Make-up Sex: DOs and DON’Ts

Make-up Sex: DOs and DON'Ts

You know those times when you’re in an argument with your partner, when they’re being obtusely adamant, not budging on their (probably wrong) opinion and being frustratingly stubborn to the point where you just want to… have sex with them?

Sure, we’ve all been there, and some relationship experts agree that what we commonly call “make-up sex” (as opposed to the more formal ‘making-up sex’) is a healthy part of reconciling differences. But rather than just going directly from battle to bed, we’re suggesting some guidelines be followed for the best outcome from your post-fight freakiness.

DO finish the fight before the fun begins

Use the sex you’re about to have as a ‘sealing the deal’ gesture that punctuates the end of the fight, not as something you use as a conflict resolution in and of itself. A temporary fix will only compound the problem when it rears its head in the future, as these things tend to do.

DON’T overdo it

Make-up sex may be awesome, but everything good must be enjoyed in moderation. If you do find however that fighting and make-up sex is the only way you and your partner share intimacy, it’s perhaps time to examine your relationship a little more closely.

DO use make-up sex to reconnect with your partner

Make-up sex is a great way to not only get out some of that pent-up frustration you feel in a constructive way, but also to reassert your feelings for the one closest to you – even if it was all their big dumb stupid-face fault to begin with.

DON’T bring up their misdeed mid-deed

If you’ve got one more grievance that needs airing, or if you have one of those ‘I wish I would have said…’ realizations in the heat of the moment, now is certainly not the right time for that. This advice also extends to the subject matter you choose to use in your dirty talking – just wait until the post-coital bliss part of the coitus to bring it up – they’ll be all ears at that point.

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