no words erotic story

No Words – An Erotic Story

Somehow in the tossing of my sleep I manage to face away from him now, only to be woken up slightly by his subconscious movement to spoon my body. In this moment my senses are heightened.

The heat being exchanged between our bodies reminds me of our physical dispositions, tall and strong and intertwined within one another. I can feel his flaccid cock against my ass cheeks and the innocence of this situation starts bringing me into a hazy imagination of not-so-innocent thoughts. 

For just one moment, I grind my ass further against him to see if it is enough to wake him primally. He’s still mostly asleep, but the movement stirs him enough to run his hand from my knee to my inner thigh which is enough to make me consider interrupting our precious sleep.

But I’ve got something precious too. I move his hand to my panties so that his fingers are resting against the top of my clit. He begins to wake and realize where his body parts have landed. To be sure of my intentions, he nudges my thighs apart from one another to see if I’ll reciprocate. And I do.

Just as quickly as his hand moves away from the top of my panties, he firmly grips my hips and pulls them closer to him. At the same time I let out a slight gasp. He knows the thought of fucking sideways drives me crazy.

Now that he’s asserted that my body will be taken care of tonight, his hand moves back to my panties. I’m already wet. He slowly traces his middle finger on top of my panties down the entirety of my pussy. Even in this darkness, I see stars. 

As he begins to rub, I guide his fingers underneath the waist of my panties and adjust my body so that my back lies flush with the mattress. This allows me to open my thighs as his fingers touch my wet pussy for the first time tonight.

I grab his cock, which is stiffly pitching a tent in his boxers, and I can feel a drop of precum on the light cotton that is restricting it. As I go to grab beneath his waistband, he slips one finger inside my pussy. I can’t help but buck my head back into the pillow. This is so much better than a wet dream. 

The pace of pleasuring one another becomes quicker, and although we aren’t saying anything, there is much to be heard with our bodies. He occasionally slips his fingers out to rub my clit with the wetness of my hole, and I can feel his cock already pulsating in my hand. I know it’s go time for me as much as it is for him.

I flip back on my side and with his cock grasped firmly in my hand, rub it once slowly from the top of my clit to the rim of my asshole, to make sure that the tip is drenched in my pussy fluids. 

He can’t take it any longer. He grabs hold of his own cock and rubs it back and forth against my clit, stopping at my pussy hole to tease the fuck out of me. Now I can’t take it any longer. The next time he tries to tease me, I back my ass up so that his cock glides inside my warm pussy.

We both let out a shrill and continue to breath heavy with each deepening thrust. He reaches around and continues to rub my clit as he penetrates me from behind, making sure I’m also taken care of. As this goes on for another few heightening minutes, I can’t help but sink my fingernails into his forearm.

I suddenly realize how firmly I am grasping him and let go of the pressure to move my hand on top of his hand to feel him rubbing my clit. He kisses the back of my shoulder up along my neck, and I realize at this point we haven’t even kissed yet. 

I turn my head and make my way towards his lips and we graze each other’s tongues. As we kiss more and more intensely he begins to fuck me harder. I’m having trouble kissing back because of the pleasure that is forcing me to moan. He is completely indulged in my pleasure and my orgasm is edging.

He knows this well and moves his hand from my clit to underneath my t-shirt, expanding his hand to play with both my nipples at the same time. They are already hard and my pussy is engorged and ready for ecstasy. 

As I climax, I pulse throughout my entire body and he slows down his fuck to feel my muscles tighten around his thickening cock. I have reached heaven on earth. He can’t hold back and pumps faster as my pussy continues to contract.

He can feel everything and quickly pulls out his cock to cum all over my bare ass. I force my tongue back in his mouth and kiss him as he continues to pulsate.