Review Roundup: ORA 2 Oral Sex Simulator

An improved version of the first ever sex toy to win a prestigious Cannes Lions design award, ORA 2 has an enhanced pleasure nub rotates and vibrates, like a tongue, but better! It uses revolutionary SenseTouch™ technology that uses increased pressure against your body equal increased power – but don’t just take our word for it, read these rave reviews!



LELO Ora 2 Oral Sex Simulator Review

I decided to test the Ora and the Ora 2 side by side, to see how the two products compared. The difference was huge. The nub on the Ora 2 produced a much more noticeable flicking sensation as it rotated over my clit and the most exciting part was that I could feel it stimulating deeper into my clitoral tissue. “

“I think the Ora 2 is a great upgrade on the original version and I have to say, I do enjoy the sensations it provides. This really surprised me, because I am a power seeker, who tends to favour pin-point and powerful vibrations. However, when it comes “


This clitoral vibrator mimics oral sex (and has even won an award for it)

My favourite bit was the machine seemed to know what I liked more of, like a real-life lover. That’s because this oral sex vibrator now comes with what LELO have called a ‘Unique SenseTouch Technology’ which means that sensors in the surface detect subtle movements you’re making and react with increased intensity of the swirling tongue and its vibrations. Without you doing anything to the dials. This is quite surprising at first as I was thinking, ‘Oh Gosh, I can’t control this thing.’ But I quickly relaxed into it and learned to trust it and let it do its thing, just like real life I guess.”

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The ORA 2 fitted perfectly in my hand and was comfortable to hold as its very light. Because of the built-in sensetouch technology it was easy for me to find a setting i liked, get into position then not have to move.

The feeling this little toy gives are similar to oral sex, not in a flicking action but a firmer circular motion. Close your eyes and it can definitely pull that particular technique off a treat. I actually really get off to this type of circular motion on my clitoris, so i already knew before it arrived that i was going to like it, it would really come down to how much.”



LELO ORA 2 Oral Sex Simulator

I must say that I enjoyed the feeling of the nub circling or moving back and forth over my clit, it’s a great feature. It doesn’t feel like a tongue does though as it is too hard for that but it is pleasant and unique none the less.”

I enjoyed experimenting with the programs and there must be something for everyone there. My favourite was setting 8 with the nub moving back and forth over my clit, that feels amazing and I always end up selecting this setting when I am ready to orgasm.”

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Written by: Katy Thorn

Katy Thorn
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