What Is Singles’ Day & Why Do We Celebrate It with a Sale?

Welcome to one of your new favorite holidaysand the perfect antidote to the early winter blues: Singles’ Day!

Singles' Day Sex Toy Deals

What is Singles’ Day?

Started in the early 90s, Singles’ Day began with Chinese university students deciding to celebrate their bachelorhood on 11/11, because the ones look like lonely people. (Hey, it makes about as much sense as 69!)

Since then, Singles’ Day has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. Every November, not only do young people get together to celebrate being single, or host ‘blind dating parties’ to try to change their status, they also dedicate this very versatile holiday to one thing that we’ve always found cheers us up after a messy split—retail therapy! And not only that, to splurging on something that gives back to your own happiness. Talk about a good investment. 

This Singles’ Day, LELO is celebrating with three cheers and three tiers of awesome discounts, ranging from 20-51% OFF.

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Pop culture is doing a better job at focusing on the positives of being single, but just to reiterate it to everyone in the back, here’s a reminder of some benefits:

  • You can take up the whole bed, use up all the sheets, and not have your beauty sleep disturbed by unsolicited alarms or middle-of-the-night nookie.
  • You have more time to focus on non-romantic relationships, especially the one with yourself. It’s easy to neglect introspection in a relationship, even though it should be the foundation of one.
  • You can flirt without being fearful that you’ve crossed any boundaries.
  • You can leave social gatherings when you actually want to. In fact, you’re always on your own schedule.
  • It’s a lot cheaper. Like a lot. No cards, no flowers, no couples’ vacations. 
  • You don’t have to shave down there until you “need” to. Cause let’s keep it 100—shaving is a bitch.
  • You can do whatever the f*ck, and whoever the f*ck, you want.

Once again, happy Singles’ Day… “No BF/GF November”… “Don’t Date December”… “Just Me January”… however long you want to “do you.” Also, don’t forget to literally “do you” with these awesome sex toy deals.