vagina tattoos

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Vagina Tattoos aka Vattoos

From vajazzling (applying crystal ornaments on the shaved mons pubis) to tattoos, there’s basically enough freedom to decorate your lady bits however you fancy. What a time to be alive, am I right? 

vagina tattoos

You see, vagina tattoos are not a new concept. For as long as tattooing has been around, there have certainly been those few daredevils or think-outside-of-the-boxers who have spiced up their nether regions. No judgment, you do you! 

So, if you’re the type who wants to jazz things up a bit, or who has an insatiable lust to stand out from the crowd in your uniqueness, we got you covered. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about getting a vagina tattoo, aka a vattoo.

The Vagina vs. The Vulva

First off, an anatomy lesson, yay! The vagina is located in the front of the rectum and behind the bladder, the tube between the vulva and the cervix. The vulva, however, is the outer part of the genitals. 

This basically negates the accuracy of the term “vagina tattoo” but alas, it’s catchier than calling it a vulva tattoo. And a vagina tattoo is actually a term used for the broader anatomy…

What is a Vagina Tattoo?

A vagina tattoo is a tattoo that’s on the pelvic area as a whole, where pubic hair grows. And for many tattoo artists, anything below the panty line is then considered a vagina tattoo. 

Some artists may include the lower abdomen and the front of the hip (near the groin) to be a vagina tattoo in order to decipher pricing and marketing though.

Why Do Women Want a Vagina Tattoo?

For some, the idea seems outlandish. For others, there are a few reasons why they might take a liking to this kind of body art.


A vagina tattoo can be hidden easily, which would then not affect someone’s ability to get hired for work or to have family and friends be ashamed or disapproving. In many societies, tattoos are frowned upon, and this kind of self-expression is seen in an unfavorable light. 

With a vagina tattoo, one can walk around in their underwear or swimsuit, and still no one would be able to see it.

A Cover-Up

From scars to stretch marks and pregnancy, many women have marks that they’re not a fan of ‘down there’. 

A vagina tattoo can effectively cover up these lines, giving them the opportunity to take control of and gain more power and adoration for their bodies. This is especially true for those who feel unhappy with their bodies, which then may affect their sex lives.

But this kind of tattooing isn’t only limited to the mainstream visual imagery we see. Women could choose cosmetic blending, which is when scars are covered up by tattooing them in the same colors as one’s skin tone. The drawback of this, however, is that the tattooed skin cannot tan, which may make it more visible if the surrounding skin is exposed to the sun.

Visual Aesthetics

Some women opt for a vagina tattoo simply because they like the way that it looks. Just as you may love your inspirational quote tattoo on your inner wrist, or your sleeve tattoo, it’s just a matter of preference. 

A vagina tattoo also makes a bolder statement than anywhere else, and can actively draw people’s attention to this part of the body.

Expectations: Getting a Vagina Tattoo Q & A 

Q: Is it Painful to Get a Vagina Tattoo?

The vagina is one of the most painful places in which to get a tattoo. It usually requires pulling the skin and tattooing along the pubic bone, which can be very uncomfortable or perhaps unbearable for some with a low pain threshold

For that reason, it’s advised that your first tattoo be elsewhere in order to test your level of pain. If you’re hoping to get a vagina tattoo because it’s discrete, you could test out the whole process on your glutes (butt) beforehand to get a taste of what it may feel like.

Q: Do I Have to Remove My Pubic Hair When I Get a Vagina Tattoo?

Yes. Preferably the day before your scheduled vagina tattoo, you should get the entire area waxed. You could opt for shaving, but waxing is the most effective way to aid in the best healing process.

Getting your pubic hair waxed on the day of your tattoo is a bad idea though, as it will disrupt the healing process due to inflamed and irritable skin. Many artists, if not all, might refuse tattooing your vagina if you have hair down there.

Q: How Can I Prepare for a Vagina Tattoo On the Day?

The most respectful thing you can do on the day of your tattoo is to take a shower or a bath. Just as you’d probably not enjoy your face being buried in the crotch of someone who had not bathed, the tattoo artist will be spending some quality time up close and personal. 

You’ll want to make it as pleasant of an experience as possible. It’s just good etiquette.

Q: Can I Get a Vagina Tattoo Whilst on My Period?

You can, but again make sure to have a bath or shower beforehand, and to put in a tampon. It’s completely up to you if you feel comfortable getting a vagina tattoo whilst on your period though. The artist will be able to give you breaks in between if you need to change your tampon.

Q: Can I Have Sex After Getting a Vagina Tattoo?

It’s for the best to avoid receiving oral sex and penetrative sex after getting your tattoo. The friction, sweat, and heat may slow down the healing process, and cause irritation to the area. 

Sex after a vagina tattoo could also cause your tattoo to get infected if bodily fluid makes its way into the healing wound.

Q: Can I Masturbate After Getting a Vagina Tattoo?

The best advice would be to refrain from oral sex, penetrative sex, and masturbation while your vagina tattoo heals. You’ll want it to heal as quickly as possible without any worries, irritations, or infection, and abstaining from any stimulation, friction, or impact will help things speed up.

Q: Can I Exercise After Getting a Vagina Tattoo?

The same applies as above. Partaking in exercise after getting a vagina tattoo could mean a longer recovery time, and the friction and impact is not a good idea for your healing wound.

Q: How Long Does a Vagina Tattoo Take to Heal?

Just like any other kind of tattoo, your healing time is mainly dependent on how well you look after it. The best possible recovery time would be around two weeks, but could be as long as six months. 

It’s advised to drink a lot of water during the healing process, but only if your tattoo is in such a place that going to the toilet won’t irritate the wound.

Hopefully, that answers all of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about getting a vagina tattoo! And if you have, or do end up getting one, tell us all about your experience!