dos and dont sex in water

The Dos and Don’ts of Having Sex in Water

So, you love (or love the idea of) having sex in water. Why not? Splashes of lust, partners engaging in all kinds of sexy tomfoolery. It’s a recipe for a variety of sultry indulgence. 

And while we’re big advocates of exploring new things and thinking outside of the box when it comes to sex, there are a few things to take note of if you’re enjoying sex in water.

Having Sex in Water: What’s the Appeal?

For one, sex in water can be a lot easier for some, as it makes the body appear weightless. It’s also a way for those with mobility or joint issues to be intimate with their partner with less pain or discomfort. 

And what about all the different bodies of water in which to have sex! Swimming pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, or even the ocean. A swimming pool, for example, gives you a lot more space to move around, which can be a big bonus in itself. 

And hot tub or bathtub sex, which many love, can be super erotic, especially on a cold winter’s night! Plus, the warm water is actually a benefit as it promotes blood flow and can induce a sense of relaxation. All good things when it comes to pleasurable sex.

On the other hand, there are a few things to be aware of if you’re planning to have sex in water. Consider this your safety and pleasure guide to having sex in water.

The Dos and Don’ts of Having Sex in Water

While there is no correct way to have sex in water, it’s better to follow some guidelines. 

For that reason, and for ultimate safety, here are some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to sex in water.

Sex in Water: Do!

No matter where you’re having sex in water, you should be cautious of potential falls or injuries.

You should also be cautious about drowning if you’re having sex in a pool or in the ocean (although sex in the ocean comes with a slew of other concerns, more on that later). This is especially true if you’re under the influence. 

For sex in a pool, we suggest doing it in a private pool—one that belongs to you, or one that the owner has given you the permission to use for your sexy session. It’s also important that onlookers cannot see you. And, when in the pool, it’s a good idea to make use of the steps, which can aid in comfort and safety. 

For sex in a hot tub, it’s important to take breaks from the water, as the warm temperature could cause dehydration. And, if you’re having intense sex, it’s a good idea to turn down the temperature. If one or both partners start to feel dizzy or unwell, they should definitely leave the hot tub.

For sex in open water, we suggest keeping your session on-shore to avoid the dangers of deep waters and the tides. You could also consider using a raft or a float, which could aid in comfort. And, as awkward as it may be, it might be a good idea to let someone know where you are in case of any accidents. 

For sex in the bathtub, there’s a lot of pleasure that can be experienced if you set up your space correctly. For example, make sure there are no objects around the tub that may fall into the water or cause any accidents. It’s also a good idea to have sex in a bathtub that has hand rails or bars to grab onto, not only to get in and out but to hold onto during your tryst. A bigger tub is also suggested to enhance comfortability, and adding in a bit of bath oils may also make things even more sexy. 

For sex in the shower, having an anti-slip mat and a bar or surface to hold onto is important. It’s easier than one may think to slip and fall in the shower during this kind of sexual encounter. Besides that, to enhance your experience, a detachable shower head has the power to really heat things up!

Having said that, here are a few general tips to consider when having sex in water:

  • Use a silicone-based lubricant to prevent dryness and irritation
  • Consider less risky places to have sex in water for your own safety
  • Discuss safety before having sex in water
  • Use a condom to reduce the spread of STIs and pregnancy 

Sex in Water: Don’t!

For sex in a pool, the risk of drowning is higher than in the bathtub, hot tub and shower. For that reason, couples should refrain from going into the deep end, no matter how confident you may feel about it. Also, if you’re having sex in a pool with chlorine, be aware of the drying effects that it has. It may cause irritation. And lastly, one big no no is to have sex or engage in oral sex with one’s head under water.

For sex in a hot tub, the temperature may be a selling point, but it could also pose possible threats. For example, if someone has a health condition such as heart disease, the water’s temperature could be unsafe by causing an irregular heartbeat. Additionally, it’s not safe for pregnant women to have sex in a hot tub as it can raise their temperature, which can be harmful for them and their baby.

For sex in open water, such as in the ocean, going far into the deep water is a no-go. The ocean is a powerful part of nature and when the current is strong, it could cause a number of issues including drowning. In fact, sex in open water is the most high risk type of sex in water you can have, not only for the reasons mentioned above, but also because the water may contain parasites. This could lead to water-related diseases. Additionally, we don’t suggest you have sex in open water as it is a form of public indecency. This could not only be traumatic for those who see you, but could also lead to legal charges.

For sex in the bathtub—even though it may not seem plausible, there is still a risk of drowning. This is why we suggest that both partners are sober during their bathtub sex experience. Also make sure that there’s nothing in the way of you perhaps slipping or bumping your head or body. Then, be aware that there is a risk of potential infections when submerged in open water for long periods of time. And while we did mention the idea of adding in bath oils, it’s important to know that doing so could pose a risk of getting a UTI (urinary tract infection). This is not because of the bath oils itself, but the movement of it into the vagina, for example, during sex. 

For sex in the shower, one should never use slippery oils as it could aid in falling and seriously harming oneself. Also, if you don’t have anything sturdy to hold onto, shower sex may not be the best idea. 

Having said that, here are a few general tips to consider when having sex in water:

  • Having sex in water still holds the risk of contracting STIs and it is possible to get pregnant in water
  • A condom does work in water, but be sure to put it on before getting into the water
  • Try to avoid public sex in water, as it could have negative consequences not only for you and your partner, but others too

Essentially, having sex in water can be a thrill unlike no other. And if you make use of these tips and tricks, you’ll surely have a fantastic sexual experience.