couple of times.”

“That feels good on my back.”

“Another time down and then we’ll target the jets on just the right spot.”

“Mmm … whatever.” The woman’s voice quivered as the hydropower rammed against her back.

“My shoulders need this. That’s enough without anything else. So nice all over. Relaxing. But I don’t like that it reminds me of my jiggly body.”

“Oh, forget that. You worry too much. You look great.”

“For my age, maybe.”

Then Mary didn’t hear them speak for a moment. She hoped they hadn’t lowered their voices to mere whispers as joy arrived.

Sitting at the edge of her massage chair, Mary imagined one woman in a fitness outfit. Ankle socks, name-brand shoes. Her perkiness sounded like she would be wearing pink, possibly purple. The other woman was not a typical friend who she meets at the gym for sweaty workouts three times a week. These ladies knew each other well and had gone to secret places together. They may have been in their thirties or forties. They considered the front-desk guys as young and unknowledgeable about women’s true needs. If these two were teens or even twenty-somethings, the front-desk guys would not have been written off so quickly.

Their voices echoed again.

“The jets are at my ankles now.”

“Then roll over onto your belly.”

There was a scratchy shifting and a resettling on the bed.

“Here it comes. It’s at my thighs.”

“Tell me when to stop.”

“Pause it … now. Yeah, right there.” The words oozed from her.

Mary heard soft patting of hands, likely by the woman watching, glad her friend was pleased them.

The woman lying flat was certainly enjoying it.

“This thing is—yaow! I wasn’t expecting … Mmm.”

“It’s working.”

“Yes, yes … it … is.”

Mary was astounded. She was literally a few feet away from two women sharing an intimate experience.

She realized she was salivating, and her heart was fluttering. Mary’s massage chair had lost its usefulness. It was now only an overly used recliner inset with uncomfortable metal balls. Her body wanted a different type of kneading.

Mary didn’t have a chance to think further. She was surprised by two light kicks on the bed, followed by a guttural groan.

“Control yourself or someone will listen in. These walls are thin.”

“I can’t help it. The jets hit—oh, wow—exactly where …”

There was another long guttural groan.

“That spot not been found in a while?”

“Not like … Wow.”

“We all need it.”

Mary nodded her head in agreement.

“How much is a membership … to this gym?”

“No jokes. Enjoy the jets.”

Mary loved their interaction. They were so open with each other. However, they might not have been, knowing she was eavesdropping.

Mary stretched her neck after it had been locked in place since she first heard these women. She strategically moved her hands across her body. Over her chest and down to the band of her shorts. Her hands stopped because the woman getting the hydro-massage squeaked.

“What are you doing? Don’t.”

“Raise your hips.”

“I’m …”

“Lift up. Let’s get it as direct as possible.”

“Okay, okay. But you just want to see me lying down.”

“Laying down and bare-naked, yes.”

The moving sounded like they ripped the bed cover. Then there was a light tap of a bare hand on a bare butt.

Mary flushed. Her hands slid into her pants. She wanted to figure out who these ladies were. In an instant, it would become easier.

“Jeannie! You brought that?”

“You like going double. I know that, so I brought some extras.”

Mary’s mouth dropped open. Jeannine, the instigator for this secluded fun, had brought toys to go along with the Hydro Massage.

Mary imagined Jeannine. A golden blonde with a small chest and confidence enough to be sex-crazy, such as hauling toys into workout gyms and who knew where else. Or Jeannine may be a heavy-set woman who recently gained a never-before-had self-confidence since she started working out for the first time in her life.

“Hey, hey. Warm up your hands before touching me.”

“You got a new one?”

“New. A Soraya Wave, a rabbit vibrator. I think you’ll like it. I do. Is that warm enough?”

“Good God! Put it in slower.”

“Open your legs wide then.”

Mary heard the low moan. And the moaning continued in rhythm.

Mary made a mental note of this Soraya Wave.

Mary felt her fitness bra constricting her nipples. She massaged them over the tight fabric. A soft squeak slipped from her mouth as her excitement grew. The entire, unexpected scenario was intoxicating.

“Let me take him out. I’ll give you this.”

“What are you … How many did you bring?”

“I’m not letting you have all the fun. So you just focus on you. I need a little special time too.”

Both women were getting off together. They were intent on reaching a peak in a short time. 

Soon, several moans wafted over the wall toward Mary.

“Wow, Leah, you look so good right now. I’ve always loved your cute butt.”

The only response was a long, low groan.

“So good. I can’t …”

The moan morphed into quicker huffs and finished with a strained hiss. Then there was a pause.

“That was … amazing.”

Mary heard a steady rocking, maybe a squeak of a weak chair handling a woman playing. Was Jeanine using Dr. Dong?

“Fuck yourself, baby. No one’s watching but me. We’re the only ones here. Show me what you can do.”

Mary slid her hand deeper into her wet pussy. Soon she was encouraging Jeannine too.

“Keep talking. I’m with you.”

She wished her two fingers were one of the ladies’ toys or even their fingers.

The voices trailed off. Mary heard heavy breathing and another hiss of pleasure.

Unexpectedly, Mary heard a knock on the door of her room.

“Ma’am, are you still using the massage chair? If not, I have another client who is waiting for it.”

She had to swallow her pleasure, so she could speak normally through the thin door.

“Sure. How long until the Hydro Massage is available?”