sex in the office

Sex in the Office — Taboo or Totally Normal?

They say that there are three topics to never talk about in the office – religion, politics, and sex. According to some data, even 71% of people believe that sex is a no-go topic in a professional environment. So, we shouldn’t talk about sex in the office. But how about doing it instead of talking about it

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Why is Sex in the Office So Hot?

Social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller surveyed over four thousand people on their sexual fantasies, and he found that there are seven most common fantasies people share. Even 58% of Americans report interest in experiencing something considered taboo and forbidden in our society. Also, 68% of people reported fantasizing about trying out new, adventurous things in the bedroom (or outside of it). 

Sex in the office falls under both sexual fantasy categories. It’s taboo because workplaces usually have rules that forbid employees from engaging in any sexual activities, and in general, it’s an activity that’s frowned upon. And it fits in with the novelty and adventures because it entails having a sexy adventure somewhere new and outside the limits of your bedroom or home. 

But How Real is the Fantasy?

Okay, so we know that many people fantasize about having sex in the office and that it’s a normal sexual fantasy to have. But how does reality match fantasy – do people really engage in risky office sex IRL? According to the Australian dating site The Elite Singles, quite a few people are having sex at work.  

In their survey, they asked 115 members whether they had ever had sex in a workplace. 50% of men and 24% of women said they had engaged in sexy, steamy office sex before. So, while the number of people engaging in this fantasy is not as high as that of people who fantasize about it, the numbers show that people are interested and willing to experiment. 

So, is Sex in the Office Worth It?

The answer to this question highly depends on everyone individually. People share their stories of the best (and worse) office sex online, and everyone’s experiences and opinions on it vary. 

However, if we put the steamy fantasy aside and look at the act of having sex in the office from the pragmatic point of view, then there are things to consider before you decide to bring your sexual fantasy to life. There are consequences for having sex in your workplace. And depending on where you work and what rules your workplace has, it can vary from mild to serious.

It Might Compromise Work Relationships

If you decide to have sex with a co-worker on the fly, after pulling an all-nighter to finish a project, or worse – if you give in to the heat of the moment and have sex with your boss, your relationships at work can get complicated. 

In the case of a co-worker, you both might regret the decision the next day, and things can be awkward. With your boss, there might be a weird power imbalance that you’ll have to navigate during office hours, and it can put a lot of strain on your professional life. 

You Might Damage Your Reputation

Benjamin Franklin said that “three may keep a secret if two are dead,” and he meant that you’re the only person you can 100% trust. People talk and gossip, and they do it in their workplaces. If someone finds out about your little affair and the gossip reaches your co-workers, it might damage your reputation, which can cause a plethora of other problems down the line. 

If the gossip of you being the person to have sex at work reaches your boss, it can lead to them not taking you seriously. When it comes to promotions and big projects, your boss might decide to go with someone who has a better reputation. And all of it can damage your career in the long term. 

And the rumors are not going to leave you even if you change the workplace. Usually, your new employer will call your ex-employer to learn more about you when you get a new job. And if your ex-boss decides to share the rumors with your new boss, your poor reputation will travel to your new workplace with you.

You Might Lose Your Job

Worst-case scenario, you might lose your job if you engage in sexual activity in the office. Every workplace has its own rules on office romance and sexual encounters amongst employees. Humans develop relationships with people they work with. It’s natural. And most places will allow it. 

However, the chances are that your workplace has a strict rule against any sexual activity on the premises. And if you accidentally forget to be careful in the heat of the moment and get caught, you risk getting fired for breaking the official rules.

What if You Really Want to, But Can’t?

If you want to experiment with your sexual fantasies in real life and office sex is one of those fantasies, but you’re not brave enough to risk your career, the hope is not lost. Consider roleplaying.

No doubt, the easiest, safest, and most comfortable way to bring your sexual fantasy to life is roleplaying. You can speak with your partner about the sexual fantasy you have and plan a way to bring that fantasy to life in a way that won’t compromise your career.

You can go all out and dress up and even rent an office for one night if you have the means and the time to do so. Or, you can simply make do at home by setting up your office or a living room into a more office-like place.