Top 10 Funniest (& Banned) Condom Commercials

Condom commercials tend to be silly, or so-bad-at-conveying-sexiness-they’re-silly, and we can all appreciate them a little bit more now that we don’t have to uncomfortably ignore them while watching TV with family members. Below, we’ve found 10 of the best ads from around the world that maybe pushed the envelope just a bit too much in an attempt to have us all buying French Letters.

Condom commercials

1.The Shopping Trip-Belgium (SFW)

We had to turn down the volume to watch this one, so maybe that’s part of what makes it so effective. The humor is a little dark, perhaps particularly for those who have had such a shopping trip before, which may be why it was banned in the United States.

2.Graffiti –France (NSFW)

While not a commercial for a specific condom so much as disease-prevention, this graphic representation (pun intended) of a penis drawn on a bathroom wall being shunned until a condom is drawn on it is rather cute…until the last 25 seconds or so.

3.Get Naked – Australia (NSFW)

Don’t you wish that’s how condom shopping really happened? We’d all enjoy them a lot more if we were as open as this couple…and the store clerk…and the pharmacist…pretty much everyone in that store.

4.Balloon Animals – UK (Somewhat NSFW)

We had trouble tagging this one, simply because while many workplaces (not our own) are not ok with you watching sex even when it’s simulated by cute little balloon animals, nearly everyone has seen this ad before.

5.Japanese Kama Sutra – Japan (SFW)

Jazzy music, new sex positions; really, what more could you ask for?

6.Chewing Gum – Argentina (SFW)

You won’t need a translation to get the gist of this ad, and or to make you wish you had been this smooth when you had experienced similar situations in your youth.

7.Sticky Tape – South Korea (SFW)

While we would consider this ad (and it’s female counterpart) to be quite tame, apparently they were relegated to late night television, or edited and sped up in such a way that made it look as though the protagonists were simply trying to repair their house before their partner arrived. That works too, depending on the acrobatics of your sex positions

8.Dream – India (SFW)

As Tennyson wrote, “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” so why not be safe about it?

9.Chocolate Flavored Condoms – Belgium (SFW)

We truly mourn the day when any references to milkmen will go completely over the heads of the world’s population.

10.New Apartment – Australia (SFW―Assuming You Have Headphones)

We liked this one not only because it emphasizes female pleasure, it’s also a great reminder of things to check next time we view a new apartment.