Blended Orgasms – What, How and Why?

It’s no secret that when you mix two brilliant things, the result is often more than the sum of its parts. This is absolutely true of orgasms: a clitoral orgasm is brilliant; a G-spot orgasm is incredible. But combine the two and you have a recipe for a mind-blowing mixture of complex sensations – especially if you’ve been training to enhance the intensity of your orgasm with the LELO Smart Bead™.

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What Is a Blended Orgasm?

While ‘blended orgasm’ might sound like some kind of orgasm smoothie (and I’ll be first in line when someone invents those), it is in fact a broad name for an orgasm that’s brought on by orgasmically stimulating more than one erogenous zone at the same time.

For example, people generally agree that there are two primary types of orgasm for women: the clitoral orgasm and the G-spot orgasm. There are of course many other more subtle and personal types of orgasm (and since everyone is a little different, you could reasonably argue that there are at least as many types of orgasm as there are women on the planet), but let’s not over complicate things for now.

The point is that a blended orgasm, which is a combination of clitoral and G-spot pleasure, is at least twice as intense as either of those orgasms by themselves.

How Do I Have a Blended Orgasm?

A blended orgasm is a more “advanced” kind of climax, because it requires you knowing your body (or your partner knowing your body) quite well.

It’s a strange thing to consider that even now, with all our medical and scientific expertise, there is still debate and confusion over female anatomy. Many women, for example, are unaware that their clitoris is not simply that little external bundle of nerves we know and love so much, but in fact has “legs” that extend around the vaginal opening and then inside the vagina (in fact, there was a paper published recently that argued that the clitoris and the G-spot are not distinct organs, but part of the same complex of tissue – in short, that the G-spot was the “back” of the clitoris).

At any rate, the point is that when you start paying attention to the entire clitoris rather than just the external part, while stimulating your G-spot at the same time, the result is likely to be a far more intense orgasm than you might be used to.

What Do I Need For A Blended Orgasm?

You don’t really need anything: if you have patience and some time, then your hands or those of your partner will provide good results.

That said, a lot of women who pursue blended orgasms reachthem by using toys. The more aroused you are, the better and easier it will be, so make sure you take lots of time building up, spoiling yourself, teasing yourself.

Then, when you start to feel yourself getting close, apply a powerful vibe to your clitoris and another, longer vibe to your G-spot (or of course a rabbit vibe that hits both spots at the same time). Use lots of personal moisturizer too.

Multiply Your OrgasmsFind a rhythm, alternating between the pressure you’re applying to your clit and your G-spot, experimenting with slightly different angles and intensities. Try to apply the vibrations all over and around your clitoris, tracing its length inside yourself. Continue to tease and prolong the pleasure – the longer you delay your orgasm, the more intense it will be.

When the blended orgasm finally overwhelms you, you’ll notice the muscles contract all the way along the inside of your vagina; it’s this depth that gives the blended orgasm its intensity.

To Sum Up

Practice makes perfect, so the more you experiment and indulge your body with blended orgasms, the easier and more powerful they’ll become. Exercising your Kegels will also help to strengthen the muscles you use in this kind of orgasm, which in turn will intensify the sensations even more.

So good luck, and most importantly, have fun.

Written by: Donna Turner

Donna is a Volonté contributor and freelancer who lives in San Francisco with her understanding husband and not-so-understanding teenage sons. Her work has been published in The Journal of Sexology and she is currently writing a book on love languages.


  1. Since I have a tipped uterus, is my G-spot in a different place? Harder to find/reach? Inquiring minds (aka my husband) want to know.

  2. This is, succinctly put,, a crock of shit. There’s only one kind of orgasm, and that’s a clitoral orgasm. The clitoral tissue is a large mass, and encapsulates the tissue around the so-called Gspot. Therefore, whether your orgasm is from stimulating the clitoral glans, the Gspot, your vaginal walls, or just your brain, you’re having a clitoral orgasm. Additionally, not all women enjoy Gspot stimulation, or even report the ability to find their Gspot. It’s dishonest and misleading to sell sex toys based on a myth; and detestable to sell toys by making women think they’re inadequate if they aren’t having “blended orgasms”.

    If you’re someone who enjoys multiple forms of stimulation, wonderful! And if not, do t feel you’re missing anything, because all orgasms are good orgasms.

    • Bless your heart! You’re so very wrong! because I have mastered my Blended orgasm and it is so intense that my muscles clamp onto my vibrator and I cannot pull it out I have a vibrator on my clit and the prostate massager inside me stimulating my G spot and I edge on top of that. I find the G spot massagers are not angled far enough enough. Blend it orgasms are a thing and they are possible!

  3. Alicia I wonder the same thing! Me being the husband of a tipped uterus. It seems to be different, harder to find or something and all sex toys for stimulating that area seem to be uncomfortable for my awesome wife. Someone help us!

  4. Satisfied in SF

    Dear anonymous:
    I’m sorry you only have one kind of orgasm, but you don’t have to try to ruin it for the rest of us.

    I’ve been having orgasms easily my whole life and so have plenty of data on my various “kinds”. While they may all technically be caused by stimulation of various of the octopus branches of clitoral tissue, how I achieve each one is very different, and blending them does, in fact, make them even better.

    My personal favorite is the orgasm trifecta, vaginal & anal penetration/vibration with a vibe on my clit. Feels like the top of my head comes off. Good stuff.

    Thanks LELO!

  5. As long as satisfaction is achieved that is the main thing. Some cannot it have not found that yet but with everyone it is achievable. Using the right sex toy and experimenting is vital. See my Mail Online advice article 9th May. Also visit for more advice or tips. Enjoy your orgasms however you have them

  6. Anonymous I agree with SF, Im terrible sorry you can only have one kind. Im also sorry I wasted the better part of my adult life not being able to relax during sex. I would suggest you try. At 54 Im having the best sex with mind blowing orgasms, and never just one more like 5 or 6 and sometimes more! if the vagina and clitoris are one and the same who cares but work them both equally. By the way I can orgasm with just my nipples being stimulated. Yes Im a lucky lucky girl!

  7. Anonymous, sorry but you are wrong. My wife gets her “G” spot going with me inside her (mostly doggie, but other positions work too), after she feels like she could orgasm, she adds a bullet vibe to the clit and goes for the home run. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure she could orgasm from vibrator on clit alone, but with me inside, hitting “G” spot, and vibe, that leads to “Blended Orgasm” that she claims is better than either of those two alone. The sum is greater than the parts.

  8. I just want to add after 16 1/2 years of marriage my husband and I have experimented and it’s not a myth there is diffrent orgasams I now am able to squirt and let me tell you it intensifies everything just the other night my husband had me squirting and than gave me oral and it was over the top the best ever than having sexual penatration i have no words I was able to orgasams several times clitorial and squirting… What I’m getting at is that it takes patience to find the inner spot and a lot of being relaxed and the right movements from your partner.. Best thing is to research and experiment it don’t come easy but once you know how it’s AMAZING!!!!

  9. Oh the elusive blended orgasm. It certainly evokes opinions. Perhaps the best advice is to keep practising pleasure. Even if you don’t make it to a blended orgasm you will certainly enjoy your journey.

  10. Blended by far the best ever, discovered this when my boyfriend and I having sex in my SUV, we couldn’t wait to get home. We hop into the back re climb the chair in the reverse cowgirl with a vibrator on my clit his penis perfect angle on my G-spot. Laying back ontop of him his hands are free he rather hoding the vibrator on my clit and his mouth on my nipple. I didn’t know it was possible to squirt, whith his penis inside, stimulating my G-spot by his trusting, as the pressure push his penis out he would put it back in. I couldn’t stop squirting and climax for 20seconds or more.. Anything is possible

  11. I fully agree with SF. Different types of orgasms do exist! My ex-girl friend used to experience intense orgasms when we were simply french-kissing!

  12. I feel bad for ‘anonymous’ who claims he only one type. My love interest and I started a ‘project’ last summer once I developed a squirting orgasm to see how long and how intense we could make our sessions. I have had this ever elusive blended delight numerous times. Needless to say, we’ve had a fabulous year and I am so blessed to have a man that has put such devotion to my pleasure. Also, thanks Lelo! Love your products..

  13. Blended orgasm what a wonderful idea we will start practicing tonight {smiles} You do make it sound easy enough after 17 years it could be time for some toys.

  14. I am only able to orgasm this way. I’ve never in my life been able to orgasm with manual stimulation. I need strong vibration on my clit combined with deep internal stimulation. It’s so hard when you know that the majority of women can orgasm with manual stimulation. Does anybody else have this problem?

  15. Your uterus is tipped, dear, not your vagina. And nearly everyone has a uterus tipped forward or backward if they’ve had children or are over 40 years old. It’s quite normal. That being said, you “G” spot is normally at the anterior roof of the vagina canal. And it didn’t go anywhere. Most likely it’s an extension of the roots of the the clitoris. We don’t want to give Freud too much credit!

  16. Hey Alicia
    Your uterus is at the bottom of your vagina and has nothing
    to do with the G spot. The G spot is in the roof of your vagina
    about an 11/2 inches in just behind your pubic bone. It sort of
    feels like a rubber eraser inside your vagina. Once you start stimulating
    it, it swells and gets even more sensitive. I suggest that you have at
    least a couple of clitoral orgasms first to get very stimulated before
    attempting the G spot orgasm. Once if you ever achieve it
    you will want it more and more. Most women have a female ejaculation
    with the G spot orgasm either gushing fluids or squirting. Once you experience
    a G Spot orgasm don’t stop. Once you reach that level of arousal you can have
    many more in 1-2 minute increments and it will blow your mind. It is a full
    body orgasm that is incredibly intense. Once you start to feel like you are
    going to orgasm it will feel like you are going to pee, you are not, but
    you are going to feel a female ejaculation. Once you feel this sensation
    it becomes much more obvious why men want to fuck all the time, you
    will too.

  17. Anonymous, you clearly don’t understand the G spot orgasm and it is most definitely not a crock of shit

  18. AWESOME !!!! I must say that but as for me , I am so astound on the ability to squirt , because when ever I am stimulated by triggering my g -spot (s), and yes I been told I have more than one , but I have THE MAIN 1, g-spot inside of me , that would drive me nuts , that It feels so unreal that I wanna spread my legs even wider , more open than it could even possibly go ,but can’t go anymore than it can now but anyways , The ABILITY TO SQUIRT , is far from what I can achieve , CAUSE IF SQUIRTING , is something outfuckin rageous, that if I feel as great and awesome as I do now , I’m gonna POP LIKE A NUCLEAR BOMB, seriously , & if u guys hear my middles of outrageous ORGASMS WITH SQUIRTING , please forgive me as I am not very quite in bed either, ( whew),

    Your information on Squirt squirts, had me reading everyone’s interesting stories , now it’s experiment time , Auwwrrrite!!!!

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