Who am I

Who Am I? – An Audio Erotic Story


I can remember as far back as my high school days and even now, that being around a certain type of guy always made me nervous. It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I was able to piece together the why. Up until that moment, it was always like a puzzle in my mind that only appeared from time to time.

The thing is that every time this puzzle appears, I react quickly and discard it from the circumstance that is suddenly causing it to appear. But the event that took place two weeks ago didn’t give me a chance to think much less erase anything.

Sound confusing? It’s ok, I’m a little confused myself but stay with me…

The type of man I’m talking about comes across as larger than life even if he’s not the biggest in stature. Most of the time he’s quiet but always in control of himself. Never says the wrong thing and moves through the crowd with an air of confidence that nothing or no moment is too big for him.

He always attracts the beautiful woman and more times than not the woman is as intelligent as she is beautiful. The reason being is that he isn’t intimidated by that type of woman, in fact he prefers that type of woman. He’s physically gifted, strong, athletic and men gravitate to him because they want to be like him, be on his team, be his friend or at the very least his acquaintance.

Women adore him, long for his attention and go out of their way to connect with him…

Throughout my life every time I’ve meet this type of man I freeze up. I get nervous, my palms sweat and my anxiety goes through the roof. Now before you go assuming, I’m not gay. Never in my short twenty-eight years of life have I ever thought of a man in a sexual way, ever.

Then about a month or so ago I suddenly had a new boss. Mr. Frank DuVernay, our newest partner in our firm and I was assigned to work for him. The first time we met for our one on one meeting, a sort of introduction meeting, I was in a panic. It had been a long time since this had happened to me, in fact it hadn’t happened since my college days.

I fidgeted in my chair and gave all the proper responses, keeping my appearance as if all was well. But inside my mind I was losing it. My anxiety was off the charts, I could hear a bead of sweat rolling down the back of my neck like some boulder falling from the side of a mountain. But I kept it together and the meeting ended. As I stated at the beginning, as soon as I walked out of his office, I erased the event from my mind and went back to my normal self. All was, as it should be…

Time had passed and we had been assigned a very difficult corporate case to work on. To be honest, it was kicking our ass and we were struggling to make our deadline. This particular morning, I was a bit out of it. I had only slept three hours, having worked late into the night.

“Mr. Duvernay would like to see you.”

My ears perking up as I heard my assistant calling out to me from the doorway.

“That’s fine, let him know I’m on my way.”

I responded and with that I gathered myself and without a thought headed to his office. Once inside, as soon as I closed the door behind me, it all came at me, at the same time. My brain began racing with thoughts and concerns…

“Don’t look into his eyes. Why not? Just don’t look into his eyes! Ok, ok but I don’t get it?”

No, I wasn’t talking out loud I was fighting with myself, inside my head.

The introduction was brief and to the point it was about the necessity to get control of the task at hand. As he spoke the sound of his voice only aggravated my anxiety, a deep somber tone as if someone had put on a recording of an old Barry White song.

He stood as he continued speaking, coming around his large desk and over to the big comfortable chair that I was sitting in. I couldn’t help but notice how perfect his posture stayed in place as he moved across the room and his suit fit him perfectly. All these things running through my mind until there he stood, directly in front of me.

Even if I’d been standing, I’d still have to look up into his eyes but sitting there he seemed giant like…

“Are you ok Steven?”

His direct question startled me. Did he know what I was thinking? Did I stare too long? My mind was nearing the point of a serious melt down when he did the unthinkable.

He reached down and gently ran the back of his hand against my cheek. Instantly my face felt like it was on fire. Then when he stroked his hand upward, I could feel myself uncontrollably pressing my face against his hand and closing my eyes for a brief second…I was lost in that moment, until I wasn’t.

Reality has away of bringing you back from the edge…

I quickly opened my eyes realizing what I had done. But before I could react this giant of man lowered himself down to one knee and slowly slid his hand behind my head and pulled me to him. I offered no resistance. What was I doing, what was happening?

Who am I…?

It was that quick, that sudden. This man that I had only met a little over month ago was suddenly pressing his mouth to mine. He was kissing me, a man, a man was kissing me…how did I get here?

Again, I offered no resistance as I inhaled slowly as he pushed my mouth open with his lips and his tongue slipped inside my mouth. The sensation of his tongue and the smell of his body next to mine was overwhelming. I mouthed his lips and I suckled his tongue. I had never kissed a man but I’ve been complimented on my kisses by many a young lady, the only difference now was that I was kissing him the way I enjoyed being kissed.

Everything happened so fast, one moment I’m being seduced by this intoxicating kiss and the next I’m left in awe as he releases from me; leaving my mouth pouting for more. I watch him as he stands, as he positions himself right in front of me then he begins to unfasten his belt and pants. Slowly pulling down his zipper…

Should I object? Should I demand that he stop? My mind asking questions that my body easily ignores…

As he reaches inside his boxers I lean forward with eagerness and anticipation. As I do this, I can smell him, his musk, his aroma and without thinking I run my tongue along my lips. This man smelled wonderfully beyond description. Then with one gentle pull there it is…

I’ve never really ever looked at another mans cock and I’ve been in my fair share of locker rooms in my short life but I’ve never looked. Right in front of me I was looking. His cock was breathtaking, it was beautiful. Big full, fat head with a long, thick shaft. The color, a soft pink but as he gave it a gentle stroke, I could see the color darkening.

His hand on my head as I leaned forward, without any thought or hesitation my hand reached out for it. I took his cock in my hand, the silky smoothness of it, the warmth of it, I was in awe. Never in my life had I ever thought of holding another man’s cock, ever. Yet here I was, holding a cock much thicker than mine and by the judge of how fast it was swelling, much longer than mine.

It felt heavy in my hand and for a man that has never imagined stroking someone else’s a cock, I was doing it as if it was something that enjoyed all along. I lifted that thing up and leaned forward pressing my lips against, I kissed it. Then again except this time I allowed my lips to part and my tongue to slide on the underside of the head.

The smell from his crotch the sweet taste from his precum, it was intoxicating. This man was well kept and everything about him was a complete turn on. I opened my mouth wide and allowed that enormous head to slide into my mouth. After a few clumsy moments it wasn’t long before I was suckling his cock, sucking his cock well.

My hand stroking him and my eyes open wide as I watched almost half of that wonderful cock disappear into my mouth then stopping as it lodged against the back of my throat. Stroking his cock, my hand unable to completely close around the shaft. The sensation the head of his cock would give me as it pushed against the opening to my throat. It is a feeling that is hard to translate but oh so wonderful.

His hands now holding on to my head as he begins to slowly roll his hips to match my cock sucking strokes. “He’s fucking my mouth,” I thought to myself and I didn’t care. I started to pick up the pace and swallow the excessive drool that my saliva glands were releasing from his cock pushing in and out of my mouth.

“Ok baby, get ready. When I tell you to, I want you to swallow.”

I knew what was coming and I’d never done this before but I know how I feel when I’m about to orgasm from a blow job. This just turned me on more and I grabbed a hold of the back of his thighs, letting him fuck my mouth as hard as he wanted.

His body tensed and I he let out a deep soft groan. Just like that his cock was violently vomiting into my mouth. Strand after strand of thick, creamy cum. I started swallowing right on cue. I’ve never given a blowjob but I have had my fair share and I know what I like so I did the same for him.

Swallowing strand after strand, making sure not to spill a drop. Until finally, finally, his cock drooled out that last thick strand…

I finished by making sure that my tongue cleaned every bit of his cock, suckling the head of his cock and gripping his cock and using my thumb on the underside of the shaft to milk any last drops out him. Knowing that I had done a good job I slowly and properly put that wonderful cock back inside his shorts.

I zipped him up and fastened his pants and belt then allowing myself to slide back into the chair then and only then did I turn to look up at him…

There he stood and for the first time in my life I felt very comfortable, the anxiety was gone, the nervousness, the voices in my head…gone.

“Now let’s get back to the task at hand. Let’s see if we can’t knock this case out…”

He flashed that gorgeous smile and I felt warm all over.

We went to work and not another word was said, he’s an alpha male. All my life it was always the alpha male and I finally understood. That afternoon I was able to accomplish what needed to be done and went home knowing that my team, my bosses’ team, Mr. DuVernay’s team would be ready for the task at hand.

As I finished up in my office and prepared to leave my door opens…

“I’m sorry sir I know you’re heading out but Mr. DuVernay would like me to inform you that there are some details to be worked out and he would like to discuss them with you over a business dinner.”

I stared at my assistant I listened to her speak all I could do is stand there, like an idiot, my mind was blank.

“He would like you to meet him at this address sir.”

Unable to move or speak my assistant walks over to me and hands me a card, asks if there is anything else. I reply no, that we’re done for the day. She smiles, leaves and just like that, I’m alone. My heart begins to race and all I can think to myself is…Who am I?