oral sex day

3 Simple Tips To A Better World Oral Sex Day

Let’s be honest, oral in porn is actually super terrifying. It seems overly-aggressive and clear to everyone that the actors are… well, just that, acting. The A-B-C technique is sooo 90s. But we’re willing to make the claim that there are oral techniques that can be just as pleasurable as sex. Dare we say that it might even be more intimate?

Think of it this way: the mouth is a place where you express beautiful ideas from and your privates are kinda just your butthole’s neighbor. Even if you disagree, we still think oral knowledge is power, so make your partner’s legs shake this World Oral Sex Day (September 6th) by following these simple tonguing tips. 

Tip #1: Use your hands.

While you may be thinking you already have this one covered, consider the following. The classic blowjob/handjob and eating out/fingering combos work amazingly (let me emphasize amazingly), but there is actually so much more you can do.

This may be the perfect opportunity to explore the backdoor, whether that be with fingers or a simple butt plug insertion. Also, don’t be afraid to explore the erogenous zones of your partner that can really intensify their pleasure, and in return, get you going too. Some hot spots for men include the scrotal raphe and even thumbs. Erogenous zones for women include the nipples, knees, and mons pubis (aka the spot above the vagina where pubic hair grows).

If you want to get reaaally unconventional, do a quick search of the grapefruit technique, which involves cutting a hole into a slice of grapefruit and sliding it along the shaft while giving head. And don’t worry ladies, fruit along the clit can leave an impressionable sensation too (and nice oral flavor for your partner). Think about that next time you order a fruit salad. 

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to slow it down.

We often think that rough sex equates to good sex, but we beg to differ. There is nothing more intense than slowing it down to communicate to your partner that in this moment, you are in total control of their pleasure.

Ever heard of edging? It requires intimate knowledge of one’s pleasure to reach a better climax. Hot, I know. Make them beg for more. Also, as a receiver, it’s nice to feel e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that’s going on down there. The subtle tease of barely grazing a tongue along the clitoris or frenulum can be extremely heightening. Slow kisses down there can even be super sexy and mentally arousing.

It’s easy to forget how these simple gestures can be so electrifying. Try living life in the slow lane for once, you might even reach a better destination.

Tip #3: Be unconventional with location.

Don’t get me wrong, oral in bed is great and all, but the element of surprise is so much better. There are a ton of ways to be unconventional with location, like the classic road dome or even eating her out on the kitchen counter. Heck, even outdoor oral sounds like a freaking fantasy whether you’re an exhibitionist or not, but do consider the legality if you’re opting for some public fun.

You can also be unconventional with timing. Who doesn’t like to be woken up with a moist tongue on their business. It’s a total power move and quite frankly the type of alarm clock I wish I could be woken up by every morning.