are thin condoms weaker

Do Thin Condoms Break Easily?

We love sex. Especially when done responsibly. Condoms are an essential sexual health tool for many people. Finding the right condom, however, can be a bit of a hassle. 

The right condom can make a huge difference in your pleasure and your sexual health. A good condom needs to have a lot going for it – sensitive enough for optimal pleasure, non-irritating for you and your partner’s bodies, and durable enough to not break. 

A major concern when using condoms is whether they can hold up even in your roughest moments. A broken condom can potentially expose you to sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy (if you or your partner has a vagina). 

It might seem logical that the thicker the condom the more durable it will be, but that’s not necessarily the case. That brings us to our question of the day – do thin condoms break more easily? Let’s find out!

The History of Condoms

The first reported use of “condoms” was said to be in ancient Crete by King Minos. His wife, Pasiphae, believed his semen contained scorpions and serpents that killed his mistresses. Research shows that she used a goat’s bladder in her vagina so that her husband’s semen couldn’t harm her. 

That’s not the only type of condom people MacGyvered during ancient times. In ancient China, people may have used lamb intestine or oiled silk paper, while in Japan they utilized animal horns or tortoise shells. Yikes!

Condom technology began to evolve thanks to ancient Egyptians’ use of linen sheaths and Romans’ use of animal intestines. The first rubber condom was made in 1855, with mass production beginning in the 1860s, although many people still opted for ones made from skin. The invention of latex in 1920 changed the condom market, making them easier to produce, cheaper, and more effective.

Condoms have come a long way since Pasiphae and King Minos. This revolutionary invention has become more effective, more comfortable, and more thin. These days condoms are generally made from latex, but can also be made from lambskin or polyurethane.

Do Thin Condoms Work Well?

Any condom that you buy from a drugstore or health center has been rigorously tested to ensure its quality and effectiveness. In the United States, condoms are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as medical devices. This ensures manufacturing and testing of condoms adhere to strict national standards. Many other countries regulate them similarly. 

While condoms may break occasionally, it’s typically due to user error. Any condom that you buy should be highly effective in preventing pregnancy and the transmission of STIs, no matter how thin it is. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to be sold on the general market!

When a condom does break it’s not because it’s too thin. Instead, it’s usually because it was expired, the wrong size, or not put on correctly. Non-latex condoms do break at a higher rate and are slightly less effective than latex ones (95% vs 98%) when used correctly. They’re still a great option, just something to keep in mind.

So are thin condoms more likely to break than thick ones? No, definitely not. Thin condoms are no more likely to break than other condoms. Do thin condoms work well? Yes, absolutely!

Benefits of Thin Condoms

Not only are thin condoms just as effective as thicker ones, but they also come with a whole bunch of perks!

Thin and ultra-thin condoms are made from thinner than average latex (or other materials). One of the biggest benefits of thin condoms is that they allow for more sensation, pleasure, and intimacy, and are just as safe as their thicker counterparts. The right thin condoms can make you and your partner forget you’re even using one!

LELO HEX™ Condom

Finding the Best Thin Condoms

Still looking for the perfect thin condom? We’ve got you covered!

The engineering team at LELO has worked tirelessly to design a condom that goes above and beyond so that you can reap all the benefits with none of the worries.

Our HEX Original Condoms have a unique inner hexagonal cell structure designed to bend and expand for the perfect fit, no matter your shape. Welcome to the hexagonal revolution!

Working with extra large equipment? Don’t worry, we’ve taken our OG condoms and supersized them The HEX Respect XL large condoms offer the same strength, flexibility, and durability as the originals in a larger size. 

These ultra-thin latex condoms are a mere 0.045 mm, yet are strong enough to keep you safe and protected during sex. The textured inside creates the perfect fit, helping to reduce slippage and improve grip. They’re lightly lubricated with a neutralized scent, but are great when paired with our water-based Personal Moisturizer, Neutral Water-Based Lubricant, or Hyaluronic Acid Personal Lubricant – which can also be used with your favorite toy *wink, wink*.

Good Condom Habits

  • Do not use expired condoms
  • Store them in a cool, dry place
  • Properly put on condoms using a rolling technique
  • Carefully remove them immediately after ejaculation
  • Use the right size condom
  • Only use silicone or water-based lube instead of oil-based ones that can break down latex

To find the right size condom, you may want to try the “toilet paper roll” method. This involves measuring your erect penis in an empty toilet paper tube. If you have plenty of space you’ll likely need a small condom, if you have just enough room a medium condom, and if the tube is tight you’ll need a large condom. Many brands also offer sizing guidance that doesn’t involve toilet paper rolls!

Condoms are essential for protecting you and your partner against the transmission of STIs and preventing unwanted pregnancy. Finding the right ones shouldn’t be complicated. You don’t have to compromise comfort for durability. I promise you you can have your cake and eat it too!