Start Me Up with Morning Sex Tips

Start Me Up with Morning Sex Tips

Rise and grind! If the only steamy thing about starting your day is a morning shower, you’re truly missing out on the benefits of being an early riser and enjoying some morning sex.

Many people don’t use the morning to enjoy lovemaking due to barriers like being groggy, being late or in a hurry, or morning breath. With a few preparatory measures and handy tips though, these are easy hurdles to jump in order a little A.M. erotica.

Start Me Up with Morning Sex Tips

1. Beat Morning Breath

Don’t let a bit of bed-mouth (editor’s note: nobody calls it that) get in the way of some early bird booty; keep a glass of water on your bedside table and take a couple of swigs before you lay mouths on each other.

If you’re a little more spontaneous and don’t have a water nearby, then make love in a position that doesn’t allow for kissing, like from sex from behind, riding, or spooning.

2. Go to Bed with an Empty Bladder

This is another reason why keeping water beside your bed is key. Don’t take in too many liquids before laying down to sleep, and be sure you clear your bladder as well. A waddle to the bathroom can mess up the momentum.

3. Wake up Earlier than Your Partner

Of course, all of this pre-sex prep can be done before your partner even wakes up. While they’re still snoozing, you can nip off to the bathroom to give your teeth a quick brush as well as give yourself a once-over in the mirror.

4. Put Your Phone Down

One of the pitfalls of using our phones as an alarm clock is that upon waking, the phone is right back in your hand, ready to be scrolled through.

After hitting snooze for the 3rd time, you might find yourself checking your socials or work emails while your eyes are still bleary. Make the effort to hit that snooze button and use the next 9 minutes (why is it 9 minutes, anyway?) to rouse your partner awake with some teasin’ and pleasin’.

5. Rise Early

Speaking of alarm clocks, try setting yours 15 minutes earlier in order to give you and your partner some extra time for play. Nobody likes feeling rushed, and mornings tend to be a hectic run-around for most of us these days. In this case, the early bird gets some!

6. Skip the Gym

Use the extra time you save going for an early morning yoga or lifting sesh to sweat yourself healthy in an even more enjoyable way. With some morning sex you can burn calories (about 240 for men and 180 for women), and then afterwards you can clean up in your own bathroom – no gym shower flip-flops needed!

7. Go to Sleep Nude

Sleeping in the buff, simply enough, will remove one barrier to the both of you getting frisky when the sun rises. Additionally, there are more benefits to sleeping naked than just having less to take off in the morning, plus:

You sleep better naked. Research from the University of Amsterdam found that lowering your skin temperature will help you sleep more deeply and reduce instances of waking up in the night. Ergo, catching Zs in the nude will lower your skin temp without having to kick off the covers or fiddle with the thermostat.

It’s just plain healthier. Keeping yourself cool while you sleep will speed up your metabolism, according to a US National Institute of Health study. While sleeping, your body will produce more brown fat to keep you warm; brown fat produces heat by burning calories, and will boost your metabolism all day long after you’re up and about.

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