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What’s a “Hands-Free Masturbator” for Men?

The hands-free orgasm is certainly something you’ve come across on your favorite porn streaming site by now, and as a concept, you have to admit that it’s pretty intriguing. To climax without using one’s hands?

For men, there are many ways that this can be done (mainly through prostate massage), but there are other ways that might be considered cheating, such as by using a motorized masturbator or a masturbation sleeve.

Some guys may try jerking off with a device rather than with their hands and consider it a hands-free orgasm because they didn’t technically “touch” their penis. However, a true hands-free climax is one where you (and by extension, any device), don’t even touch or otherwise stimulate your penis. 

The kinds of hands-free male sex toys that will provide a true hands-free climax are ones that you can use to massage your prostate. In case you somehow don’t know, your prostate is a ping pong ball-sized gland that exists within your groin area, between the base of your penis and your rectum. 

When stimulated with massage, the prostate can provide an intense, whole-body climax that is very much unlike the kind of climax that comes with stroking the penis. You can give yourself an external prostate massage by applying pressure upwards on your perineum, in the area behind your testicles. However, the more effective way to reach it will be internally, as in in your anus.

If you’re one of those guys who gets squeamish at the thought of something breaching your back door, then you’re missing out on some very big pleasures. In this case, we’re not suggesting using your fingers to reach your prostate via the anus–to do it, and do it right, you will need some help.

An anal vibrator will be your easiest, most comfortable and most effective way of unlocking prostate pleasures for a hands-free orgasm. A massager provides the extra reach you will need to target the prostate, and if the massager features a vibrating motor, then all the better, as it will further massage and stimulate your prostate, bringing you over the edge to your hands-free sensual experience.

What should you look for in a hands-free masturbation aide? There are a couple of things to look out for when searching for the toy that will be your hands-free massager, and the important one is whether or not it is waterproof. Waterproof means easy cleaning, and considering where the toy is going, you will want to be able to clean it effectively.

A flared base or design that prohibits the toy from being lodged inside your anus is another very important aspect. While it is unlikely, a sex toy stuck up your bum is a very embarrassing reason to visit the ER.

Speaking of the design, you should be looking for an item that is made to mimic the contours of the anal cavity. This ergonomic design can ensure that the massage is centered right on the prostate. With the toy inserted, you will want to focus the sensations and pressure on the frontal wall of your anal cavity, about two inches deep past the anal opening.

With the prostate massager inserted to your desired depth, you can then manipulate it in such a way that massages your prostate. When done correctly, you will end up with a shuddering climax felt far beyond your penis and going deep into your core.

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