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A Ride With Her Husband – An Audio Erotic Story

“Go get ‘em, babe,” Tina’s husband said and patted her butt.

Walking down the steps of the front porch, she glanced back over her shoulder. Doug stood in the doorway. His face was plastered with the grin of a boy who was promised ice cream.

Yet a bit of concern was set deep in Tina’s stomach. It almost weighed down each of her steps. This conundrum was causing it all. She was shy about taking this ride. At the same time, she was as excited to please her husband. Pleasing him turned her on, so the whole ride was a mix of emotions.

She slid into the backseat of a nondescript four-door that was idling in the driveway.

“Good evening. Hope you’ve had a good day,” the driver said.

“I have, yes.” Tina gulped.

As if his comment was only a nicety, he looked passed her and through the rear window to back up.

The driver was a twenty-something guy who had on a Lakers ball cap backward, wore a polo shirt and had dark eyes. Thankfully, he wasn’t an obvious freak or a guy who never showered or even an old man, balding with hair growing in his ears. This guy would make the escapade easier. If only a little.

They drove off.

Tina considered the driver decent looking, clean-cut. Honestly, he was as nondescript as his car. But tonight wasn’t about finding a gorgeous guy to fawn over. She was doing this for her husband. Strange, she had always thought, but he loved it. Before the first time, he had begged her to, at least, attempt this. He had said, “You’ll love it, I’ll love it. We’ll, well, love it together but separately.”

Tina touched the headrest of the passenger seat. “You know where I’m going, right?”

“I have the address. Looks like you’re headed to 558 Berry Street. That’s right, isn’t it? I don’t know what’s at that location though.”

“Yes.” Her throat tightened, feeling it choke her. “Yes, it is.”

The driver nodded. “Temperature in the car to your liking? I can turn it up or down. Just tell me.”

“It’s fine.”

Once out of her neighborhood, he sped up and focused on his ride. She understood drivers knew their quality as a good driver and getting the passenger to the destination fast impacted favorability ratings and, maybe, boost tips.

Tina clasped her hands around the small smartphone in her lap. She shifted in the seat and straightened her back as if in the presence of royalty. But in fact, she was garnering mental strength and building resolve.

The lovely woman was quiet for a few minutes, staring out of the window. Houses, trees, cars, sped by. Overhead streetlights cast odd shadows. Oncoming headlights made the darkness darker. She saw nothing really. All the while, she kept solidifying her fervor.

Moving ahead with her plan, she finally asked for his name.


“How long have you been driving?”

“Since about 8 this morning. A long day.”

She grinned. “I mean, how many—”

“Oh, how long.”

She smiled again but this time just to herself. She realized she would find out “how long”.

“It’s been about three years. A nice gig. Lets me work when I want and how much I want. Need more, work more. No bills due, work less.”

“Good.” The only response she could muster.

The two were silent for a moment. He drove. And she continued her task. She moved stealthily. She slipped the mount around her phone and moistened the suction. Then she stuck it to the window beside her. The driver didn’t notice. He kept his eyes on the road.

Now was when she dragged in a chest full of air. She touched the phone and immediately her husband appeared in video as a silent face. She knew he was hungry, salivating, his heart thumping, and his body pulsating. The man was so obvious even through a phone. She changed the screen to black, inconspicuous. Or as much as it could be. Then she began Step Two. The first button.

She undid that top button and the second button of her dark, short-sleeve blouse. Her cleavage appeared and became more obvious. She paused to breathe. A wave of fear and excitement whooshed through her. There was a tingle at the base of her neck and a heat that covered her scalp. She glanced toward the phone. He was there, probably panting, dick out, long and hard.

She undid the next button and the next. She cleared her throat. Logan looked in his rearview mirror. His eyes brightened when he noticed her, but his eyebrows scrunched, as if in confusion.

Tina continued slowly and sensually. The next button and the next. Finally, she fully opened her blouse. She spread her arms. One rested on the back seat. The other ran through her long, shimmering hair, casting it over the shoulder.

“Logan,” she asked, “are we picking up anyone else?”

He gulped. “No interruptions. I have gone off-duty.”

“Good.” She dragged out the word, as if letting a deep intent linger on the tip of her tongue.

In a dim parking lot, he stopped beneath a large tree. The car was cast in an awkward night-shade of the fabricated sunlight, much like what was happening inside the car. The broad tree, the orange streetlights, and the silvery moon were the best he could do for the lovers’ lane experience. If he knew, to Tina, simply the interior of the car was the ambiance needed.

“Come back here,” she told him. “I want my bra off.”

“Anything for a customer.”

In a quick succession, she heard his seatbelt unlock, front door open and close, and the rear door open and close. She pressed herself against the passenger door and spread her legs to welcome him close. He had no question what she wanted. However, he didn’t know her husband wanted this most of all.

Logan started to reach toward her back to unsnap the bra. She redirected his hands to the front clasp. She smirked, realizing he was young and enraptured or his vision too arrested by her lovely breasts cupped by the sheer fabric. She decided it was likely both. Nonetheless, she enjoyed the notion that she could confuse and control the mind of men, especially the man looking over her shoulder.

Like always, the release of her cooped-up tits was a pleasure all its own. However, being immediately seized by a vigorous mouth was another delight altogether.

Logan pressed her against the door, her head against the window, as he consumed her in full. Tina gave a deep guttural release, both from the pressure and in the savor. She flicked off his cap. It landed on the floorboard by the brake pedal.

Logan’s lips moved across her chest. She fiddled with his brown hair. Her husband’s low pants came through the phone, almost into her ear. Tina let herself moan louder. Soon Logan too was giving his exhalations to the married couple’s unintelligible conversation of sighs and moans.

Resettling herself, one of Tina’s hands pressed into the cushiony interior roof, but the other moved down Logan’s chest to his cock.

“Take your dick out,” she whispered, although loud enough for her husband to hear. “I want to feel you.”

He obliged, letting her breasts settle for a moment. He unbuttoned his khaki shorts. Without waiting for him, Tina reached in. She found his dick covered by a small piece of fabric.

She was surprised and oddly humored. “A string bikini?”

“Fits me best.”

Feeling his girth, she said, “I think so.”

She moved the fabric aside to grasp the heated hardness. Her hand slid down further to cup his balls. They hanged low. She thought of a grocery bag carrying cantaloupes. She needed to go to the grocery store in a few days.

Feeling her massages, Logan stiffened his back, his neck stretched, his head bumped the roof. A soft approval passed through his tightened lips.

She tickled his scrotum and gently dragged her nails along the tender flesh. His eyes closed, eyebrows arched. His face was plastered with joy.

She slid her hand to his erection and piddled with the swollen head. Clasping it and pulling as if popping off the cap from a Pam cooking spray bottle. Another purchase she needed from the store.

He jolted at the attention. She giggled at the reaction she was bringing out of him. He, like other men, were so easy to please.

She let go of him and shifted. They both moved, so her head was set on the arm rest of the door, her lower back on the seat, and her feet spread wide as they pressed into the roof. Her left foot on the rear window, the right foot on the dome light.

Her fingers snatched the hair on his head and pulled him deep between her legs.

“My turn,” she said flatly.

He tugged her panties aside. “Your turn.”

And he planted his face into her pussy. Immediately, the fast flutter of his tongue forced her body to twist and up her pulse. Another tingle hit her spine and split. One part spread to the base of her neck and the other went to the deepest parts of her pelvis. The tingle even made her toes curl.

“Fuck, boy,” she winced out the words. She thought of her husband. He liked to hear her speak. In spite of the pleasure contorting her mouth, she spoke as best as she could. “You seeing this, Doug? Better be …  liking … liking it.”

The driver stopped briefly. “Doug? It’s Logan. And I am liking it.”

After the moment’s pause, he was buried between her legs again. Tina was silent, trying to regain her thoughts in this deluge of sweat and sex.

“He’s licking so good,” she muttered. “Not stopping, getting close. How close are … you?”

Logan paused his stimulation briefly. She probably sounded odd, saying strange things, as if talking to a ghost or a second voice in her head. But with his face still smashed against her wet pussy, his nose drawing in the wet scent and even his dick getting a definite fuck soon to come, she figured wording and phraseology and even ghosts did not matter to Logan. He just continued to drag his tongue up and around, suctioning her lips.

She enjoyed his smooth face rub against her shaved body. It was youth meeting maturity.

His work caused a prickle to form deep inside of her and surge to her belly. It grew stronger and greater. She was caught in this initial swirling of orgasmic energy.

Tina grabbed his hair again to raise his fabulous tongue off of her. Logan tried to reach for another graze over her. But another touch might send her over the edge, and she wanted to hold out. She took a moment to breath.

“Your pussy tastes good,” he said to Tina whose eyes were closed.

Logan leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the lips. She opened her eyes.

“Not tasted anything that sweet in a long time,” he said.

“How long?”


She smiled. “Kiss me again. I want a kiss.”

He gladly leaned in. They made out against the door, twisting their heads side to side. Tongues playfully patted the other, danced in an easy waltz, then flicking wildly.

Tina pulled back. “Fuck me. Let me feel your cock. He wants it too.”

“I know he does,” Logan said.

Tina’s thoughts straightened for a moment. Did he realize someone was watching them?

“He’s been waiting.” Logan stroked his hard dick. “Been waiting for a while now.”

Tina relaxed again. He knew nothing.

Logan shoved down his clothes and maneuvered between her open legs.

Resting his core on her back thighs, he penetrated her juicy cunt.

Tina gasped at the initial thrust. He wasn’t bigger than her husband. Instead, every guy is different, unique, enjoyable. Tina liked the feel of a narrow head to be followed by a thick length.

“Don’t stop down. Keep it up,” she urged. “I need this. He, we need it. You’re the only one right now. Take me.”

“I don’t know how to stop,” Logan said.

“Prove it, boy. Prove you’re a man who can fuck a woman right.” Her tone became a snarl, and her face tightened with the threat. Tina gouged her fingernails into his butt.

Logan worked his part of the threat. He rocked the car with the thrusts in the confined space. The shocks of the car began to squeak and shout. In a sense, the car began to compliment Logan on his stamina. Tina did too.

She winced and kept her nails gripped on his ass. Her body shook with the thud of each hard thrust from the young men above her. She eased and tightened in pace with the oncoming crashes against her.

The young man forced a change in her tone from a few moments ago. The snarl was gone. She morphed quickly into a whimpering girl, unsure if she felt pain from what was happening or if she loved it. The whole situation moved her, took her to a wonderful place on several planes at once. Her husband was watching. She had no doubt he was hard and stroking his dick fast. The driver over her had pleasure smeared all over his face. She felt the ram of a good dick. More than anything, she enjoyed being in the center of it all.

Logan became more ruthless. He had the snarl now. “Think you can handle any more of me, bitch,” Logan said.

She looked up. He wasn’t stopping and had no plan to even ease up.

“Come on. I can handle …” She couldn’t finish.

He rammed deep into her. The moans from earlier and the groans from a few minutes ago distorted into shouts and long heaves. He double-timed his punches and she screamed beneath him.

In their new fury, the windows fogged up, the heat mounted, and the same swirling orgasmic energy became more real and tense. Her legs cramped, and her lungs took in shorter, crisper gasps of oxygen, her hands grabbed his tense shoulders.

Neither one noticed the phone fall from the window and slide the under the passenger seat. He was a man in the middle of sex. Her body was awash with orgasm. Her mind went blank for a moment. Electrodes in her brain connected willy-nilly, letting pleasure control her, allowing in rushes and waves.

Then in this euphoric realm, she felt his shots of cum release inside of her. Her paradise spinning had a momentary pause. This was a new sensation, an innate sensation of an ancient matriarchal need accomplished. Procreation.

But reality came too. She felt the nondescript guy’s juices drool out of her and down onto the seat. She wasn’t supposed to let him cum in her. She wanted control of the whole situation because it was about Tina and Doug. She had lost it for a split second. She stared at the roof with the footprints pressed into it, a relic of the night.

Logan crawled out of the car. He stood, arms resting on the roof, and regained his senses. Tina remained inside to clean herself up. She was worried about everything, but was happy it had gone relatively smoothly. She had accomplished what she wanted. Doug must be happy too. He would shower her with kisses and his love.

Logan slid into the driver’s seat. As he started the car, Tina opened the back door.

“Let me sit up front. It’s messy back here.”

Logan patted the seat next to him.

He sped off to Berry Street. Her bag was in her lap. She fiddled with the leather handle, because she was ready to get out as soon as possible. In what seemed awkwardly forever, he pulled to the side of the road. 558 Berry Street—a bar, dimly lit with blacked-out windows.

Tina got out of the tiny car immediately. She was glad to escape the overheated interior for the gritty sidewalk.

Logan lowered the passenger window. He told her, “No tip, please. You’ve done enough.”

She offered another quick smirk. Then she patted her handbag to be sure she had her phone and then she turned.

“Wait! Ma’am,” he called out.

His voice made her back stiffen, as if hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. She slowly looked back.

He was bent sideways, stretching the seatbelt, and leaning to the passenger window.

“Can I have your underwear?” he asked.

Tina stared at him. She understood that men want the weirdest things. Her husband having his request to listen to her with someone else. Now, the driver wanting her panties, which she had used to clean up his cum. Despite knowing the oddities that are men, just hearing the requests still befuddled her.

Her lips were slightly curled. “Really?” she asked. 

“Oh, yes, most definitely.”

“They’re messy.”

“All the better.”

“I don’t have another pair to wear.”

“Were you going to wear them again?”

“What are you going to do with them?” she asked. She wasn’t depriving him. Instead, she was speaking aloud her befuddlement.

“A memento for me,” he reassured. “Tomorrow I may believe this was only a dream.”

“I cleaned up with them,” she said again.

He didn’t relent. “Please?”

His please confirmed his immaturity.

Nevertheless, she dug into an outside pocket of her handbag. Taking the flimsy nylon—the synthetic fabric—and unexpectedly touching a lingering gooiness, she flung them through the window. They landed on his steering wheel.

“Enjoy them.”

“No doubt.”

She wondered if he’d be sniffing them, shooting another load into them, or hanging them from his rearview mirror.

Walking away, she felt the drying of sex and stimulation between her legs. She also had no support to keep her ass in place as she walked. She feared her cheeks wobbled too much.

The car sped away.

In the bar, she sipped a beer. She reached into her handbag to call her husband. However, she didn’t find her phone.

She cursed under her breath, searching each pocket. Then she dug faster and dredged the deepest parts. Nothing.

She feared it was still in the car. She borrowed the phone at the bar. Soon Doug was there to pick her up. He hugged her tightly. He didn’t care about the lost phone, saying he’d buy her a new one.

He was on a high after what he had just watched.

“That was amazing to see. My heart was pumping so fast. I was worried about having a heart attack! Man, he really had the gusto. How was it for you?”

“Better than I thought, especially now that I know you’re pleased. It was a unique experience.”

“What was his name again?”

“Logan. But that doesn’t matter. I just need your name.” She pushed her head against Doug’s strong shoulder, and he stroked her hair. She found peace again. Being by the man she loved was as good as the peak the driver had taken her to.