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LOVER'S PACK What's inside?
SILA™ Cruise Pink
Ziggy Cup™ 2 Size B
HEX™ 3 Pack
Personal Moisturizer - 75 mL / 2,5 fl. oz

Everything you need

Treat yourself to this self-care and love bundle that will open all pleasure doors before you and your partner. Think of a perfect date night, and add Intimina’s Ziggy Cup™ 2 menstrual cup (size B) for mess-free intimacy and SILA™ Cruise sonic clitoral massager to the equation. And with LELO HEX™ Original 3 pack and a 75ml Personal Moisturizer, you’re guaranteed to have tons of wild fun.

save $34.75
THE MAGIC TOUCH What's inside?
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz
LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray 60 mL/ 2 oz.

Unleash the joy

Get even more satisfaction from your favorite sex toys with this one-of-a-kind bundle. It comes with LELO Personal Moisturizer, a silky water-based lube for enhanced sensations that adds extra smoothness to your self-loving routine, along with a LELO Premium Cleaning Spray to keep your toys nice and clean.

save $13.9
POWERHOUSE What's inside?
F1S™ V2 Red

Chase the thrill

Welcome to the Powerhouse - the home of satisfaction and a safe place for all pleasure seekers. Indulge yourself in the finest sex toy kit for men with an F1S™ V2 pleasure console and F1L™ Advanced Performance Moisturizer. Ready to take it for a spin?

save $24.9
operation allgasam What's inside?
SONA™ 2 Cruise Purple
Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz

Double down.

Enter SORAYA WAVE™ & SONA™ 2 Cruise - a double pleasure combo that washes over you like an orgasmic torrent. Lube up using Personal Moisturizer, and add a little kink with TANTRA Feather Teaser.

save $142.8
spotlight What's inside?
SILA™ Aqua
GIGI™ 2 Deep Rose
Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz

Light up the room!

Grab hold of SILA™ and GIGI™ 2 and shine a light on both of your pleasure spots at once! TANTRA Feather Teaser is here to tickle your imagination, while the personal moisturizer makes sure everything goes smooth.

save $113.8
party in the back What's inside?
HUGO™ Ocean Blue
Loki Wave Obsidian Black
HEX™ 36 Pack
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz

Boys just wanna have fun

They can do so with Hugo, Loki Wave and a supply of 36 LELO HEX condoms. Personal moisturizer is a staple.

save $177.8
happy vaginas What's inside?
SONA™ 2 Purple
INA WAVE™ 2 Cerise
LELO Beads Noir
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz

Treat yo’ self.

Stay entertained with exciting SONA™ 2, amazing INA WAVE™ 2 and daring LELO Beads™ Noir. Personal Moisturizer is a plus to keep everything smooth and slippery.

save $116.9
What's inside?
SILA™ Pink
Ziggy Cup

Pleasure be thy name

Enjoy mess-free sex and masturbation even during the period with SILA™ and Intimina’s Ziggy Cup™! This revolutionary menstrual cup allows for mess-free sex and provides up to 8 hours of complete comfort. Ready to break some taboos?

save $39.95
fresh'n steamy What's inside?
SONA™ 2 Cruise Purple
SORAYA™ 2 Black

Your new bundle of joy.

LELO’s femme bestsellers but in an improved, 2.0 version. The newest Sona 2 Cruise and Soraya 2.

save $98
her delight What's inside?
SONA™ Cruise Pink
GIGI™ 2 Deep Rose
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz

Female orgasm? Sure! 

Once you get Sona Cruise and Gigi 2 you’ll do a full circle of pleasure. Personal Moisturizer is just to keep you going and going.

save $92.9
no pain all gain What's inside?
SONA™ 2 Purple
SMART WAND™ 2 Large Aqua
LELO Beads™ Plus

Train yourself for the best orgasming experience of your life with the three tenants of LELO’s Pleasure Health Club: train (LELO Beads™ Plus), relax (Smart Wand™ 2), and orgasm (SONA™ 2)!

save $128
girl power What's inside?
Nea 2 Deep Rose
GIGI™ 2 Deep Rose

You can get off with yourself

Give yourself permission to enjoy LELO’s Nea 2 and Gigi 2! Get to know yourself, your body and all of your sweet spots!

save $73
couple play What's inside?
TIANI™ 3 Cerise
TOR™ 2 Green
HEX™ 36 Pack
Personal Moisturizer - 150 mL / 5 fl. oz

Let the games begin 

It’s easy to be sexy and content with Tiani 3, Tor 2, LELO HEX 36 pack and a personal moisturizer. We have it all.

save $132.8