watching soccer better than sex

2 in 5 People Would Rather Watch Soccer Than Have Sex

A survey by LELO discovered that, contrary to common belief, men are rarely inclined to turn down sex to watch soccer… even in the dawn of the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar this winter.  

A poll of 11,000 supporters worldwide shows that only 20% will say ‘no’ to their other half so they can watch the football instead, and would go celibate to see their team win the championship. Also, one in five thinks their significant other is a football widow.

51% would have sex even though soccer is on TV, 8% would have a quickie, and 8% would position themselves so that they can see the TV while having sex, the survey claims. As reassuring as that is, a quarter of the participants claim they would be thinking of football during sex. And one in three participants admitted they occasionally come up with a white lie so they could watch football.

When asked if soccer is more important than sex:

lelo sex or soccer survey

Losing interest in sex from time to time is common, and libido levels vary throughout life. It’s also normal for your sex drive to not match your partner’s sometimes. While only one in five would choose football over sex, 45% of those surveyed say their team winning a game would make them horny. Others claim they would be affected by their team losing – 41% would lose interest if their team lost, and 25% would want to have sex even  more following their team losing.

“It’s commonly believed that people, men, in particular, will forget about everything during the World Cup, including their better halves. The survey conducted by LELO addressed a common sex myth that sports decrease desire. This survey says that sex still is a priority, and it makes sense since we all are emotional, sexual beings that need love, attention and affection.” says Luka Matutinović, LELO CMO.