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Stop the Bus – An Erotic Story

Last night, Simone had a pounding urge to play with her vibrator, but her best friend, Lauren, called to talk about her rocky relationship with Jacob. By the time Lauren was done venting, Simone was too drained and dispirited to play.  

This morning, the desire for release lingered inside of her. And lasted throughout the day. The triggers were minute. She saw a man with dark, rustled hair focused on his phone, a guy totting a gym bag over his shoulder, even a forty-something in a gray business suit striding hurriedly in brown oxford loafers.  

Yet, the morning was too muddled with meetings and office assignments to sneak off to the ladies’ room—on a different floor than her company’s—for her hidden relief. Throughout the day, she just enjoyed the fluttering butterflies, the subsequent squirt of adrenaline through her veins, and the quickened heart beats. That lingering, however, heightened her desire to the point of salivating.  

The past weeks had been low key since she and her boyfriend, Hernan, separated. It was mutual and best for both of them. They could focus on their clients and business as previous sales had lowered more than expected. Sex and make-out sessions, even evenings of sweet cuddling, consumed plenty of time and diverted away attention. A big problem was that their separation took away Hernan’s nice dick. Feeling it during a good fuck was one thing. But she loved feeling his cock stiffen by simply being pressed against her thigh as she and Hernan watched TV.  

The workday passed slowly as her horniness heated up. Her neck became overheated in an afternoon meeting. She minimized the uncomfortability as best as possible with a high ponytail to let the heat escape. But other parts of her mind and body were still stifling. She may have solved her libido if she had thought about tossing her travel-sized toy in her tote bag.  

After work, in the bright evening, she waited at the bus stop downtown by her office, already feeling tickled by what she had planned. The first thing: Set the phone to Do Not Disturb.  

The gangly city bus came to a stop before Simone. She stepped into the packed transport with a load of people heading home. She sat in the only available seat. Those stepping on behind her were left to stand.  

She sat with her bag on her lap next to a tough-looking tattooed man. The bus lugged forward. Because of the jolt, Simone bumped into the man.  

“Sorry,” she mumbled politely. He just nodded, making no sound.  

The ride was quiet and easy. With the late sunset, she put on her sunglasses so she could people-watch with a fraction of subtly.  

The tough man next to her had a detailed compass tattooed on the top of his right hand. On his forearm was a word written in calligraphy. It was upside down from Simone’s vantage point, so she couldn’t read it while staring from the side of her left eye. The letters, F A S T, were tattooed on his fingers. More elaborate lines and designs appeared from under his shirt sleeve and up from the collar of his shirt.  

Standing next to her on the right, she smelled a sweet and spicy summer cologne. The man held on to an overhead handle for stability. His position forced his suit jacket to lift, revealing more of his outfit. A cognac leather belt with a brass buckle. French blue, striped slacks that matched the jacket. A baby blue button-up shirt with a narrow Malbec-red necktie. She decided the second thing to do at home: Uncork a bottle of wine.  

She scanned other riders, but the bus’s jostling and her growing relaxation made her eyes become heavy. She let them close only briefly instead of fighting it.  

The standing businessman patted her cheek with his large, brown hand.  

“Come on, sexy. Do it, if you want,” the man said.  

She turned and raised her head to the right, seeing the man in French blue. There was his dick right between her eyes. She gasped. She exhaled a controlled shout. “What are you doing!”  

“Don’t ask questions. You want this, asking like you did,” he said sternly.  


“Yea, you. Patting my crotch, feeling me up.”  

“I did that?” Her eyes trekked from his brown belt, along his red tie and finally to his coal-black eyes. They were commanding and set against olive skin and jet-black hair. French Blue spoke with demonstrative lips. “There is no stopping now, cutie.”  

Seemingly not under her rationale, her hand gripped his girth. Heat pulsated from it, burning her hand. Despite her grip, she was confused. Why would he have exposed himself in front of a woman he doesn’t know? And even more in public! Public sex, it’s absurd, especially on a city bus! The tattooed guy in the seat next to her would likely beat him for opening his pants.  

Despite it all, she bent his cock toward her own soft, pink lips. She licked the very tip with the tip of her tongue, watching him bask. Then she pressed her lips in a smooch to smear her lipstick on him.  

Going further, like a cat slurping from a bowl of milk, she dragged her tongue over it once and then twice, in preparation for putting it all in her mouth. Then inhaling, she began to nurse the lovely cock. He had the taste of a day of business meetings and deep research in slim-fit slacks.  

She massaged the length with her tongue from base to head. Soon she felt the bridge of her nose was sore because of the brass belt buckle hitting her face. French Blue had only unzipped his pants and rearranged his boxers to get his dick out for her.  

“Take this thing all the way out,” she said, rubbing her nose. Again, she was confused, maybe astounded, that she had said that. She was being so forthright to him and in front of everyone on the bus.  

“You do it, bitch.” He gripped the back of her seat while his right hand still clung to the overhead handle.  

She looked around, feeling odd. And odd as it was, she saw no one was paying attention. All of them elsewhere mentally—smartphones, long days, city sights through the windows.  

“Don’t you feel weird that we’re doing this in front of everyone? And what if the bus driver kicks us off?” Simone asked.  

“I don’t care. You want my dick. I’m not going to stop you.”  

She timidly loosed his belt, letting it clink against her hard-backed seat. She fumbled with the button on the waistband of his slacks. Once her rubbery fingers finally undid the button, she tugged the slacks down to his knees. He remained directly before her in plaid, open-fly boxers. His girth that she was enjoying a moment ago was again inches from her nose. She stretched forward her neck to the dick. The move wasn’t fast enough. The standing man seized her black hair at the back of her head to shove his cock into her mouth.  

The length gagged her. She struggled to pull away from him, stomping her feet, but his grip was too strong. His dick remained deep in her mouth.  

The gag reflex eased with a cough, and she began to demonstrate her blowjob expertise.  

French Blue knew she was good right away. He let go of her hair and grabbed a hold of the other overhead handle for balance. Both hands hanging on for dear life.  

She heard him give a deep, concealed groan. With another deep bob and a swirl of her tongue as she pulled back, his dick became a firmer rod, jabbing into the roof of her mouth. She then tasted a spritz of warmth on her tongue. She was taking him to the brink. And her blowjob know-how had just started. He rocked his hips and grabbed her hair again.  

Just before she thought he would explode, Simone felt a heavy hand on her thigh. She let go of French Blue’s dick. She turned her head to the left. The tattooed rider had his F A S T fingers going under her skirt. Pleased, Simone slid her hand over his thigh to feel his thickness. She thought her actions here too were absurd, but she couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop.  

“You like a good dick, don’t you?” Mr. FAST said.  

“Yeah, I need a dick so much. It’s been a while,” she said. “Unzip. Let me get it.”  

“Whatever you want.” The man fumbled with his pants. Soon he had them opened. A dick appeared, and rose, like a great beast, from the opened fly. He lifted his shirt, revealing a tattoo with extravagant lettering: Veni Vidi Vici.  

“Get it while it’s here,” he told Simone. “I’m gettin’ off soon.”  

“You want me to?” she asked, perplexed.  

“Yes, you. You been asking me and asking me to see my cock,” he said.  

“I didn’t mean …” She stared. “But it does look nice.”  

It was long, with a shape of a destructive missile. A fuck machine, lean and urbane, for driving deep. She also noticed his balls. They were set handsomely between his legs.  

“You like what you see,” he said, with a wicked grin.  

“What?” She straightened upright in her seat. “I just …”  

“I saw that big smile. Don’t play. You’re ready to get at me.”  

“Can I? I just don’t want to miss it before we get to your stop.”  

She couldn’t stop from leaning over. She covered the missile with her mouth. Mr. FAST had the unexpected flavor of peppermint. The taste confused her. As she sucked him, she thought the ink-covered man would taste harsher than peppermint.  

And there was French Blue in his business suit. He had that dingy tang.  

She raised up her head, inches above Mr. FAST’s smooth cock. She tried to reason out her situation: Where is the man who was standing by me? Wasn’t I just sucking …? Why are there two …? I’m on a city bus, right?  

Her thoughts were halted as her head was pulled back down to Mr. FAST’s cock.  

“Don’t ignore. Get back on this,” he said, with his hand on the back of her head.  

Simone could only apologize with action because her mouth was already full of him. She let him savor her blowjob talents.  

Then a hand tugged at her hair and pulled her upright.  

“You need to get back to sucking my dick.”  

She looked up. It was French Blue. His cock was thick, veined, and waiting for her. She leaned forward, but before she got his dick in her mouth, a coarse hand squeezed the back of her neck.  

“You can’t leave. Finish your job!”  

Simone saw Mr. FAST’s harsh face.  

“But I’m sucking …” she began.  

“Over here, bitch. Pay attention,” the businessman growled. She looked over to French Blue. His pants were still at his knees with his dick sliced between the front tails of his dress shirt. The palm of his hand cupped her jaw. He directed her toward his hardened dick. “Don’t waste time. Finish me off like you said you wanted to.”  

Mr. FAST interrupted, pulling on her shoulder. “You need to get me off too. You started all this.”  

She shook the businessman’s hand off her jaw and Mr. FAST’s hand off her shoulder.  

“I can do both, guys. At the same time. I’ve done it before,” she said, adding calmly, “Work with me now.”  

She had Mr. FAST scoot closer to her and tugged French Blue toward her by his boxer shorts. She stroked the length of Mr. FAST, while sucking French Blue.  

Both men soaked in the pleasure of Simone. Her mouth and her hand were fascinating both men.  

Suddenly French Blue jerked. Mr. FAST jolted in his seat. Even Simone was jarred from her lovely position. She lost her grip and her lips slipped away from the gritty dick of French Blue.  

She heard a crash. It was distant. Somewhere.  

Simone sat up and stared around her. She was on the same packed bus, and the people around her were gathering their balance after an abrupt stop.  

In surprise, she felt a gentle pat on her back.  

“Let me get that for you, young lady.”  

She turned to see French Blue, kneeling to gather her purse from the floor and her phone that had slid out.  

“Here you go,” he said.  

Simone took her belongings.  

She glanced up at him and mumbled embarrassed, “Thank you.”  

In thinking of what she was just doing, she felt her cheeks had become bright, burning red.  

 Her eyes then slid down the helpful man’s body in a flash. He was wearing French Blue with the cognac brown belt. She looked next to her to see the man tattooed with F A S T on his fingers.  

He grinned back. “Must’ve been a good dream.”  

“Me?” She patted her cheek with the back of her hand.  

“I’ll be getting off here. You might want the window seat,” he said.  

“Was I asleep on …?”  

“On my shoulder, yes.” He smiled nicely. “Better you than anyone else.”  

The bus came to its next stop. Mr. FAST left, leaving an empty seat. After the stop, Simone noticed French Blue was gone too.  

All the while, she feared what she might have said aloud during what happened. Maybe it was best both were gone. Scanning the faces of the bus riders around her, maybe it was best for her to leave immediately too.  

The next stop was near Hernan’s apartment building.  

She hopped off the bus and texted him.   

“You up? Can I help?”  

She felt the vibration of his response.  

“Yes and yes”