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Lea hails from Colorado, but has packed up her bags to travel around Europe and dispense sex advice and relationship wisdom from her laptop in any cafe she can find.

Review Roundup: Nea 2 Petite Clitoral Vibrator

Nea 2 Review

Nea 2 is a petite clitoral vibrator perfect for both solo play and nestling between partners. Powerful vibrations and intricate floral design make Nea 2 beautiful to behold …

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Hooking Up at a House Party: 5 Tips for Sneaky Sex

Hooking Up at a House Party

There are many reasons why you might want to get it on while everyone else is getting down at a house party: maybe you and your partner have …

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6 Steps for Pulling off the Perfect Night of Netflix & Chill

Netflix and chill

Look, we get it. Sometimes you genuinely want to binge-watch a show with a new buddy, and that’s totally cool. However, inviting someone you’re interested in to come …

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Putting the ‘Wood’ in Hollywood: Top 5 Movie Scenes with Vibrators

Top 5 Movie Scenes with Vibrators

October is National Movie Month, and while we’ve already shared out sexiest cinematic obsessions with movies that get us all hot and bothered, we thought we’d focus instead …

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Hands Up if You’re Ready to Try Fisting for International Fisting Day

October 21st is International Fisting Day, we thought we’d take the time to explain one of more commonly misunderstood sexual acts–so let’s plunge right in. What is Fisting? …

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How to Use REMOJI DIVER Egg Vibe

What is REMOJI? REMOJI is a sex toy remote, technically – but it’s actually so much more!  Rather than giving you an extra chunk of silicone to keep …

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Your Boyfriend Found Your Vibrator – Now What?

So that fateful day has arrived. Your boyfriend, through either verbal or physical snooping, has discovered the existence of your vibrator (dun dun dun), leaving you with one …

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What’s the Difference Between Pansexuality & Bisexuality?

Happy Pride month, LELO fans! As we sweep into another June beset by sparkles and rainbows, it’s time to get wise to some of the different members of …

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Ice it Up, Spice it Up: Top 5 Sex Games with Ice

As the weather heats up, we thought we’d divulge some of our most sizzlin’ summer sex secrets. Here are our top five fun and freaky foreplay games with …

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3 G-Spot Sex Positions That Are Right on Target

The poor G-spot; it’s just hanging out trying to do its thing and help people have some awesome orgasms, and yet every once and a while, people like …

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