Surrender Yourself Extract – Evie Blake

The following is an extract from Surrender Yourself, the third part of the Unlocked Trilogy by the immensely talented Evie Blake. Look out for some exclusive writing from Evie coming very soon, but in the meantime, and just to whet your appetite, enjoy this passionate tryst in a conflicted Berlin.

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He leads her through the streets of Berlin, up and away from the river. To her right is the enormous Fernsehturm, which she had taken pictures of yesterday. The futuristic, state-of-the-art TV tower piercing the Berlin sky is in contrast to the drab streets that Karel is bringing her down. She recognises the area from yesterday. Nearby is Lottie’s family house and her punk friends, yet Karel’s district is a little less run-down. He takes her hand as they walk and she feels a frission of energy ripple through her as they walk side by side. She doesn’t feel like a thirty-five-year-old mother and wife; she feels like herself when she was young again, looking at the world, wide open to what adventures it has to offer her.

When she walks into Karel’s apartment, she feels like she is home. It is nothing like the utilitarian apartment block in which Sabine and Rudolf live, and neither is it like the derelict ruins of Lottie’s punks; in fact, it is more like her own apartment back in Milan. The walls are lined with bookshelves, stuffed with books. She is sure that, if she took the time to analyse what books lined his shelves, she would find that some classics deemed too bourgeois might be missing.

By the window, there is a record player and stacks of records. She leafs through them. They are all classical and favourites of the Eastern bloc: Shostakovich, Beethoven, Bartok, Hans Eisler. He has the full repertoire, although she is sure again that some non-approved composers are missing. Karel stands beside her and hands her a small glass of vodka, before selecting a record from the pile and putting it on. The second movement of Beethoven’s ‘Emperor’ Concerto wafts through the room.

‘How did you know that I would like this?’ she asks him.

‘What woman with a romantic soul doesn’t?’

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There is one second when she is on the verge of putting a stop to this, when she is about to put her drink down and walk out, but then he brings his glass to her lips, and she opens her mouth as she gulps the vodka down. It burns her throat, stoking her courage. He takes her glass from her hand, knocks it back in one and then puts it down. He places his hands on her waist and pulls her to him, bending down to kiss her. It is a long, slow kiss – a kiss that has been building up between them since she walked away last night. He parts her lips with his tongue and licks all along her bottom lip and teeth. He flicks his tongue up to her top lip and licks her there as well. She feels as if he is a large panther, tasting his prey, so that she is completely in his power. His tongue pushes further inside, until he is licking the roof of her mouth.

She is already weak at the knees. She can feel herself beginning to hum between her legs, coming alive again. It seems that her libido has well and truly returned. As he kisses and licks her, she imagines how it might feel to have his tongue elsewhere. It shocks her that she has this thought, for she has never let Phil go down on her, and lately she has avoided giving him blow jobs.

However, now she is dying to put her lips around Karel’s cock, to suck him deep and long and hard. What is happening to her?

‘I like your dress,’ Karel comments.
He has stopped kissing her and is now pulling on the tie of her wrap dress. It opens and falls away to reveal her lacy lingerie.

‘Oh my God!’ he almost hisses under his breath. ‘Is that what Western women wear
All the time?’ he asks.

She grins. ‘No; just me.’


He takes her into his arms, burrows his face in her neck. ‘You smell so good,’ he says, before kissing her again. The passion between them accelerates. The fire they lit last night never went out. It has smouldered through the night and now it is has flared up, blazing between them again. They cannot hold back any longer. She rips his shirt off, not even bothering to unbutton it, as he undoes his trousers. They tumble on to the rug in his living room as the music swells with equal passion. He unlatches her lacy brassiere as she wiggles out of her panties. She reaches forward and boldly pulls down his underwear so that his cock springs free. She bends down and licks its head. It tastes bittersweet, and she longs to feel it deep within her.

Karel leans forward, suddenly scooping his arms under her knees and raising her hips off the carpet. He is kneeling between her legs, bringing his body right up against hers. She can feel his beautiful cock pressed against the soft cheek of her bottom. She reaches down with her hands and holds his cock between them.

She is going to do it: make love with another man for the first time in fifteen years. She is going to break everything she has with Phil. It is so supremely self-destructive, and yet Tina is in her element. She has never felt so vital, so sexy, so young. She pushes Karel up inside her, not even thinking about contraception, despite the fact that, with Phil, she is fastidious about protecting herself from getting pregnant again. What has possessed her?

She is hypnotised by Karel’s muscular arms as, with every thrust he makes, he lifts her hips towards him. His cock slides deep inside her, touching her in a place that she had forgotten existed. She is vibrating, humming right from her core. She never thought she would feel like this again. He lowers her hips to the floor, bending over her, still inside her, and presses his whole body down upon her. Now they are cheek to cheek, kissing again, the passion building between them. He is grinding into her, his breath quickening, deepening as she feels him bringing her closer and closer. He takes her over the edge. She is crying and laughing, flying out of herself as the two of them orgasm at the same time. She feels that her very being is split in half, as if
she will never be whole again.

This is just the prelude. They lie on the rug for a few moments, devastated by their mutual release. After a while, Karel gathers her into his arms and carries her into the bathroom with the ease and grace of a strong young man. He turns on the tap in the bath and, while it fills, he showers her neck and shoulders with little kisses. They climb into the bath together and wash each other.

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As he lathers her breasts with soap, massaging them with tenderness and dexterity, she watches his cock growing in the water, imagines it to be like a magical snake, its seed filling her with life and youth. She wraps her legs around him as he slides himself forward, entering her smoothly. They fuck in the bath, water splashing over the side, soaking the tiled floor, laughing like children at the abandon of it.

From the bathroom, they move into the bedroom, and this is where they take their time. Now they have got the initial craving for each other out of their systems, they start to explore each other’s bodies more, to nourish and nurture each other sensually.

She kisses her way down his body, from his mouth to his chest. She licks his nipples and then moves further down his chest to his stomach, flat and firm as a rock. His erect cock brushes her cheek, and she catches it in her mouth, twirling her tongue around its tip. Meanwhile, he is playing her with his powerful cellist hands, thrumming his fingers between the lips of her labia, pressing gently on the bud of her clitoris with his thumb. She drapes herself upon him, as if she imagines she could sink into him. She licks his cock down its length, brings her lips up and down, every few seconds squeezing it tight between her lips. Before she knows it, he has lifted her up by the hips so that she is practically sitting on his face. She stiffens for a moment, but Karel has no idea that she doesn’t like this. He begins to lick her and, to her surprise, she relaxes, forgetting that this is too vulnerable a position for her. They caress each other with their mouths. They are primal, and yet they are innocent, pure passion, with no agenda or expectations, just being in union together, sharing sublime sex. She begins to understand why so many women love a man to go down on them. She has never experienced such a subtle passion, such deep yet fragile vibrations deep within her.

After they both climax, they cling to each other like two survivors at sea. And, really, his bed and his bedroom could be viewed as a sanctuary from the hopelessness of their situation.

Without saying it to each other, they know that this can only be one night together, and not even a whole night. She must return to Italy tomorrow, and he must remain behind the Wall.