Sex Games with Ice

Ice it Up, Spice it Up: Top 5 Sex Games with Ice

As the weather heats up, we thought we’d divulge some of our most sizzlin’ summer sex secrets. Here are our top five fun and freaky foreplay games with ice—each sure to make your partner melt.

Ice & Slow

Give your partner two cubes, one in each hand, and place them on your belly button. Have them slowly crawl up your stomach to your neck and then direct them to make wide circular spirals around your chest slowly closing in on your nipples. Once they’re finished, the drink of water you offer them from your belly button will be well deserved.

The Slip & Fall

Slowly rub the cube back and forth on top of their underwear line so they can barely feel the cold. Slowly move the cube upward as you move it back and forth. After rubbing the cube from hip to hip for a few minutes, “accidentally” slip the ice into their underwear, telling them you should go and find it.

The Ice Breaker

While performing oral sex, stop and slip the ice cube into your mouth for a few seconds. Then pass the ice cube from your mouth to their’s saying, “Hold this for me for a second.” Continue to go down on them. The sensational change in temperature and moistness will leave your partner curling their toes and crunching down on the ice.

The North Pole

This is a move for using on a penis-having partner. Push their penis back toward their stomach and hold it there as you cup the ice under the scrotum. In circular motions, slowly move the ice up and around their scrotum toward the base of the penis. Once at the base, rub the ice up and down their shaft as if you were painting it.

Melt in Your Mouth

Move a half-melted ice cube to your partner’s mouth and start kissing, playfully passing the ice back and forth. Your warm tongues will gradually melt the ice, serving as an hour glass of sorts. Once the ice has melted, it’s time to move your cold tongues elsewhere.

While ice is indeed a cool addition to foreplay, sometimes you need more than just a cube to prevent your sex life from turning square. That’s why we’ve created LYLA 2, a mini vibe equipped with a string. Just set LYLA 2 inside of you, and let it work its magic while you enjoy yourself in other ways, like using our spicy, icy tips.

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