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Your Guide to Different Vibrations: Buzzy and Rumbly Vibrators

Most vibrator guides on the internet will tell you all about the different shapes, sizes, and materials of sex toys. While these things are important when choosing the right toy, there is also something else you want to keep in mind – different vibration types. 

There are two distinct types of vibes that avid sex toy users point out – buzzy vibrations and rumbly vibrations. Let’s look at each vibe a bit closer to understand the differences between the two and what it means to your pleasure. 

What Are Buzzy Vibrations?

Buzzy vibrations are high-frequency vibrations that are often sharper, more shallow, and surface level. For example, your electric toothbrush has a high-frequency vibe. Buzzy vibrators are often louder, the kind where you hear the vibe more than you feel it. This makes buzzy sex toys louder compared with rumbly vibrators. 

Buzzy vibrators tend to offer a more local stimulation. And some users also report that a buzzy vibe tends to cause numbness of the zone being stimulated, either the clitoris or the G-spot. While the numbness doesn’t stay for long, it can be an unpleasant experience when you find yourself unable to orgasm due to your genitals feeling numb midway to orgasm. 

These surface-level vibrations that buzzy vibrators offer don’t reach deep parts of the clitoris that extend beyond the bundle of nerves that nests outside the vagina. While the orgasms can still be amazing with buzzy vibes, they’re not going to be the same depth as orgasms from rumbly vibrations. 

Because most vibrator guides neglect to mention the difference between the vibration’s depth, most people might be disappointed with the sex toy purely because they chose the wrong vibe for their preferred stimulation levels. 

What Are Rumbly Vibrations?

Rumbly vibes are the direct opposite of buzzy vibes, as you can imagine. They’re classified as deeper, rumbly, low-frequency vibrations that you feel more than you hear. For example, when you’re standing next to a speaker, you can feel the bass go through your body while the music is playing. That’s low-frequency, rumbly vibrations. 

Rumbly vibrators have more powerful motors, and the lower the rumble, the deeper it penetrates during stimulation. 

You might be wondering what this distinction means to your orgasms? Well, for one thing, rumbly vibes are not going to leave you feeling numb in certain zones after stimulation. And second, which is the most important thing, rumbly vibrators provide deeper, more intense orgasms because they stimulate not only the outer part of the clitoris but the inner clitoris as well. 

The clitoris is way more complex than most people are aware of, with even 90% of it being internal. It spawns deep beneath the skin and inside the vagina, offering many points for pleasurable stimulation. Rumbly vibrators are able to reach and stimulate all of those deeper parts of the clitoris.

LELO’s SenSonic technology used in toys like ENIGMA or SILA is the perfect example of rumbly vibrators. The deep sonic vibes stimulate your clitoris deeper, allowing you to experience more complex orgasms.

LELO’s WaveMotion Technology

Because it’s LELO’s vibrator guide, we also have to mention another type of vibe unique to LELO’s brand alone. And that is the WaveMotion technology. 

While WaveMotion technology that some of the bestselling LELO’s toys like SORAYA Wave, INA Wave, and more offer is not exclusively a different vibration per se, it still offers a distinct stimulation when using a sex toy. 

soraya wave vs. ina wave

The insertable sleeve is designed to move in such a way that’s supposed to mimic your lover’s fingers stimulating your G-spot. Add the vibrations to the mix as well as external clitoris stimulation, and you have a deadly combination that will surely bring you over to the edge faster than you would expect.

As you can imagine, the WaveMotion technology vibrators do offer a unique experience compared with other sex toys. 

How to Choose a Vibrator with the Perfect Vibe for You

Now that you know the difference between rumbly and buzzy vibes as well as some of the other stimulation technologies, you might be asking yourself: “Well, how do I know which one is for me?” The answer to this question is simple – it all comes down to your personal preferences. 

If You Only Want One Toy for All Purposes…

Your best bet would be to go with a rumbly vibrator. You’ll get the best use out of your sex toy, whether it would be a penetrative toy or clitoral stimulation with this vibe. 

If You’re Concerned with Sound…

If the noise of your vibrator matters because of privacy or other reasons, you might also want to choose a rumbly vibrator. Because rumbly vibrations are low-frequency, most often, they have quieter motors. So, you won’t have to worry about your roommate hearing your vibrator when you decide to have a self-care night. 

If You’re Looking to Expand Your Collection…

For those who have a few sex toys in their collection, it might be a good idea to go for one of the WaveMotion technology toys. They offer unique stimulation that you won’t find elsewhere, which is a great way to spice up your solo play from time to time. 

how to use ina wave 2

If You Want Something Budget-Friendly…

If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a buzzy vibe. Most often, the cheaper battery-operated vibrators are going to be buzzier. They’ll still do the job, and most offer amazing stimulation that will surely bring you the orgasms you’re looking for. 

If You’re Looking for Mind-Blowing Blended Orgasms

In this case, opting for a rumbly G-spot or rabbit vibrator is the best option. You can use the deep, penetrating vibes to stimulate your G-spot area without numbing it while stimulating your clitoris from the outside for the most pleasure.