Green Light – An Erotic Story

The following lesbian erotic story is inspired by the work of Thais Duthie, whose work you can read in Spanish here. This adaptation is a classic piece of autoerotica: automobile erotica, that takes us back to younger days of lust by the dashboard light…

It was already a really wonderful day.

Zero problems at work – they even brought my coffee the way I liked it: lots of foam, brown sugar. The weather had finally taken a turn for the cooler, and my driving lessons were going smoothly.

I was shifting into second gear, preparing to enter the roundabout but all the while thinking of the pizza I’d order for myself later. Deciding between four cheese or meat lover’s – or maybe even combining the two – I pondered out loud to my instructor.

What do you think, Iris?

As if the day wasn’t already wonderful enough, today’s driving lesson paired me with Iris, my favourite instructor, who didn’t seem to mind the two missed traffic lights from earlier, caused by me peeking at her instead of fully focusing on the road. She was probably just happy to have a student close to her own age, rather than an annoying teenager, but I still loved her company. 

 What I am thinking is; if you can pull off this parking maneuver in less than two minutes, I’ll buy you a beer.

Consider it done.

I followed this assurance with a wink because, aside from those two missed reds, my heart similarly skipped when she looked at me that way.

One beer turned into three beers and a shared plate of fries, and I followed up her offer of a ride home with something like ‘Sure, but only because it means more time with you.’Even though I didn’t need the ride home, I had to say yes.

We spent about half an hour parked in front of my apartment building, me in the passenger seat, her straddled over my lap, relentlessly kissing my neck while her hands massaged my breasts over the thin fabric of my t-shirt.

It had all happened so fast that I still hadn’t reacted beyond the obligatory groping of her ass, probably because for the entire time we spend together during driving lessons, it’s one part of her that I can’t explore visually aside from her getting in and out of the car. But here I was, feeling it for myself, getting a tactile appreciation of her ass while she thrust her hips and I swear it wasn’t the only thing driving me crazy at that point. It was a sensory overload.

And just when I was thinking that the day couldn’t be any better, Iris takes her lips from mine for a second to take off her tank top, throwing it in the back seat as if to say she won’t be needing it for a while. No way would I ever complain, but I’d have liked a bit of warning I guess to stop myself hyperventilating. When I noticed she saw me so dumbstruck, all of my blood rushed to my cheeks in a cartoonish blush.

How embarrassing.

You’d think that I’d be prepared for her to unclasp her strapless bra, doing so in one swift motion causing it to fall between us as her breasts fell free but no, that’s when I was really having trouble finding my breath. I swear that I tried to take my eyes off of her breasts – her rosy red nipples, more precisely – but they were very welcoming, beckoning me to them.

 Come on, I know you’re dying to…

Not sure what she was about to say before my lips landed on her warm skin. Immediately I found myself between her breasts, refraining from focusing on her nipples at least for a moment – to torture her or me, I don’t know.

But almost as quickly, my mouth found her right nipple, licking and nibbling, alternating suction and guiding myself only by her moans.

I was hesitant to move on to the left nipple, thinking it would hasten my time with her gorgeous breasts – there are only two of them after all – but I gathered my courage and went for it. I felt her nipple harden in my mouth as she let a loud moan when I bit down for the first time. Her hands in my hair, she guided me, pulling me closer to her body.


She startled me, pulling me from my arduous task. If she had spoken up before, I don’t think I would have heard her, as engrossed as I was. My voice came out enraptured and vulnerable, simply saying ‘what?’ gave away how much of a poor victim of arousal I’d become.

 Let’s go upstairs. I want to play with your ass.

She whispered these intentions into my ear, punctuating the statement with a bite to my earlobe that caused me to moan deeply.


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