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The Wait is Over: SenseMotion™ Insignia 2 Line to Launch May 31st 2012

Our bestselling SenseMotion™ Insignia line delivered a couples’ play experience like no other – and now that experience is about to get even better, with upgraded versions set to launch May 31st.

Lyla™ 2, Oden™ 2 and Tiani™ 3 come in gorgeous Design Edition packaging – a nod to the unique design sensibilities that won the original Tiani™ the prestigious 2012 Red Dot Award for excellence in product design. Each massager also features the same remote-controlled motion-sensing technology that made the first generation of SenseMotion™ products into worldwide hits; but now we’ve added upgrades to make the most fun couples’ toys out there even MORE fun. If our pre-order figures are anything to go by, these are going to sell like hot cakes – so get ready to order yours and give your love life a SenseMotion™ upgrade!

Not sure which SenseMotion™ 2 is right for you? Get a taste of each one below:

Tiani™ 3

TIani Tiani™ 3, which is worn during lovemaking, offers the thrilling vibrations make for a mind-blowing experience for both partners.As with the original, Tiani™ 2 features SenseMotion™ technology allowing you to control sensations by movements of the remote; but now we’ve amped up the motor power by 50% and added 3X greater wireless range.Fully waterproof for easy cleaning or use in the bath or shower, Tiani™ 3 now also features the option of use without the remote and includes a new full-feeling attachment that offers additional G-spot stimulation and complete stability – whatever position you find yourself in.

lyla 2Lyla™ 2

Based on the original Lyla™ and featuring the same pioneering SenseMotion™ technology, Lyla™ 2 makes it easier than ever before to turn on pleasure at a distance – thanks to new enhancements including a 3X greater wireless range and 50% more vibration intensity.

Whether you choose to enjoy it internally or externally, this waterproof and rechargeable bullet vibrator can be controlled via simple movements applied to its ultra-discreet wireless controller, letting you share pleasure both indoors and out.

Oden™ 2

LELO-Oden2-black-remote-controlled-couples-ringOden™ 2 is a vibrating couples’ ring designed for men to wear when making love.

Like its predecessor, Oden™ 2 features an industry-first SenseMotion™ remote control, allowing you to change vibrations with a tilt of your hand – and as with all the SenseMotion™ Insignia 2 products, we’ve boosted the wireless range 3X and increased the vibration strength by 50% for more intense sensations.

Waterproof and rechargeable, Oden™ 2 now also offers the option to play without remote and comes with a new additional closed-ring attachment of flexible silicone, for extra presence, extra stamina and extra pleasure.


We guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more about our fantastic new SenseMotion™ Insignia 2 range in the future; but in the meantime, check out the featured on CoolHunting here.

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