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LELO Q&A: Cleaner, Safer Sex Toys

It’s time to hear from LELO’s Swedish wellbeing experts from Wellness Magazine once again! Today’s topic? Why and how to keep your sex toys spic and span.
Let’s let Christel from Stockholm take us away!


I’m keen on purchasing a sex toy, but I heard you get yeast infections from using them. Is this true, or is it just a myth?  Are there any specific sex toys one should be aware of to avoid this problem?

Thanks for the help!



Dear Christel,

While we won’t list specific sex toys to avoid, there are some characteristics that all safe sex toys have in common.

Always read the packaging and see what material the toy is made from – you want something non-porous, and therefore easy to clean effectively with the least amount of bacteria left on the surface – so items made from glass, stainless steel, and silicone are the best way to go.

No matter what material your toy is made from, proper care still needs to be taken to keep it completely safe for use. Cleaning your sex toys before and after each time you use it will do wonders when it comes to keeping your body safe, and also for the lifespan of your intimate item.

If thoroughly cleaning a toy before and after enjoyment sounds like a chore, there are easy-on solutions such as LELO Cleaning Spray that can be applied directly to the toy and then simply rinse your toy in water after five seconds. It’s a formula that’s strong on germs and bacteria, yet is softened with zinc salts to avoid irritating even the most sensitive skin.