Dance As A Form Of Sexuality

Dance As A Form Of Sexuality

Have you ever wondered why you feel so sexy while dancing? Why every dance move feels so sensual? Is there a connection between dance and sex? LELO has worked on a project with a famous dancer and came to the conclusion that dance can be observed as a form of sexuality. 

Dance As A Form Of Sexuality

Everything around us constantly moves and changes, every move is synchronized with everything that surrounds us. Dance is a copy of reality – partners express themselves through dance, lead each other and “play” while seducing.

With sex it`s pretty much the same. Sex is not just a mechanical action, it`s synchronization of two humans who by intertwining, make a sensual pleasure. That pleasure implies a series of emotions: fulfillment, affection, connection, security, excitement, trembling and general love towards yourself and others. And most important – freedom, the deepest feeling which is identically manifested in the trance of dance and sexual act.

Sex and dance are often mentioned in the same context because dance is so seductive. It can be perceived as body art and sex as the artistic expression of the body. Dance and sexuality may both be seen as metaphors, whether sublimated or overt as both move towards culmination or climax in ecstasy. Sexuality, spirituality, sensuality are salient features in many forms of dance, but sexuality can never really be detached from dance, since the sex act itself may be considered as a form of dance.

The dance itself sounds so simple – it’s just moving your body. But in fact, it’s the moving of your body which makes it so much more than just that. Every move is the reflection of your intimacy.

No matter if it’s a solo dance or a couples thing, Andrea Solomun, a famous dancer, says it’s all a sexual game:

In dance it is important to feel the space around yourself. Being sensitive to sounds, touch, smells, visible, and unseen … sex demands absolutely the same because all the parameters within dance are equally impacting on a sexual game with either a partner or when we are alone.

Dance doesn’t necessarily have to be a harmony of two people, solo expressions can also enjoy a series of emotions. So, if you want to find a different dance partner, LELO`s little bomb of pleasure will dance the night away with you.

SONA`s elegant design purposefully allows a maximum increase in sensitivity of pleasure. Rhythm is undeniably one of the most important things in dance, and also in sex. Relevant in the sense of the mentioned synchronicity. With SONA you can feel the same connection with your own body – It’s simply designed to provide you with a wonderful dance partner who knows how to do all the dance moves and perform the best dance act ever.