What’s the LELO F1S Size and Diameter?

Dear LELO,
Currently shopping around for a masturbation sleeve as a treat for myself and I have of course come across the new LELO F1S Sextech toys in the course of my market research. Going over all the really unique features of them both, I am really interested but I’ve got a niggling issue that will affect my decision; I’ve got a pretty large penis at 7¾ inches when erect.
I’m not going to complain, nor will is say it’s a huge blessing, because it definitely has it plusses and minuses but I want to know if, with my larger-sized member, will I be able to take full advantage of all the F1S product features?
The BIG Question

What is the size of F1S

Hey there, BQ!

Thanks for writing in, and also, thanks for your interest in the supremely advanced LELO F1S Sextech masturbation sleeves.

When it comes to the dimensions of these motorized masturbation cups, I had to take it to our engineering team. To answer your question specifically of ‘how deep are the F1S sleeves’: they are 110.72mm, or 4.36 inches, in depth BUT DON’T STOP READING HERE.

The LELO F1S Prototype and the F1S Developer’s Kit RED will not accommodate your entire length, but its not designed to. The average length of a man’s erection is 5.1 inches, which is a decent distance from the 4.36 inches the F1S was designed to take in.

You probably don’t jerk off by stimulating your whole, entire penis with every stroke, most masturbation sleeves are designed to stimulate the head and upper shaft of the penis — where all the magic happens, so to speak. So despite your quite large penis, you will still find the F1S masturbation sleeves to be a perfect fit.

The interior of the F1S masturbation sleeves vary in diameter from 5.1cm (2 inches) at its largest, on down to 2.3cm (just under an inch) at its smallest. The silicone is snug and flexible, so use a generous amount of lube to get your member into prime position.

f1s gif

Now when it comes to the features of the F1S devices and how they will interact with your large memberm, this is where they excel when compared to other products of their kind.

Most masturbation sleeves don’t provide the additional pleasures of a vibrating motor. When they do, it most likely comes from a small electronic motor that vibrates weakly near the tip of the penis.

What the F1S provides are sonic pulsations from powerful emitters that you will feel deep in your genital tissue. It’s an all-encompassing kind of sensation the likes of which no male sex toys have provided before. Even the very largest penis (shout out to Jonah Falcon with the largest on record at 13.5 inches) will be thoroughly stimulated with powerful sonic vibes.