Improve your oral sex

Tips to Make Oral Better for Both Partners

How can you improve on an already good thing? Even when it comes to oral sex, it’s surely possible. And no – I am not talking about making it better for you, the receiver (you selfish little so-and-so!): I’m talkin’ things you can do to make it even better for both you and your partner.

Improve your oral sex

Pt. 1: Tips for Eating Someone Out

Know the anatomy. You haven’t looked at a labeled image of a vagina since sex ed back in whatever grade in which they teach sex ed where you’re from (ninth grade for me). Now’s the time to bone up on what is where, what does what and start thinking of what you’re going to do with it. I am serious. This is a big help.

It’s not **all** about the clit. Don’t just focus on the most sensitive part of the vagina – for some, it can be overwhelming to put all of your focus there. Be sure that your tongue gives every part of the vagina some slow licks, fast jabs, a couple flicks and whatever else the tongue can do. And while you’re doing this, be sure to…

Listen! Keep your ears open while you’re exploring around down there. Listen to the moans – or lack of them – to gauge whether what you’re doing is being enjoyed. You’re not just eating pussy – you’re mapping out the vagina using TONGUE SONAR. Congrats, you are now a Navy Seal or something.

Use your hands. While you’re doing all of these things, your hands should be roaming all over; cup your partner’s ass cheeks, spread their vaginal lips to gain better access, heck – finger them while you’re focusing your tongue on their clit – bottom line here is that your hands and what you’re doing with them are also a big part of eating vagina.

Use a toy. Maybe even better than receiving oral sex from a partner is receiving it from a device designed specifically for that purpose. There are a couple of sex toys out there that can either perfectly replicate the feeling of oral sex, or provide clitoral pleasure that’s just out-of-this-world. Handing one of these to your partner as you stimulate them everywhere else might just be the next best thing.

Pt. 2: FellatiOMG

Truth be told, these tips for giving head aren’t nearly as in depth mainly due to the fact that it simply doesn’t require the same nuance and focus as performing cunnilingus, but here are the tips that will make it more enjoyable for both of you.

Get comfortable. Fun fact: blowjobs definitely DON’T need to be given from a kneeling position; just him lying on his back and you lying alongside him on your stomach will have you both much more comfortable.

Hydration is necessary. Aside from a bit of pre-cum, the penis doesn’t lubricate itself. Definitely get in a glass of water before you begin; extra spit will allow you to run you hand up and down the shaft in order to give your mouth a periodic break if you need one. A bit of water-based lube really helps in a pinch for this too.

Give ‘em something to look at. Males are very visual creatures; rubbing on yourself or masturbating while going down on him just might be the thing that puts him over the edge, but…

Don’t get self-conscious that they’re looking at you. Not everybody looks good when they’re giving a blowjob. But everybody looks good when they’re enjoying themselves and earnestly trying to please their partner. Relax about the optics and focus on the amount of pleasure you’re giving.

You can totally stop and ask what’s working and what’s not. Of course this goes for any kind of oral you’re giving, but when it comes to a guy, they’ll tell you the how’s and what’s ASA-friggin-P in order to keep the pleasure coming, because they were probably close to coming anyways!