neck fetish

Breathing Down Someone’s Neck… in a Good Way! The Neck Fetish, Explained

There are a number of different things that can float one’s boat. We may not always find it arousing ourselves, but as long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual, hey… you do you! 

neck fetish

And so, we present to you: the neck fetish. A seemingly innocent part of the body that can really get one’s motor running…

What is a Neck Fetish?

A neck fetish is when one is sexually aroused or interested in the part of the body that is the neck. Usually it is the neck of someone else, and it is often the female neck that tends to be more desired. 

Now you may be thinking, “Well, wait… I really like necks… kissing, licking, and caressing. Do I have a neck fetish?” Let’s dive into what a fetish actually is, shall we?

What is a Sexual Fetish?

A sexual fetish is when one becomes sexually excited in response to an object or body part that’s not normally sexualised, such as shoes, feet…or the neck. And usually those with a sexual fetish require their preferred fetish in order to become aroused and reach climax.

For example, one may hold, smell, rub, or taste an object or body part, or ask their partner to wear or use an object, whilst masturbating.

Anything can be considered a fetish, making a list of fetishes impossible to define. The most common fetishes include the feet, and specific body features such as obesity, piercings, tattoos, and hair. 

There’s also a big inclination for some to fetishise items of clothing like stockings, skirts, or shoes, as well as items of a particular material. Leather, rubber, or latex, for example.

A fetish isn’t categorised as a disorder, and can simply be an utterly arousing way in which to get closer to oneself and their partner. However, if a fetish causes intense and lasting distress, it could be considered a disorder.

According to Richard Krueger, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University:

“Whether somebody is doing this by themselves or with a partner, if they’re happy with it, then it’s not an issue. When it’s a disorder, it feels out of control. Someone might disappear from work or home to practice their fetish in secret.”

Kenneth Rosenberg, MD, psychiatry professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, also weighed in on the topic and said:

“As long as everyone agrees, then chances are, no one is getting hurt in a way that is extreme or permanent, and everyone’s happy with what’s happening.”

His example of a fetish being a disorder includes one saying something like: “You can sleep in the other room, just leave me your shoes.”

Alas, we digress from the topic… neck fetishes.

Why Do Some Fetishise the Neck?

It’s true that the neck is a vulnerable part of the body that’s extremely sensitive, making it a delicate and sensual area. Not just that, but people, mostly women, tend to adorn their neck with different kinds of jewellery and/or scarves, and some have their neck covered by their long hair. 

All of these things can lead one to be aroused at the thought of uncovering (like undressing) the bare neck. Just like we eroticise our intimate areas because they are hidden by clothes, it is roughly the same notion when it comes to the neck.

Other reasons why the neck may be the object of one’s affection is that they like to examine the skin, blue veins, and the muscles that pop or move as the head turns. 

The curves, softness, and scent of one’s neck too plays a role in this fetish. With that, some who have a neck fetish may bite or suck their lover’s neck to give them love bites as proof of their adoration.

The Neck is an Erogenous Zone

Perhaps you haven’t got a neck fetish, nor do you know anyone who does, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the neck is a well-known erogenous zone

The nape of the neck is loaded with nerve endings. This means that even the smallest of touches, licks, or kisses has the power to give one goosebumps and an increased level of arousal. 

With this, it’s not all that hard to see why some have a neck fetish. One may love to tease their partner by gliding the skin with their fingertips, kissing or biting the neck, or engaging in (light) choking during sexual activity.

The Link Between a Shaved Head & Neck Fetish

Earlier mentioned, covering one’s neck with long hair and having it appear to be ‘naked’ once removed can be a huge turn on for those who have a neck fetish. But there too can be an attraction to both men and women who have a shaved head, exposing their neck, which is usually more tanned than their scalp. This change in skin tone can certainly have erotic connotations.

One artist, Maghina, created a series of photographs that placed emphasis on the neck by manipulating their model’s (or lover’s) hairstyle.

The images do not show the model’s face, only (eventually) the back of the neck, allowing us to see how their hairstyle changes over the course of the photoshoot. 

This lets us know that their hair has been manipulated throughout the shoot, outside of a hair salon, which indicates a big level of trust and intimacy. The series then beholds a fully exposed neck, as the hair has been shaved.

The objective of Maghina’s work is not made clear, but it does show the physical intimacy involved with being so close to another’s neck… the kind of intimacy that usually only takes place during sleep or sexual activity. 

With that, it’s clear that there are many reasons why a neck fetish may be entirely erotic. And because we’re such wonderfully diverse humans, it’s almost quite romantic to realise just how beautiful the neck really is, wouldn’t you agree?