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What’s the Problem with Condoms? Experts Talk Barriers to Barrier-Sex Enjoyment

What’s the Problem with Condoms - Experts Talk Barriers to Barrier-Sex Enjoyment

As part of our research into creating the first innovation in condoms for 70 years, we reached out to several sex experts to hear their thoughts on how ...

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6 Reasons to Enjoy Using Condoms

6 Reasons to Enjoy Using Condoms

There are many reasons often cited for not wearing a condom, and while we won’t address their validity or lack thereof here―the issues with modern condom design are ...

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Mistakes We All Make in Bed (And How to Avoid Them)

Mistakes We Make in Bed

If you’re expecting to find particular a blow job technique or sex positions in this article, we’re sorry; all of those small details are completely based on personal ...

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From the Experts: The Importance of Fantasy in Relationships

The Importance of Fantasy in Relationships

Fantasies, whether consumed through erotica, or in the form of dirty talk and role play, tend to be thought of as more important for ‘kinky’ people than for ...

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The 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your Partner

Top 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom On

Condoms are sometimes looked at as an inconvenient necessity rather than a sensual part of your sex life ― but is that fair? There are plenty of reasons ...

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Riding High: Top 4 On-Top Sex Positions

EN_Volonte_160112- Women on top

Cowgirl is one of those positions that tends to be very divisive; some swear by it as the perfect position to control penetration as well as their own ...

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Top 5 Tips for Hotter Sex When it’s Cold Out

Sex in Cold Weather

Just because temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean your sex drive has to follow suit. Actually, we find the opposite tends to be true (the most common  shared birthday ...

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Lending a Helping Hand: How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

Hand Job Tips

After creating our guide to male masturbation, we heard from several readers wanting more instruction on how to use these common methods on their partner. Handjobs might be ...

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Love Seat: 4 Positions for Amazing Sex on the Sofa

Kamasutra imagen real

Sex on the sofa may remind you of sneaky trysts from your younger years, but don’t discount doing the dirty on your divan, as the restricted space leaves ...

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7 Relationship Goals to Keep the Spark Burning Red Hot

Relationship Goals

Relationship goals come in many different stripes: becoming ‘official,’ moving in together, having a child, winning The Amazing Race… Obviously those goals aren’t for everyone, but what are ...

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