sleeping bag erotic story

Sleeping Bag – An Erotic Story

“Well, the weather is a bit underwhelming, isn’t it?” Boris asked looking at the sky and we both laughed heartily. But our situation didn’t really feel like a laughing matter. We were hiking a mountain range on a tour we planned for just for the two of us, a couple of seasoned outdoor enthusiasts. But now, we were dragging two half-frozen girls along. Under the weather conditions, we would soon have to admit it was an actual blizzard. We were three hours behind our projected pace.

“It will be pitch dark in half an hour, and the visibility is shit,” he said. “I don’t want to know what the wind is like… over there,” he motioned with his head and I knew exactly what he meant. I was determined to make the decision easier on him.

“The ridge is downright dangerous with the present wind speed, and it seems to be picking up. Even if we pass it, we’ll be heading Northeast with a frontal blizzard, risking getting lost in the dark. I fantasized about a cooked meal and a warm room in the mountain lodge. But at this point, we need to find an alternative solution,” I looked at him and he nodded with a heavy sigh.

There was no question about what we had to do, the mountain lodge we were heading towards was all but unreachable under the present conditions, but right below the ridge there was a shelter, built, I guess, exactly for this sort of situation. The two of us had been in this kind of situation before, but I knew Boris felt responsible for the girls. When we were planning the trip, he was single, but now he was in a fresh relationship and they both disliked the prospect of being away from each other for an extended weekend. So, they decided his girlfriend, Anna, would come along, and since she wanted to avoid the awkward third-wheel type of situations (on my or her part), she brought along a friend. Mia was a short-haired and cute, petite blue-eyed brunette who, I was quite disappointed to discover, was not single and had zero hiking experience. The weekend was piling disappointments for all of us, and Boris felt like he was in the center of the shitstorm.

The girls took the suggestion of spending a night at the shelter surprisingly well. At that point they must have been quite freaked out, and the prospect of getting away from the wind and snow in the foreseeable future sounded delightful.

The shelter, however, was not much to look at. It was made out of a shipping container brought there by a military helicopter decades ago. They cut out a window and a door, threw two wooden benches inside and labeled it a shelter, but at least it was dry inside and protected from the wind. Instead of that warm meal that I craved, we ate sandwiches and bananas.

“Light dinner aids pleasant sleep, along with our comfy beds,” I joked, slapping the rough bench. They all laughed, we were finally away from the elements and our spirits were picking up. Mia had some problems with the zipper on her sleeping bag and I offered to help her. I noticed she had a light bag for summer weather that would have been ok in a heated lodge, but with tin walls as the only thing separating us from the premature October blizzard, the bag was crap. To make matters worse, the zipper got stuck half way through and as I forcefully tried to release it, the damn thing snapped off. Now I felt like shit.

“I’m so sorry, please have mine instead,” I offered.

“No, it’s not your fault, the same thing would have happened to me anyway,” she insisted,”and if I take yours, what will you do?”

“Well it’s no problem I’ll just…” and I just stood there like a moron, holding her bag and realizing I had nothing smart to say.

Sleeping in a half closed summer sleeping bag was out of the question and it was soon obvious there was only one thing to do… two people would have to share a bag. The obvious thing would be for Boris and Anna, but Boris was a huge dude, barely fitting in a single sleeping bag as it is. Anna offered to share her bag, but it was both slim and borrowed, so that solution would also require a reshuffle of the bags. We were now all collectively striving to find the right combo.

“Look, we’re both thin, so the most reasonable solution is for the two of us to share your bag,” Mia turned to me, ”that is, if you will take me in.”

We all rolled our jackets up as pillows and padded our bunks with the spare clothes that we had. We used Mia’s broken bag to provide us some level of comfort against the wooden bench. The only way to stuff ourselves together in my bag was if I entered it first and closed the zipper half way through. Then she snuck in and closed the remaining zipper.

I tried to lay on my side to give her more room, but she could see I had little chance of sleeping like this and told me it was okay to put my arm around her. So there I was, spooning very tightly with a girl I had known for a very short time. It made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t somewhat exciting, and warm. I had been single for a long time and spooning with a warm and pleasant-smelling female reminded me of what I was missing in life. When we turned the flashlights off, we all talked for a bit before deciding it was time to sleep. The feeling of awkwardness was dissipating fast.

“All this happened so differently than planned. I feel responsible and I’m very sorry…” said Boris.

“No, the situation would have been very scary. But you guys are on top of this. It just feels like an adventure,” Anna cut him off.

“Yes, we feel safe with you guys,” Mia added, and as she did, she gently squeezed the wrist of my hand that was over her. The statement and the squeeze did something for me and I realized blood started rushing to a place where I didn’t really need it to go right now. I tried to hide my growing hardon from my bag mate by pushing my hips back as much as I could. But her ass slowly moved back and kept filling the gap. Soon, she was pressed against my erection which, understandingly, went into full on mode. It was out there now, there was nothing I could do to hide it, so I just laid perfectly still with awkwardness pumping heat into my cheeks. Then her ass moved against my dick in a motion I chose to interpret as a message, “It’s ok, don’t worry about it.”

Then it slowly moved again. Very subtle and slow movement of her hips took her butt up and down my dick. And again. She moved slow enough not to produce much sound against the background noise of wind and the sound of tin walls cracking in the cold. It was driving me crazy, and by then I was quite certain she was willingly playing with me, so I squeezed even more tightly against her body and she squeezed my hand in a tight grip.

I noticed the pace of her breathing quickened. She guided my hand underneath her fleece and t-shirt. I took her lead and snuck it inside, feeling her warm, smooth skin, and then traversed over her warm belly and the rib cage to find a couple of small but firm breasts. Her delightful tits were of just the right size to cup with a palm. The nipples went hard as soon as I touched them. I was trying hard to construct the image in my head from what they felt like palpated in the pitch dark. Trying to determine the size of her areolas, and imagine the possible color of the nipples against a probable whiteness of the area. Finally, I nested one of her breasts in my hand, gently squeezing the nipple between my middle and index finger.

I leaned over and put my tongue in her ear and as I did so, I felt a deeper breath rush into her lungs. She turned her head to the side and I managed to place a kiss on the side of her lips. We couldn’t kiss properly from the spooning position and were trying hard to avoid making any discernible rustling sounds. But she stuck her tongue out and the tops of our tongues played with each other. I could feel her unbuttoning her hiking trousers and I took that as an invitation to slowly slide my right hand into them, but my hand missed the path and ended up in the warm space between her panties and trousers.

We heard Anna move on the other bench and we froze. After the sounds of movement in the shelter subsided, my hand went in for a second attempt. It traveled over a little groomed patch of pubic hair that, for some reason, that I imagined was shaped like a heart. Once my hand found warm and moist folds in the very center of her arousal, she trembled. To reduce the rustling noise, I pressed my palm against the broad area of her clitoris and moved it up and down very slowly with a firm and steady pressure.

It seemed to be working well because her arousal was palpable. At the bottom end of the move, my index finger would slip inside of her and I noticed she was super wet. I imagined getting down there and tasting her juices, which drove me mad with excitement. Her trembling got harder, and every now and then, a strong twitch would shake her from her core. She was breathing heavily and we were already in risky terrain noisewise. Periodically, she would get super aroused and tighten up – strongly pressing her hand on mine through the trousers and gripping my hand tightly with her thighs to prevent a loud moan from coming out. I found it super cute and incredibly hot.

Boris started snoring at this point and I felt grateful to my buddy for that. It reassured us that we weren’t loud enough to be detected just yet and added another layer of background sound on top of the howling winds. It wasn’t much but it was an improvement, so she felt encouraged enough to extend her hand back towards my body. She seemed to have wanted to reach my penis but realized it wasn’t possible in constrictions of our sleeping bag, so she grabbed my hip and pulled my body even tighter to hers instead. Then she obviously revised her plan and lifted a bit on the other elbow and pulled down her trousers as much as she could, which was barely under her buttocks.

I was certainly on board with the idea, so I pulled my hand away from her crotch to unbutton my own trousers. My left hand was under my head so I could only rely on the right to do all the work. It seemed like it took ages to unbutton myself and pull the pants down low enough to pull my penis out. The glans slid between her thighs, with most of the shaft still between her buns. For a while I chaffed it in the space just under her pussy, while massaging her clitoris with my right hand. It gave a lot of pleasure to both of us, but by then we both craved penetration. However, she was positioned a bit lower than me and the angle was impossible. Even though she’d lift her leg a bit and I was guiding my dick with the middle finger of my right hand it would not slide properly into her vagina, but stay shallow and fall out after a couple of slow thrusts.

In the process we were making too much noise – Boris’ snoring pattern was changing and Anna’s breathing was too subtle to even know if she was asleep. We realized we have to give up on the attempts to slip it in, the game was fun as it was, so we just accepted the rules.

After several attempts to slip it in, my cock was well lubricated both from her juices and from the copious amounts of precum I produced in my arousal so the chaffing felt nice. We were going slow, deriving special pleasure from the attempts to remain discrete and undetected. Every now and then I would lift my body to reach my head over her and allow for our tongues to play. On one such occasion, the tip of my cock slid between her butt cheeks. It felt even better to slide and chafe between her firm buns so I just left it there. She would pulsate her gluteal muscles, relaxing them when I slid forward and contracting as I pulled back. I aligned the strokes of her pussy with that rhythm. We went super slow but perfectly in sync. It felt great.

Minutes into the act we realized her asshole might eventually open up enough to accommodate me. It was clear we were both very much on board with the idea. She puslated her anal muscles relaxing when I pressed against it. I prolonged the slow pushes maintaining the pressure of my cock on her sphincter until I felt it was relaxing. My cock was still soaked with her juices from the unsuccessful attempts to enter her pussy and I produced lots of precum in my arousal. It was gliding towards its goal, producing an immense amount of pleasure on the way.

Soon enough, the magic was beginning to happen and her flower started opening up for me. To prevent the penis from painfully rushing in, I moved in extremely gentle and slow moves, basically just pushing the glans a few millimeters back and forth. And, just like that, I realized I was inside of her. I was ecstatic and so was she. If I tried to move in a thrusting motion the synthetic material of our two sleeping bags stacked one on top of the other made too much sound, so through trial and error we discovered that the most pleasurable and discreet way to do it was by circling our hips in a slow, but synchronized rhythm. We also compensated for the lack of moving space by strong and rhythmic contractions of pelvic muscles.

I was so invested in the amazing feeling that I honestly had no idea how long we fucked until I felt the waves of orgasm overpowering her body. I was afraid she would lose control and start moaning loudly, but she rode through it like a real ace, breathing heavily but keeping the voice under control. Regardless, I was really hoping our roommates were sleeping deeply because her deep breaths and muffled moans dominated the small shelter. Had they woken up at any moment, they would have no doubts about what we were doing.

Soon, I felt the incoming landslide of a climax myself. As her long and slow orgasm reached its peak the grip with which her contracting anus clenched my shaft became too much for me and I started coming strongly, contracting my muscles to prevent an eruptive and loud moment. As I allowed my body to relax I felt massive amounts of sperm depositing somewhere deep inside of her. It seemed to last forever, drenching the power from my body, and as contractions slowly subsided I felt like my body was melting and merging with hers. I held her in a tight embrace, freezing a kiss on the back of her neck and inhaling the amazing smell of her hair. To my amazement the orgasm did not bring any feeling of awkwardness, I just felt completely united with this girl that I knew nothing about, except the fact that another man waited for her back home.

“Thank you,” she whispered, “I needed that.”

Instead of responding, I just tucked my hand deeper under and around her body and tightened the embrace. Words felt completely obsolete to me. I was falling asleep and possibly in love and my consciousness was too weak and tired to resist it.