My First Time Using: INA Wave

The following is an account of the experiences of an anonymous LELO fan and the first time they tried the INA Wave rabbit vibrator.

INA wave

When it comes to my G-spot, I always felt like I never really ‘got it.’ I mean, I had figured out where it was, after much fumbling and Googling, and when I couldn’t figure out  right angle to pull off the ‘come-here’ motion for myself, I had very my very accommodating partner (and experienced G-spot orgasm-haver) diligently do so for me.


It felt alright, but not much more than in the way that I generally liked penetration; I orgasm easily from clitoral stimulation and so anything more is just sort of nice to add, but not much else. And, by and large, I was able to satisfy those needs with my hand, or with the ever-growing collection of sex toys that my girlfriend owned.

Yes, it’s true; ‘my’ first experience with INA Wave wasn’t even my own, it was hers. And I didn’t even know it was an INA Wave when I picked it up!

It was your standard Sunday afternoon, when I had elected to treat myself to a lie-in while my partner went off to spin class. I stuck my hand into her bedside drawer and pulled out what I thought was an INA 2. A rabbit’s a rabbit right?

How I didn’t notice the difference in buttons, I’m really not sure. I’ve since compared them and they’re significantly different, the INA Wave having soft silicone ones but as per usual, I warmed up before grabbing the vibrator, so maybe my level of distraction could be understood.


ina wave gif


I don’t know what made me sit up in shock more, surprise from the movement within me that I wasn’t expecting, or how good it felt. As soon as I could reasonably be assured that my sex toy hadn’t been possessed, I turned the power down slightly and tried again.

It was not quite like anything I had felt before, just the perfect level of slow and regular pressure on my G-spot. I felt like I could feel the sensation through to my clitoris, which  made it feel all the more like the sensation inside and outside were actually joined together.

It wasn’t a fast orgasm, in fact it probably took longer than normal, but I liked having the rhythm to egg me on to my eventual orgasm.

Really, my total review of INA Wave can really be summed up by saying that it taught me a new way to masturbate, and not just because of the way it stimulates my G-spot. Because there are so many different options of vibrations with or without ‘The Wave’ I can try different things that feel good, which forces me to take my time and enjoy myself rather than rushing!