the best time and day for sex

Optimize Your Sexy Time: The Best Day and Time to Have Sex & Go On a First Date, Revealed

Ever heard the expression: ‘There’s a place and time for everything’? As cheesy as it may seem, it’s actually shockingly accurate… even when it comes to having sex! 

the best time and day for sex

So, while you may appear to be more aroused on a Saturday night, or find yourself feeling frisky on a Monday afternoon, we’re here to shatter that preconception (sorry).

There’s actual scientific evidence to prove that one very specific day and time of the week is that sweet spot you need to enjoy some super amazing sex. Yes, scientific! 

It’s all about the motion of the ocean, and the wonderful ways in which our bodies work.

And interestingly, it’s not just sex that’s been perfectly calculated. There are certain days of the week that are optimal for getting stuff done, selling your house, asking your boss for a raise, going on a first date, and more. Isn’t that some next-level research!

Take a little journey with us through the days of the week, and find out more about this elusive golden opportunity for sexy time and success!


Ahh, the dreaded Monday! The day in which all fun comes to a halt and it’s time to put on your big girl/boy pants. 

But did you know that because you’ve just come from a glorious weekend, the risk of getting a heart attack on a Monday is 20 percent higher than any other day of the week, according to the British Medical Journal? Astounding! 

For that reason, Monday’s are the best days to take it easy. Example: if there’s a big pile of paperwork on your desk on Friday… get that shizz done! Arriving at the office on Monday morning has literally been proven to be the worst time to stress!

Monday has also been found to be the most popular day for those (considering) quitting smoking. An article published in the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine stated that, across six languages, there was a 25 percent increase in Google searches on how to quit smoking on a Monday.


An analytics company, Gallup, did their research and found that people were at their most productive on a Tuesday. It’s the day after Monday, you’re back into the routine of working and whatnot, so it seems plausible, right?

Interestingly, Tuesday just so happens to be the least favourable day for sex! The guys over at GFK, a company that connects data and science to reveal valuable insights, have found that Tuesday was the day that those polled had the least amount of sex.

Adversely, Tuesday’s are great for getting food takeout, as most restaurants don’t get produce deliveries over the weekend. What does that mean? Not much sex, but fresh food, yay!


You’ve got to love good ol’ Hump Day! It’s the middle of the week, a time when things are pretty normal, no genuine excitement for the weekend to come, and you’ve had two days of practice being back at the daily grind… which is actually a really good thing for those who’re looking for a raise.

Apparently, because Wednesday’s are so run-of-the-mill, and most menial tasks have been done (like responding to the ridiculous amount of emails received over the weekend), bosses are more relaxed and thus more prone to agreements (such as giving you a raise). 

Not only that, but Wednesday’s are also said to be the best day of the week for single folk to go on a first date! Why? As mentioned, people are usually more relaxed on that day. They’ve recovered from their weekend, and they’re looking forward to being out and about after three long days at work. 

Dates on this day have shown to be more spontaneous too, as there are no big expectations of a midweek sleepover.

Also, supermarkets are less busy on a Wednesday, especially after 8 p.m, when you’ll almost definitely miss the crowds. 

In short, Wednesday’s are for going on a first date followed by grocery shopping.


The best day of the week for those who are sexually active! According to the London School of Economics, hormone levels of men and women are perfectly aligned on this day of the week, making sexy time quite firework-inducing

At what time on Thursday, you ask? In the morning! Hormone levels (estrogen and testosterone) are at their highest on Thursday morning for both men and women! Our recommendation? Set your alarm for just a little bit earlier.


Wonderful Friday, the day that the majority of people worldwide rejoice. This makes it an excellent day for a date (the second best day of the week to do so) as there are no time constraints, and much more time to recover after a long and eventful evening. 

Additionally, Friday has been found to be the best day of the week to sell your home! According to real estate agents, Redfin, houses that are listed on a Friday are snatched quicker than homes listed on any other day of the week!


The one day of the week where you can literally take it easy from sunrise to sunset while still having another day of fun to follow! 

Saturday’s are great for catching up with friends, or going on longer dates with prospective partners (and having sleepovers). It’s also the day in which alcohol consumption leads to a 70 percent increase in hospital admissions. Scary thought!

For that reason, Saturday has been dubbed the perfect day to stay sober or to not overindulge.


Sunday Funday is always a hoot, but did you know that Sunday is the best day for increasing sales via e-marketing? 

The company, eMarketer, found that email newsletters were opened and clicked through more on a Sunday than any other day of the week! 

Got a big campaign you want seen? New stock just in? Catch your clients on a Sunday!

Getting what you want has never been easier with this little life hack dictating your week, right?