national bubble bath day

January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day! Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate it!

Did you know that January 8th is Bubble Bath Day? Yep! An entire day dedicated to warm, soapy, decadent baths that are sensual and entirely pleasurable. 

What’s not to love about a bath though? They’re great for a bit of self-care, can reduce levels of anxiety and calm the nervous system, they benefit your muscles, joints, and bones, and they moisturise the skin. 

And then, of course, adding a generous amount of bubble bath to your “me time” makes any experience that much more fun! Bubbles are youthful and enjoyable to play with, make your bath look even more lush, and can be quite erotic in the right setting.

Which is why we’re going to pay homage to the blissfully glorious day that is National Bubble Bath Day!

5 Ways to Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day

While we already know some of the benefits and perks to having a soak in the tub, here are five ways in which we could all celebrate National Bubble Bath Day this year. And if you don’t own a bathtub, perhaps it’s the perfect time for a little staycation?

1. Uninterrupted Time

Set aside at least one hour, away from your phone or stressors of the day, and grab some candles and your favourite bubble bath! January 8th is a day that’s all about you, and that’s reason enough to celebrate! 

Add in a glass of wine if you fancy, possibly a good book, or even your favourite waterproof sex toy, and make it an affair to remember.

2. Scented Scene

Did you know that there is immense power in scent? Certain smells can trigger a variety of emotions, from happiness to nostalgia, danger, and alertness. This is because the olfactory system is located in the same part of the brain that affects emotions, memory, and creativity. 

So when you choose to light a scented candle or use a bubble bath that has a stunning scent, you could, depending on the scent, be inviting feelings of enhanced relaxation, reduced stress, being energised, or even aroused. This is an excellent way to have an even better Bubble Bath Day!

3. Rose Petals

Using rose products, such as rose water or rose oil, has a super calming effect on the skin. It has the power to uplift one’s mood, and leaves you smelling great after. 

So, for an extra touch of luxury, why not add a few sexy rose petals into your bath? It’s the perfect opportunity to take a few snaps for Instagram, then climb in to be pampered with all of the wonderful benefits.

4. Masturbate!

Solo pleasure in the bath tub with bubble bath… this is exactly what you should be doing this National Bubble Bath Day! And today, it’s easier than ever to have all kinds of sexual euphoria given that almost all of our toys are waterproof! 

We think you’ll adore the ENIGMA dual vibrator, as it’ll shower you with blended orgasms whilst in the bath! Delicious clitoral stimulation using sonic waves, and a soft, silicone arm to bring you all sorts of G-spot sensations. 

For penis owners, the TOR 2 penis ring is all kinds of fun whether you’re playing solo or with a partner. It’s a penis ring that vibes just as you like it for exciting orgasms in or out of water. Indeed, both of these sex toys are 100 percent waterproof!

5. Bubbles with Bae

If you’ve got a partner, then why not get things wet and wild in the bath together? Make an absolute splash with bubbles everywhere and sex toys aplenty. The upside? There will be no clean up involved when it comes to whatever kind of sexy play time you choose to enjoy. The downside? You’ll have to worry about copious amounts of water spilling over as you writhe in ecstasy. 

Take a gander at our TIANI 3, a luxe couples’ massager that’s worn by her and enjoyed by both during penetrative sex. Or, if you want to feel like sheer royalty, the TIANI 24K Remote Controlled Luxury Couples’ Massager will have you melting in ecstasy. It’s another pleasure product that’s worn by her and enjoyed by both during penetrative sex, and is sealed with a 24 karat gold kiss. And yes, you guessed it! Both of these couples’ sex toys are 100 percent waterproof for the biggest and best Bubble Bath Day celebration yet.

Are you ready to check off your favourite Bubble Bath Day celebration activities on January 8th? Go on, you deserve a splash of passionate self-indulgence.