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7 Racy Valentine’s Day Ideas & Gifts from LELO

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important (read; stress-inducing) entries in any couples’ calendar. Every year, our inboxes at LELO are teeming with requests for ideas on how to make it a truly special event. While we’re not sure how making the world’s best sex toys qualifies us as romantic oracles, we’d be remiss not to at least try and help.

Here are some LELO staff tips for those looking to cook up a romantic plan this February 14th, and if you’re looking for a spicier way to dodge cupid’s arrow, check out our collection of LELO sensual massagers for couples and make it a Valentine’s Night to remember!

1.At Their Peck & Call

Everyone deserves to be spoiled, and your special someone is no exception. On this day, make sure they have nothing but your sparkling eyes on their mind as you sweat all the small stuff—picking up and dropping off the kids, doing those post-work errands, even allowing your partner to sleep in a few minutes longer while you clear the ice off their windshield.

On paper, not the most romantic or sexy sounding of ideas, but not only is a little bit less stress something that everyone can enjoy (that also helps facilitate amorous endeavors, but you can also easily up the kink factor by accompanying every task with an ‘as you wish sir/mistress’ as well as the most scandalously revealing clothing that you dare.

2.Get your Coup-on

Flowers and chocolates are timeless traditions, but it doesn’t hurt to switch things up once in a while. Make your partner a coupon booklet, each one redeemable for a special gesture; who doesn’t want an on-demand back-rub or special indulgence in their very favorite sex position?

If you and your partner have a more competitive streak, add some dares, games, and creative punishments to your coupon book!

3.Make a PDA-Date

Take your passions public and go on an erotic adventure; with a remote-controlled bullet vibe like LYLA 2 or the HULA Pleasure Beads, you can experience discreet vibrations within as your partner controls the sensations via a wireless remote. Take your sensual secret for a night on the town and see where your erotic adventure leads you.

4.Put a Ring on It

Have you experienced a lovemaking session with a vibrating couples’ ring yet? If not, take this February 14th as your chance to do so. When your partner is wearing a ring as it’s buzzing away at the base of their penis, it not only turns their body into a vibrator, but the gentle constriction of the ring with give them a slightly larger presence and increased stamina.

Just to recap here; strong vibrations, a little bit bigger and more stamina – what’s not to love?

5.Make it a Real Red Letter Day

Even the most unsentimental scrooges among us are suckers for a heartfelt love letter, which can be more meaningful than even the most expensive piece of jewelry. Of course, slipping this secret missive of love (peppered with some of the spicier reasons you can’t wait for them to get home that night) into their pocket or purse before they go to work is sure to make for hot passion that’s been on simmer all day.

6. Melt in Their Mouth

Few things are as inextricably linked as chocolate and Valentine’s Day, and we like to double down on this them whenever we can! Sure, you can eat chocolate to get you in a romantic mood, but you can also try making  your own home-made body chocolate to paint each other’s bodies and lick off. Be careful where you put it, as sugars aren’t generally meant for our most sensitive parts, but thankfully, there’s a handheld massager with delicate Bordeaux & Chocolat scent perfect for just that!

7.Stay in and Get Away from it All

Save your Valentine’s plans for the weekend, and have a stay-cation in your own house by preparing the living room for an extended lazy weekend with your special someone.  Enjoy each other’s unadulterated company by testing every single surface in your house for ‘structural integrity’!




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